Rails End Gallery & Art Centre: A Canadian Charity, presents Sandra Hawkins: Ecology of Narrative Space

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Again using the wonderful free community resource, “What’s Happening This Week In The Haliburton Highlands,” I’ve found yet another interesting artistic presentation that I would attend, absolutely. The name of the exhibition is is Sandra Hawkins: Ecology of Narrative Space, which is a sort of mysterious and intriguing-sounding topic, I think. Want to know what it is? I did, so I’m going to  give you my interpretation (I looked up “in situ” to make sure I was understanding it correctly). The title of this artistic endeavor refers to what the exhibition is composed of — 30 photo montage prints (there is a thumbnail example of one of them above). Taken all together, the photo montage prints have been named Arctic Crisis Project, Parts 1 & 2. In addition there is an in situ installation (in situ, within this context, means “in the original or natural place or site”) titled, Water Leak involving an aerial video projection.

Through aesthetic poetics of composition, light and sound, the artist “repositions” personal and public experiences in the Arctic thirty years ago, into a “contemporary aesthetic and socio-environmental discussion on identity.” That sounds absolutely mesmerizing! I would love to attend. I must editorialize further and say just how thrilling it is to read of the continued blossoming of the artistic community in the Highlands. It’s such a beautiful environment–so very inspirational! I know that for me as an amateur photographer it is endlessly inspiring.

Ms. Sandra Hawkins, the presenter of Ecology of Narrative Space is an in-demand workshop presenter as well as the author of “The Business of Art.”

Visit website: www.railsendgallery.com
Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre
Contact: 705-457-2330
Email: info@railsendgallery.com


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