Watch a Porcupine Go Head-to-Head with a Pride of Lions (VIDEO)

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When you’re outnumbered, surrounded by an angry horde that is licking its chops at the thought of feasting on your defeated carcass, this is how you respond. On display in the video above—is a porcupine, and it shows its exemplary resilience by single-handedly fighting off a pride of 17(!) lions.


 Captured on camera at the Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa by guide Lucien Beaumont, the encounter looked, until the very end, to be lights out for the prickly rodent. But the little guy just would not go gentle into that good night. While the circling pride had every advantage—size, numbers, top-of-the-food-chain status—the would-be victim had a combination of some serious tail-shaking (called a “rattle”) and impressive fearlessness, and the porcupine was helped by a general reluctance on the part of the lions to take a face full of barbs. That all kept it alive and off of the dinner menu.As you’ll see, contrary to common belief, porcupines don’t actually shoot their quills, but that clearly doesn’t matter much in confrontations like these. Per Beaumont, “if the porcupine manages to get close enough to a predator, it does not shoot its quills, as many people may think. Rather the quills have micro-barbs, which hook into the face or paws of a predator that may get too close.”

In addition to quills likely being exactly as painful as that sounds, quills can break off, leaving parts embedded in the skin of the predator and often resulting in major infection. Apparently, that was ample motivation for the lions to ultimately retreat, stomachs empty.

That, and a valiant display of heart. Lots and lots of heart.



Suburban Chicago Sunset (PHOTOS)

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Where does a snowbird live in the “off-season?”

IMG 20141024 181553765 HDR 425x239 Suburban Chicago Sunset (PHOTOS)

1) 10.24.14 Sunset at Euclid and Quentin, Palatine, Illinois

IMG 20141024 212900 425x239 Suburban Chicago Sunset (PHOTOS)

2) 10.24.14 Sunset at Euclid and Quentin, Palatine, Illinois

IMG 20141024 181846596 425x197 Suburban Chicago Sunset (PHOTOS)

3) 10.24.14 Sunset at Euclid and Quentin, Palatine, Illinois

IMG 20141024 182002969 425x239 Suburban Chicago Sunset (PHOTOS)

4) 10.24.14 Sunset at Euclid and Quentin, Palatine, Illinois

IMG 20141024 182016070 425x239 Suburban Chicago Sunset (PHOTOS)

5) 10.24.14 Sunset at Euclid and Quentin, Palatine, Illinois

Went to get my flu shot–which was a snap. Came out of the store and walked around the corner to my car and was nearly blinded by the vivid shades of orange, gold, pink and purple contrasted against the ever-more-intense blue hues of the cloudy sky at sunset. It was awe-inspiring. The pharmacy where I got my flu shot happens to be at the top of what is called a “hill” in these parts. We live down the street–and I do mean down so I almost never get a chance at a shot like this. I should get out more at rush hour, right?

Actually, I will as of this week, when certain upside-down-turn-your-world-around life changes go into effect. This is my last winter in Chicago–with any luck whatsoever, my last cold winter ever. Have only waited 30 years to exit stage left. Not quite there yet, but getting closer.

What has this got to do with Maple Lake?


Hint: Where does a snowbird live in the “off-season?”


Maple Lake Ontario PHOTO Post #MapleLake #Ontario

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The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong – Gandhi

IMG 20140529 165049544 337x600 Maple Lake Ontario PHOTO Post #MapleLake #Ontario

White Birch Maple Lake – 2014

IMG 20140529 165851302 425x249 Maple Lake Ontario PHOTO Post #MapleLake #Ontario

Obi – Maple Lake – 2014

IMG 20140529 202535197 425x239 Maple Lake Ontario PHOTO Post #MapleLake #Ontario

Maple Lake – 2014

IMG 20140906 1944371 425x405 Maple Lake Ontario PHOTO Post #MapleLake #Ontario

Maple Lake – 2014

stpetersonmapllelake 425x358 Maple Lake Ontario PHOTO Post #MapleLake #Ontario

St Peter’s Church – Maple Lake – 2014



I see that the weather today was much nicer at Maple Lake than it was here in the Chicagoland area. That is always nice to see.

I’m still working on forgiveness (see above). I read recently that if you love someone, you can forgive them. Not sure if that is entirely true. I find myself thinking, Why? Why would I forgive them? The answer is, for me. For me to stop running over in my mind the events that transpired. I’m inclined to just let the pain run its course. Life is too short to dick around with people that I’m not sure ever really did love me and I’m pretty sure give no f@cks about me now.

I never, never, never thought I’d be estranged like this. I used to say I couldn’t understand how that could happen. Now I do. I can see when someone lacks a moral center, that there’s no way for me to connect with them. There’s just nothing there. And as sad as it is, facts is facts.

When I left my abusive husband when I was age 25, I felt no remorse. I never missed him.

Going to continue to try to follow Gandhi’s advice. To honestly say, they cannot hurt me because I have no connection with them. It is a step in the direction of letting go of the pain which is the only way any semblance of forgiveness may be attained.

Update: Done and done. One reconciliation initiated by me and welcomed by the other party.

One toxic person gone forever from my life. I feel so much better on both fronts.

It is such a waste of time to dwell on things you can’t control. Letting go means letting in the good stuff.


Maple Lake: One-Minute View From Under and Atop The Swim Raft (VIDEOS) #myhaliburtonhighlands

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Pretty Beach Day on Maple Lake – August 2014

The sunlight is playing with the sand, the shadows and the many bits of flotsam floating by in this 20-second clip, on the lake shot from atop the raft, through the gaps in the wood. There’s no skill involved to get your shot other than to hold the phone steady. The winds were picking up and the water was getting pretty rough–and I was very close to shore! You can hear the bumping of the raft. (From the album Maple Lake Videos)

IMG 20140910 194611975 HDR1 425x239 Maple Lake: One Minute View From Under and Atop The Swim Raft (VIDEOS) #myhaliburtonhighlands

Stormy Weather – Late summer 2014 – Maple Lake

The waters are getting very active in this shot, with the winds picking up and an eventual storm coming in, crossing over and moving on– all in the space of maybe 2-hours. The weather this summer was mixed. If you had long enough to be able to deal with a “bad weather” week followed by a nice one then you were OK. About half of the 5 weeks I was at the cottage were good or better days weather-wise. We have so many projects going I’m almost thankful when the weather isn’t great. Otherwise, we get less done! (From the album Maple Lake Videos)


Duck Butts on Maple Lake (PHOTOS) #maplelake #myhaliburtonlife #canada

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 Twice-daily visits from the ducks of Maple Lake

butts1 425x382  Duck Butts on Maple Lake (PHOTOS)  #maplelake #myhaliburtonlife #canada

Early fall daybreak on Maple Lake, Haliburton Highlands, Canada Sept. 2014 #cottagecountry

CameraZOOM 20140910244149578 425x201  Duck Butts on Maple Lake (PHOTOS)  #maplelake #myhaliburtonlife #canada

Early fall,  2014 #cottagecountry


CameraZOOM 20140918034819093 horz 425x377  Duck Butts on Maple Lake (PHOTOS)  #maplelake #myhaliburtonlife #canada

Life goes on. (Sept. 2014)

First time back since the dog died here, a few weeks earlier.


You know how in your memories, as time goes by, the good times seem vivid and the bad times recede into that vast space of the dimly remembered?


CameraZOOM 20140918034900740 337x600  Duck Butts on Maple Lake (PHOTOS)  #maplelake #myhaliburtonlife #canada

“There are some things you can`t cover up with lipstick and powder
I thought I heard you mention my name, can`t you talk any louder?
Don`t come any closer, don`t come any nearer
My vision of you can`t get any clearer”

(“Girls Talk”  – E. Costello)


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