Mother: Clean It Up and Share It (PHOTO) #oldphoto

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My mother, Margaret Victoria Adeline (Dereham) Lamb. CR:

My mother, Margaret Victoria Adeline (Dereham) Lamb.

I have to decide about all my possessions: Do they stay or do they go w/me SOON to AZ?

Can I throw away this 1955 paper-clipping announcing my mother and father’s marriage?

As the queen of putting off uncomfortable choices, the answer is obvious:
Clean it up and share it.



Holiday Weather – Mother Nature Cares Not (Blog Entry)

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A odd one, to be sure.

One foot is in the U.S., still fielding leads and job interviews, the other here at Maple Lake.
When you have an SO, their big life stuff become integrated into yours. So proofing stuff, bouncing ideas around, sort of exciting, sort of nerve-wracking.

The weather has been cool and rainy. But it does not suck. This is so much better than sitting inside in suburbia when the weather goes foul. Here you watch the storm as it approaches the lake, the clouds rolling in are awesome. When you go into town, you are reminded of how small town it is. The post office lady made my request to receive a package so very simple: My name, General Delivery, Post Office, Postal code.

I’ve not ever ordered a special package from BC before. We’ll see how things transpire.
While I wrote this, the sun came out and it is warming up. Just like that, off goes the heat and my hoodie.

I’m happy here. Next week is supposed to be beautiful weather-wise, so we will do more outdoor stuff then. Just chilling and napping and grocery-shopping at Todd’s Independent Grocer, it’s all novel to me. Got the battery for the boat all charged for when we have patch of clear weather, sans lighting.
Want to go to the Algonquin Forest too (about 45 mins from here) and hike to some waterfalls.
One downside: Nanaimo bars. They didn’t last but the evening. Won’t buy them again. Love Canadian novelties, though.

Pics: I gave Google permission to modify a version of my photos with the auto backup. My mileages varies. The last two snaps are by Google. I like the first, especially. Looks ethereal.


Grass Lake Sunset – Iditarod Puppies! (PHOTOS) Haliburton Highlands 10-Day Weather, Canada #haliburtonhiglands

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 Mid Fall in the Haliburton Highlands: Bundle Up!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013 12:01:41 EDT PM
Early Sunday am, Thanksgiving weekend, looking out over Grass Lake, Haliburton, you can just make out the second rainbow around the outside of the brighter one. SOURCE: By Neil Jones

SOURCE: By Neil Jones


Be sure to click the link (below) and see the awesome 2014 Calendar photos! Support a homegrown Haliburton business, too!

Be sure to click the link (below) and see the awesome 2014 Calendar photos! Support a homegrown Haliburton business, too!

Winterdance dog sled tours, Iditarod bound, race team‘s photo.

Winter is moving in down here in the States as well as in Southern Ontario’s Haliburton Highlands. Though so far, there has just been a dusting of snow in Haliburton with temperatures like the ones below it won’t be long now before you can head up north and do some dog-sledding!

Tonight looks like this:

Current Weather Maple Lake Ontario Canada

Current Weather Maple Lake Ontario Canada


And the Highlands weather radar looks like this:

Storm near Maple Lake Ontario 10.26.13

Storm near Maple Lake Ontario 10.26.13

This precipitation literally skipped right over Maple Lake! Does the same thing in late spring to late summer so I guess it shouldn’t surprise me when it happens early-mid- fall!

Haliburton Highlands/Algonquin Township 7-Day weather forecast October 26 - November 4.

Haliburton Highlands/Algonquin Township 10-Day weather forecast October 26 – November 4.

If I had to sum up the next week in weather for the Algonquin Highlands/Maple Lake/Haliburton Highlands, I’d use “chilly” or maybe, “drizzly” or perhaps I’d go all-out and say chilly drizzle. There is no snow in the forecast  for the Algonquin Highlands/Maple Lake/Haliburton Highlands from October 26 – November 4, but temperatures will certainly drop low enough that drizzle could and probably will, at least turn to flurries. Whether it sticks or not is a whole ‘nother conversation (though once we hit the sweet spot in November, one that will probably pick up in frequency). In five of the nine days that remain in this particular forecast, precipitation of one kind–rain, or another– drizzle, or yet another– snow shower–are all on tap.

Mid-fall in the Highlands. Gotta love it.


Haliburton Highlands June Happenings – Weekend Weather – Fundraising Events #haliburtonhighlands #algonquinhighlands

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Summer is in full swing in the Algonquin and Haliburton Highlands! 

Looking south-west along the chain of lakes that's known as the Chapleau River  (Cr: Weather Network)

Looking south-west along the chain of lakes that’s known as the Chapleau River (Cr: Weather Network)

If you are planning on enjoying outdoor activities this weekend, Saturday is your bet bet, with moderate temperatures and a partly sunny/cloudy day:

Weekend Weather - Haliburton Highlands

Weekend Weather – Haliburton Highlands

By Sunday, there will be a chance of thundershowers, though temperatures will feel seasonably warm. (Personally, I don’t mind getting wet if it’s a summer rain shower–and there is a fluffy towel at the end of my journey.):

Haliburton Highlands weather Sat. June 15 - Thurs.June 20

Haliburton Highlands weather Sat. June 15 – Thurs. June 20

There will be isolated showers on Monday but the temperature will again feel much warmer than your thermostat might  indicate.

There will be cloudy periods on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but temperatures should feel more seasonably inline with what they usually are.

Kawagama Lake, Dorset (Cr: Weather Network)

Kawagama Lake, Dorset
(Cr: Weather Network)

There are an abundant number of fun, charitable, and fun charitable events going on this weekend like joining NHL stars Matt Duchene of the Colorado Avalanche, Cody Hodgson of the Buffalo Sabres and their friends for an unforgettable Charity Golf Tournament to benefit flood-ravaged Minden Hills.

Or, if you are a cyclist with leanings towards natural and cultural attractions why not check in to a fully-guided 65km bicycle tour taking you on a breathtaking adventure along the scenic and hilly Harburn Road to visit a variety of art studios and natural and cultural attractions?

And, make sure not to miss the kick-off event of the summer, Rails End Treasures N Trash!
This is Haliburton’s Summer Starter – the biggest and best community yard sale ever! Antiques, collectables, vintage stuff, jewelry, gourmet preserves and other great stuff!

Scroll below and click the thumbnails to get full-size viewing about events this weekend and through June in both the Haliburton Highlands and Algonquin Highlands!


The Forest Festival Announces its Spectacular Lineup of Performing Artists Summer 2013! #forestfestival

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Get Your Tickets NOW at!

Announcing this year’s performing artist line-up for the unique musical festival in the middle of a private forest in the Haliburton Highlands, Ontario, Canada. Buy tickets online at and get a coupon for $10 off the shipping on an order for visual arts products (some conditions apply).

The Forest Festival Press Release 2013

The Forest Festival Press Release 2013


Tickets are now on sale for 2013 Forest Festivalat the Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve, Haliburton, Ontario. Outstanding, all-Canadian, performing artists in a spectacular wilderness setting: this is The Forest Festival. Buy tickets online at and get a coupon for $10 off the shipping on an order for visual arts products (order value $100 or more).

Imagine sitting in the middle of a forest, away from the lights of the city, in an amphitheater overlooking a lake listening to live music as the sun sets. One of last year’s performers was so moved by her experience on the floating stage that she realized she had tears in her eyes at one point in the show.

Or imagine listening to incredible musicians while sitting in a place of historic significance to the forest that surrounds the venue: A Historic Logging Museum.

Either venue provides the concert-goer with an unforgettable and unique experience that elevates the spirit and soothes the soul.

Consider giving tickets for this unforgettable and unique concert experience as a gift for someone special or someone who is hard to buy for: perhaps a Mother’s Day Gift or Father’s Day Gift, Anniversary Present or Birthday Present.

The 2013 Forest Festival lineup represents no fewer than 18 Juno Awards. Opening the evening of Wednesday August 14, 2013, this annual festival of concerts that links nature, and music, will run for 5 days and features eight unique musical performances. The talent assembled for the 2013 season follows in the tradition that the Forest Festival has established over the past 6 years of offering outstanding shows.

 The Forest Festival 2013 Lineup full details –

KISS ME IN THE KITCHEN — Wednesday, August 14 – 8:00 pm
The Good Lovelies — Bone Lake Amphitheater

BEAT IT —    Thursday, August 15 – 8:00pm
The Heavyweights Brass Band — Bone Lake Amphitheater

ONE FINE EVENING —    Friday, August 16 – 8:00pm
Lighthouse — Historic Logging Museum

LUXURY MOTEL — Saturday, August 17 – 2:00pm
New Country Rehab — Historic Logging Museum

CAPE BRETON GIRL AND LAKEFIELD LAD — Saturday, August 17 – 8:00pm
Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy — Bone Lake Amphitheatre

SCAT-IN-THE-HAT — Sunday, August 18 – 11:00am
Fiddlefire — Historic Logging Museum

COFFEEHOUSE DAYS — Sunday, August 18 – 2:00pm
David Woodhead’s Confabulation — Historic Logging Museum

SWINGING ON A STAR –Sunday, August 18 – 8:00pm
Murray McLauchlan — Bone Lake Amphitheatre

Remember to buy the tickets online at soon in order to avoid disappointment. Note that a discounted season’s pass is available for the avid concert-goer who wishes to take in all 7 of the adult shows. is an online art gallery representing the work of visual artists, literary artists and performing artists who live or cottage in the Haliburton Highlands, Ontario, Canada.

The sale of tickets for local performing arts events is part of the support provided to the local performing arts community.


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