Maple Lake Sunset – Stanhope Airport Water Run (PHOTOS) #holiday #maplelake #ontario

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Holidays on Maple Lake

Stanhope Airport, Maple Lake, Ontario 7.30.14

Stanhope Airport, Maple Lake, Ontario 7.30.14

And I forgot to take snaps of doing laundry in West Guilford and getting Karwartha Ice Cream!

Petunias at Stanhope Airport, Maple Lake, Ontario 7.30.14

Petunias at Stanhope Airport, Maple Lake, Ontario 7.30.14

Snaps that I’ve taken in the last 24 hours. Weather has been cool, overcast at times and bright at others. It probably struggled to get above 70 F degrees today here at Maple Lake, which ticks some people off. I don’t see the point of getting mad at the weather. I have seen a lot worse up here in cottage country. It’s is totally doable to get out of the cottage. The ground is still a bit soggy and the lake is too cool to swim in, with the low-for-season air temps but hey, ya deal.

Sunset Maple Lake Ontario - July 30, 2014

Sunset Maple Lake Ontario – July 30, 2014

Last night, by 8 pm the battery for the rowboat was finally at 100%. With only about 40 or so minutes left of light we took a spin on the west side of the lake. It was chilly and though I was hoping for some pretty sunset snaps, Mother Nature wasn’t in the mood. Still nice.


Holiday Weather – Mother Nature Cares Not (Blog Entry)

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A odd one, to be sure.

One foot is in the U.S., still fielding leads and job interviews, the other here at Maple Lake.
When you have an SO, their big life stuff become integrated into yours. So proofing stuff, bouncing ideas around, sort of exciting, sort of nerve-wracking.

The weather has been cool and rainy. But it does not suck. This is so much better than sitting inside in suburbia when the weather goes foul. Here you watch the storm as it approaches the lake, the clouds rolling in are awesome. When you go into town, you are reminded of how small town it is. The post office lady made my request to receive a package so very simple: My name, General Delivery, Post Office, Postal code.

I’ve not ever ordered a special package from BC before. We’ll see how things transpire.
While I wrote this, the sun came out and it is warming up. Just like that, off goes the heat and my hoodie.

I’m happy here. Next week is supposed to be beautiful weather-wise, so we will do more outdoor stuff then. Just chilling and napping and grocery-shopping at Todd’s Independent Grocer, it’s all novel to me. Got the battery for the boat all charged for when we have patch of clear weather, sans lighting.
Want to go to the Algonquin Forest too (about 45 mins from here) and hike to some waterfalls.
One downside: Nanaimo bars. They didn’t last but the evening. Won’t buy them again. Love Canadian novelties, though.

Pics: I gave Google permission to modify a version of my photos with the auto backup. My mileages varies. The last two snaps are by Google. I like the first, especially. Looks ethereal.


Blissful, Beautiful Maple Lake Ontario Summer PHOTOS #flowers #ducks #lake

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Maple Lake – Our Adventure Begins #holiday #ontario #photos

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Maple Lake Ontario  7.27.14

Maple Lake Ontario 7.27.14

We had a very late start for the drive from Chicago so did not arrive until 7:15 am, which wiped out Friday. Not to be too long-winded but the day prior, the host of the server for this blog and my other,, elected to close both blogs from public and private view, despite assuring me it was a ‘temporary issue’ that they failed to identify beyond that I was using ‘too many resources’.

After two sleepless nights and outing #Hostgator on Twitter, they finally shared that ‘bots were over-crawling, and that I needed to add some simple code.

If only the problem had been identified in a timely and business-like manner. Instead, they offered to sell me an overpriced dedicated server. Turns out, HostGator was bought out in 2012 and the service has gone south–way south. I already have a Typepad blog and though there have been glitches, they’ve never left me hanging out to dry, deliberately disabling my websites.

In hindsight, I’m glad this happened as I was going to drop #Typepad and just use Hostgator.

Now I will do the opposite once I’m well-rested. It’s a real task to move a blog, in this case, blogs plural but I do trust Typepad. Bonus too, instead of paying Hostgator for me to do the heavy lifting, I’ll be spending a total of $5 less per month to upgrade and have everything in one place. Bonus too, all I have to do is choose a design and write and leave the under-the-hood work to TypePad. Thanks for reading. <exhale>

This has been a really inauspicious beginning to summer break. I am looking forward to getting some lovely snaps while here and otherwise enjoying myself.

Edit: Oh, a storm came in as I was writing this (outdoors on my phone, natch) and I got some good snaps, I think!


Screenhouse goes up, Raven explores.


Dawn on Maple Lake – July 26 2014

Raven 7.27.14

Raven 7.27.14


Father’s Day Mini Golf in Hoffman Estates #minigolf #fathersday #congoriverun

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#minigolf #fathersday #congoriverun

#minigolf #fathersday #congoriverun


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