Duck Butts on Maple Lake (PHOTOS) #maplelake #myhaliburtonlife #canada

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 Twice-daily visits from the ducks of Maple Lake

Early fall daybreak on Maple Lake, 2014 Maple Lake Ontario, Haliburton Highlands, Canada Sept. 2014 #cottagecountry

Early fall daybreak on Maple Lake, Haliburton Highlands, Canada Sept. 2014 #cottagecountry

Early fall on Maple Lake, 2014 #cottagecountry

Early fall,  2014 #cottagecountry


Life goes on.

Life goes on. (Sept. 2014)

First time back since the dog died here, a few weeks earlier.


You know how in your memories, as time goes by, the good times seem vivid and the bad times recede into that vast space of the dimly remembered?



“There are some things you can`t cover up with lipstick and powder
I thought I heard you mention my name, can`t you talk any louder?
Don`t come any closer, don`t come any nearer
My vision of you can`t get any clearer”

(“Girls Talk”  – E. Costello)


Maple Lake Exposed #maplelake #myhaliburtonlife #canada #flowerporn

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Duck Attacks On Maple Lake Increase*

By one, at least. I was pursued–aggressively–by a pair of ducks.


Many of these shots have been cropped and otherwise messed with* in post-processing.

Instagram has made it too much fun.

* I forgot to notice that I’d left the “HDR” setting on. Heh.

These are the attack ducks on Maple Lake (2014)

Attack ducks – Maple Lake (2014)

These are the attack ducks on Maple Lake (2014).


Instagram That Sh*t! – Maple Lake (PHOTOS) #myhaliburtonhighlands #ontario #maplelake

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Maple Lake Shots That Must be Shared

Maple Lake Ontario North Shore cove Sept 2014

Maple Lake Ontario North Shore cove Sept 2014

Take that Shot and Instagram It. Eventually.

Ironically, nearly none of these shots are Instagram re-gramming material because they are not proportional squares, nor do I wish them to be.

TBH, I hate carving up Maple Lake shots for Instagram but I like sharing and looking at others’ stuff so it must work for me on some level.

You don’t have to wade through them, though. These photos from spring through early fall 2014 at Maple Lake are all altered to some degree so if you are a purist…you are probably on the wrong blog in the wrong century.

Day-lilies looked gorgeous this season! Need moar!

Day-lilies looked gorgeous this season! Need moar!

Oh, the places you'll go! (Sept 2014)

Oh, the places you’ll go! (Sept 2014)

"Under Renovation"

“Under Renovation”


The work Roger got done on the tight schedule we had to work with was super. About 10 man-hours per window. They look perfect(ly) restored but do call attention for the need to continue the work. Should be interesting.


My hero:

Enhancement by Google +

Auto Enhancement by Google +

Sept packing up.  Weather was horrible.

Sept. packing/closing up. Weather was horrible.

IMG_20140907_194632264_HDR (1)

We work on the bank and the beach every year. This year required a bit of creativity as a huge swath of the formerly brown sand bottom of shore was now covered in sharp-edged stones.

Love the stone effect. You can just see where the sand ends and the stone begins.

Team effort with Roger doing most all of the heavy stuff.
Roger is a recycler by habit so he’ll stop at the side of the road for a “just-right” rock that has fallen. It was his notion to incorporate “stoning” the bank with flowers, plants and trees. Defo a long-term project. I really like the rough-hewn, natural utilitarian aspects of what is shaping up.


Colours were artificially enhanced.



The rock steps nearest to our cottage.

Obi, sitting near the property line.

Obi, sitting near the property line.

RIP RW Though I'm sure many admirerers felt/feel the same, Robin Williams' sudden-seeming suicide is something I'm still processing as "real." It made the summer sort of grind to a sobering halt.

Though I’m sure many admirers felt/feel the same, Robin Williams’ sudden-seeming suicide is something I’m still processing as “real.” It made the summer sort of grind to a sobering halt.

Message in a bottle:


Maple Lake – When You Don’t Want To Be There – Part 2 #myhaliburtonlife #maplelake

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So there was normal, planned maintenance of the Maple Lake cottage and there was the seal in the ceiling keeping the rain out of the bathroom leaking, a different category entirely.  

CameraZOOM-20140910242859950 (1)

That was an unpleasant surprise but since the leak was just above the shower, unless it gets very bad, the rest of the ceiling and bathroom should be OK.

It rained for the 2.5 days before we left Maple Lake. The night before we left a ceiling drip hit my shoulder.I knew it was from the semi-sealed chimney flue for the wood-burning stove. Stove is long-ago removed (which is too bad). Hole in the roof stills exists to cause trouble.


That is going to take a proper looking at and fixing. Roger doesn’t fancy doing so as it used to be how the bats got into the cottage. Plus roofing is really far from being a PCB designer. He fears bat’s nests and little bat corpses too, I suppose?

I fear a leak. It has to dealt with properly. For now, fingers crossed that that bucket does its job!


I think this may be among my favourite lake pics for 2014. It’s really more of a cottage-view picture. I love being able to see the lake while I have my coffee in the a.m.!


RIP Raven, who died this year at the Lake at age 18, with 3 days left of a three-week stay. This is among the last shots of her.


It got stormy this summer but unbeknownst to (anyone? or just me?), cold winds blew, as far back as summer 2013.


Pretty peacefulness – Maple Lake 2014


Maple Lake – When You Don’t Want To Be There #myhaliburtonlife #maplelake

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This hastily-planned trip to Maple Lake Ontario was to be a week of little time for fun and instead, trying to get a lot accomplished: We had mixed success and a couple of surprises.


Roger, fixing up one of the uppermost windows, one of two that are crucial for good airflow.

Google+ auto-added the old-fashioned finish to Roger (above) and strung together a series of across-the-lake shots I was attempting (below). Pretty sure the lake GIF has a duck “moving” in it as well.


It’s been said time and again that Maple Lake is a great place for kids (of a certain age) and dogs (of any age). And “retired” people as well, I suppose.

But as an adult trying to get outside things done in a very narrow time frame … when the weather just won’t cooperate long enough…it’s a bit frustrating–ultimately out-of-one’s hands.

Didn’t get done this year?

“Next year,” is our motto.

By necessity.

Leaving a day late and leaving in the evening sucked. We were very expedient in our driving –11.5 hours is good time for us for the 700-miles between here and there–and we needed to make good time. So that didn’t suck.


This time I drove from the cottage, south to the Sarnia-Port Huron Blue Water Bridge crossing, and to Lapeer, Michigan. Exactly halfway.

We made this round-trip three times in 2014: this spring, summer, and almost-fall–for a total of 5 weeks–staying for 3 weeks, a week and-a-day, and 5 days. Zee Business matters called us back to the States but I hope to have that all worked out by next summer. As I’ve said previously, I wish to be the old lady of the lake.

Roger has no love for my swim raft so he was happy (he cheered!) when a barrel came off, enabling him to tie the thing most securely to a section of the bank. My idea for next year is a raft-ramp-to-storage-thingie. Haven’t worked out the details yet. Defo having a third person helping would make a huge difference and cut back on (basically superficial) injuries.

The refurbishing sort of happened based on “need to be done” to preserve the cedar wood, which the cottage is made of both without and within. Aesthetics mostly is taking a back seat until the maintenance work is caught up. I’m kind of excited tho, that we’ve settled on a labour-intensive but otherwise cheap restoration of the outside wood areas that are currently in need of much TLC.

Next summer, no ladder for Roger– I’m only requesting that he refinish and/or repaint the outside kitchen window. The two windows in front were a time suck at about 10 hours apiece.

I’m going to take on the the small bathroom window. I’m sure the stripping and sanding is harder than it looks, and know I’m not well-suited to painstaking tasks, but the lack of getting it done is driving me up a wall. Also, putting on the new glass panes hasn’t in fact, been a pain as I figured it would. Once the old glass goes out and the next in,it really makes everything brighter and cleaner with the old paint and caulking gone.

Now, if we could just find some time to paint some walls on the inside of the cottage!

And then it got colder...

And then it got colder…

As Roger was trying to finish the upper cottage window refurbishment, the weather got really active and became unpredictable. Winds got high, skies considerably darkening and storms were visible and active in the distance. The storms pretty much passed us at first but the day and night before we were to leave were COLD, rainy and windy. We were both in the lake to get the swim raft tethered, Roger was in for the water line as well. And bloody hell, it was bloody cold.

I totally wanted to go to my (winter) home.

So all was simultaneous at the end. Getting the window finished for winter before we could leave. The clean-up after and with all the stripping and sanding and actual sand tracked-in is always a consideration.  The clean-up wasn’t so bad, mostly because it was an effort by the two of us, obviously with Roger doing all the really heavy lifting. I did the heavy brooming. And covering and uncovering things to protect them. And pic snapping. Always that.



(Above) The most aggressive ducks I’ve ever encountered!

Ducks that obviously miss the many free lunches that the summertime tourists provided. These guys came out of the water, pecked at and chased me!

Yeah, baby!

Yeah, baby!



Duck butts!

More to come, including: Reveals Of Surprises!


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