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Doing laundry earlier tonight in anticipation of the run up to and the Canada Civic holiday on August 6. This is West Guilford between Green Lake and Pine Lake. This is 2 lakes from our lake, maybe 4-5 miles?

So we are here on Maple Lake and everything is going well.
We had a break in the drought with a decent thunderstorm–not long in duration but it has perked things up.
I’m glad no one has any fires though because you can see how tough the summer of 2012 drought has been on this part of the Algonquin Highlands of Ontario.

We (spouse & I) are hitting the major projects–the siding of the cottage (done! by hired guns–now lots of touching up and some minor repairs –fingers crossed–that spouse is doing). Also to-do: replacing most likely, the water pump–for a number of reasons including the one we are using is someone else’s spare (!) and it’s getting ever-more ‘hinky’, plus the building of the swim raft (I hope) as early into our just-under-2 weeks here as we can.

There are definitely some really cool events that I hope to be able to hit up in a few days. Meanwhile, get used to snaps of Maple Lake.
Today we saw the beginning of Festival of the August Moon on the Gull River in Minden–the hanging of the lanterns–I wanted to see the nighttime lighting/setting of them down the river but the aforementioned projects and making time both for a Kawartha Dairy stop and a really nice swim sort of ate up the rest of the time today.

Tried out the new telescope tonight and the full moon nearly blinded me. I’m stupid that way. Really great potential to see great constellations though–in maybe a week–and every other pretty night for the rest of the time I come up here.
Definite plans for the “Farmer’s Market” in Carnarvon and Haliburton Midnight Madness on Friday afternoon and evening, respectively.

The hilltop between Maple Lake and our cottage (lake view).

Some of  ‘What’s Coming Up in the Haliburton Highlands! August 2012’ (see link above photo for more):
After the JUMP – UPDATE August 2: What’s Happening This Week in the Haliburton Highlands! Aug. 2-8, 2012


Bear’s Lair Competition in Peterborough features Haliburton’s Brandi Hewson!

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I’m kicking myself that I didn’t start following the Haliburton Creative Business Incubator on FaceBook sooner. They have great up-to-the minute news on people who keep Haliburton vital business-wise. My opinion is that it is crucial to have a balance of business and beauty in the Haliburton Highlands! From  a FB ‘wall posting’ today:

Brandi Hewson of Wai Products

‘Tonight Brandi Hewson of Wai Products will be one of the four finalists at the Bear’s Lair competition in Peterborough. Having won the regional competition in Haliburton, Brandi goes onto the big stage in search of prizes and recognition for her business. Robert Herjavec, from The Dragons’ Den will participate at the Grand Finale as the keynote speaker and guest judge. ‘ -Good Luck Brandi!


Haliburton Creative Business Incubator – Haliburton County – A Year-round Destination

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Haliburton County - A year-round destination

I’ve blogged about some of the many resources and activities on this blog throughout what some people might think of as the Haliburton “off-season” but there really is no off season in Haliburton County any longer.

Since the area was settled, there has of course been “year-rounders”–those folks that took up permanent residence while the rest of us returned to our city or suburban lives. No so anymore.

There is a plethora of activities indoor and out throughout the year in Haliburton County–just skim back through my winter months posts to get an idea (though I documented but a small portion due to time constraints).  The car racing on ice was an activity that really tickled my fancy having never seen such a thing but the creative and crafty goings on at the Rails End Gallery and The Art Hive are two destinations that I could and would appreciate year-round.

But the fact is there is plenty of room for more business in Haliburton–and Haliburton has the resources to help businesses, especially smaller or start -up businesses take root. Both the year-rounders and the permanent residents can benefit by taking part in new and exciting endeavors or become patrons of new businesses that have found their way to Haliburton County. Here’s a short, informative, nicely-written article from the Haliburton County Echo on just how crucial efforts like this and others can be to the livelihood of Haliburton County.

Now for the details of the Haliburton Creative Business Incubator–a great opportunity for the many types of businesses in the creative business arena.

An announcement forwarded by the County of Haliburton, Department of Economic Development, Tourism & Marketing:

Four spaces will soon be available to emerging entrepreneurial businesses in the Haliburton Creative Business Incubator, located in one of Ontario’s most beautiful and vibrant locations. Renovations to the former Haliburton Public Library building are now underway and we anticipate that we will be ready for clients to move in by mid June.

Our application package provides

* Information on our program
* Details of work spaces available and costs
* Steps for selection and the selection process
* Minimum qualifications for eligibility
* Evaluation criteria
* Application form

Get your applications in as soon as possible. Applications received by April 30th, 2010, will receive priority consideration. Successful Candidates will be contacted in early May and invited to come to Haliburton for a personal interview.

This is a wonderful opportunity for young businesses looking to establish in a location that offers a beautiful natural environment, a vibrant community and a “relaxed” business style.
Our low monthly costs include a dedicated space for each business, broadband services, access to training seminars and a mentoring program which will provide experienced business people to our clients as advisors. We will also assist clients in their search for suitable living space.

We invite you to do business with the world while enjoying the wonders of the Haliburton Highlands. Contact us right away for your ticket to a “business life with lifestyle”.
If you’re not a candidate for the Creative Business Incubator but know of a creative business that might be the right fit, please pass this news to them. It just might be one of the best recommendations you make.

Important Dates:

April 30th, 2010 for applications to receive priority consideration
Early May contact for successful candidates
Personal interviews in May
Facility availability mid to late June

Examples of Creative Businesses:

* Arts administration and education – development and curation, visual art appraisal.
* Architecture design and planning – commercial, residential, landscape architecture and landscape planning, environmental planner, land use planner, community and urban planner.
* Business service consultant – human resources, business management, research, marketing.
* Communications – advertising, public relations, media relations, publicist, promotions, fundraising, consultant, photo journalist.
* Craft – artisans working in: clay, fibre, glass, leather, metal, paper, wood, decorative painting, mixed media
* Culinary – work in the styling and presentation of food
* Cultural Heritage – restoration, conservation, preservation, research, presentation of artifacts, information and buildings of cultural and/or historical significance, archiving, archeology
* Dance – choreography design
* Design Arts – interior and kitchen design, landscape, graphic design, furniture design, fabric design, fashion design, jewelry design, pattern design.
* Illustration – commercial or medical illustrator.
* Information Technology – IT consultant, computer/informatics consultant, management information systems, geomatics.
* Writing, Editing and Publishing for the Performing Arts, Literature & Business – in any medium, including advertising, and technical writing.
* Media Arts – video, film, web, and multi-media development including animation, and illustration – Web and application programmer, computer game developer, computer programmer, e-business software, developer, interactive media developer, software developer/programmer
* Music – composing, performing, recording
* Photography – commercial, industrial, portrait or as a fine art, also framing and restoration.
* Research – in any area including, but not limited to business, the arts, culture and heritage
* Theatre – teaching, directing, producing, coaching
* Visual Art – those involved with painting, sculpture, drawing, or creation of visual art in any medium.
* Defies Description – is a combination of any disciplines above.

Mail Your Application To:
Haliburton Creative Business Incubator
P.O. Box 210
c/o Haliburton County Development Corporation
49 Maple Ave, Unit 4
Haliburton, ON. K0M 1S0

Or Contact: Mike Jaycock, Project Consultant
Email: hcbi@bell.net
Phone: (705) 754-9996
Blog: http://hcbi.wordpress.com


County of Haliburton – Broadband Outreach Program Internet Courses For $10!

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Fleming Collage, Haliburton Campus (Photo: Roger Corrao)

Fleming Collage, Haliburton Campus (Photo: Roger Corrao)

Hey there!

I’m spreading the news about  the Internet Outreach Program’s series of courses through Fleming College that is being offered to folks in the Haliburton County. It’s been a long time coming but with the funds from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Farm, and Rural Affairs’ (OMAFRA) finally released Haliburton County can finally join the information age with the Internet. I’ve supplied all the information you should need (below) no matter if you are an absolute beginner, beginner through intermediate, or perhaps a business person building a brand on the world wide web.

I’m truly impressed with the diversity of offerings and the token fee involved for each series that should make this endeavour one that anyone can undertake.

It’s my understanding that broadband service is now or soon will be available to 95% of Haliburton County residents and  the cost is extremely low.

I’m looking forward to taking advantage of this service next summer. Unfortunately, since the funding was held up and I needed to work from the cottage my spouse and I committed to a 2-year contract with a satellite Internet provider and the cost is ridiculous. I’ve been told by a Broadband Outreach Program representative that this provider will need to lower his rates to be competitive but I’m not holding my breath as he’s made no offer yet.

As my cousin’s spouse remarked, this guy should be paying us as we agreed to be the point of origin for his satellite dish so he could offer services to the folks on Maple Lake.

I thought he’d put some effort into marketing as we were promised a lower fee when 5 more people signed up. He never did much–at least not via his website–and he certainly won’t now and it’s become a real pain. Lesson learned. I simply wanted to spend more time at the Lake but the reality was I couldn’t afford to do so without working. Now I’m paying over two years many times more than I made in the sum total of two months using the service.

But back to you smart people for whom the waiting is now paying off. All the info on the almost-free Internet classes is below.


County of Haliburton- Broadband Outreach Program
Internet Courses for individuals and businesses
at Fleming College for only $10

This series of courses is being offered as part of the County of Haliburton’s Broadband Outreach Program.
This program is made possible by general funding received through the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Farm, and Rural Affairs’ (OMAFRA) Rural Connections Broadband Program. Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of these reasonably priced, yet very interesting courses.
To register for the below courses, please contact Heidi Hudspith at the Haliburton Campus, 457-1680 ext. 6734Internet, Email, and You
This introductory level course is directed at individuals interested in learning about the exciting world of the Internet. Course content will include web browsing, email, social networking, accessing government services, and other uses of the Internet.
Section 1- Tuesday, September 15, 6:30pm- 9:30pm Section 2- Thursday, November 5, 9:00am-Noon
Section 3-Saturday, November 21, 9:00am-Noon
Instructor: Peter Smith
Fee: $10.00Internet Safety and Security
This beginner-intermediate level course is directed at individuals seeking to understand and manage some of the perceived dangers of the internet. The first part of the course will address data and systems security in the face of spam, phishing, viruses, and junk mail. Secondly, the course will help in ‘webproofing’ systems and children from undesirable content and social interactions.
Section 1- Tuesday, September 22, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Section 2: Thursday, November 12, 9:00am-Noon
Section 3- Saturday, November 28, 9:00am-Noon
Instructor: Peter Smith
Fee: $10.00Your Domain-Your Brand
This introductory level course is directed at small/medium business operators interested in raising a profile of their brand through a customized web domain. A customized web domain offers businesses a unique address on the internet. This brings businesses a high level of portability, visibility, and general perception of professionalism. The course will help in finding and developing a domain. Specific items to be touched upon will include business website and email basics.
Section 1- Thursday, September 29, 6:30pm-9:30pm Section 2- Thursday, November 19, 9:00am-Noon
Section 3- Saturday, December 5, 9:00am-Noon
Instructor: Peter Smith
Fee: $10.00Understanding Web Design
This intermediate level course is directed at small/medium business operators looking to manage the development, or redevelopment, of a business website. The objective of the course is not to teach people how to program their own website, instead it is designed to help business operators effectively work with web designers. Essentially, the goal is to teach what is happening ‘under the hood’ of a business website. Topics to be covered include HTML, Flash, cgi scripting (php, ASP, Javascript, etc.), and database integration.
Section 1- Tuesday, October 6, 6:30pm- 9:30pm
Section 2- Thursday, November 26, 9:00am-Noon
Section 3- Saturday, December 12, 9:00am- Noon
Instructor: Peter Smith
Fee: $10.00
To register for the below courses, please contact Heidi Hudspith at the Haliburton Campus, 457-1680 ext. 6734


Minden Lecture: The Wonderful World of Genealogy June 10-11

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In my ongoing effort to boost exposure for local businesses in the Haliburton Highlands I’m going to share with you something that I would love to take part in (but cannot, due to geographic obstacles).
One of the benefits it seems of growing older is that we grow more reflective. We are not in such a hurry and with any luck we’ve have grown wiser as well. From my observations it is generally mature folks who, lacking a number of specifics about the roots of their family tree, set out in search of knowledge that answers sometimes questions that they didn’t even think to ask. I’ve heard that the process of uncovering and discovering your heritage can be quite enjoyable. Certainly it must be rewarding after investing time and energy to finally come upon the answers that you sought and often information that you did not know was “out there” yet there it is.family_tree_img
Historical Reflections – The Wonderful World of Genealogy
June 10-11 Tammy Tipler-Priolo from North Bay’s www.ancestorinvestigator.com gives us three incredible talks. Wednesday night: “Where Can My Ancestors Be in Ontario? Birth, Marriage & Death Records” Thursday morning “Basics of Starting Genealogical Research” and Thursday afternoon “You Were Told You Have a Native Ancestor, What Now?” Pre-registration advised. Wednesday’s talk is FREE. One discussion on Thursday is $20 with both talks on Thursday $35. Free tip card for HHGG members. Door prize. For more information- Visit Website: www.mindenculturalcentre.com Minden Hills Cultural Centre Minden Contact: Minden Hills Museum Tel: 705-286-3154 Email: museum@mindenhills.ca


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