Haliburton Highlands Happenings This Week! August 2012 – Haliburton Highlands 14-Day Weather – Ontario PHOTOS #haliburtonhighlands

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A new view of downtown Haliburton (Aug 17 2012). ( Credit: Weather Network)

The 14-Day Long-Term Weather outlook for the Haliburton Highlands looks good! I hope it holds until we get back to Maple Lake over Labour Day!

Haliburton Highlands 14-Day Weather Outlook

What’s Happening in the Haliburton Highlands through next week: (Hint: Many things!) Be sure to click on the thumbnails to enlarge each announcement to full size.

August 17 at the Mississauga (Ontario) Sailing Club (if you’d stayed in the city) (Credit: Weather Network)

The always-lovely Toronto Islands on beautiful Lake Ontario – Aug 17 2012 (Credit: Weather Network)

More info!


Weekend Weather and Bug Forecast – 14-Day Trend – Southern ONTARIO PHOTOS #haliburtonhighlands

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Lots o’ building in downtown Haliburton?

The black-flies and mosquitoes are still quite thick and the upcoming damp, post weather week ahead probably won’t help that situation too much. Use your insect repellant of choice.I think I’ll just dress from head to toe when not submerged in the water. Never mind me; I brought home one heckuva, IDK, (horse?)fly bite on the side of my face, blood had been plentiful and it scabbed and took forever to heal. Yuck and ouch. So those bugs are still at the cottage however the weather in one week is supposed to pick up and and get quite decent. Check it out:

14- Day Weather Forecast Haliburton Highlands & Maple Lake:

14-Day-Trend-West-Guilford-Ontario-The-Weather-Network. includes Haliburton area & Maple Lake area.


BUG REPORT Haliburton area 6.22 -6.27


GOWGANDA LAKE, ONTARIO, CANADA – JUNE 22, 2012 (Source: weathernetwork.com)


Chapleau River, , ONTARIO, CANADA – JUNE 22, 2012 (Source: weathernetwork.com)




Southern Ontario Awakens 6.06.11 SUNRISE [PHOTOS] #sunrise #photos #Ontario

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Shots captured by me at dawn on Monday 6.06.11 via webcam found on WeatherNetwork.com
Southern Ontario Awakens 6.06.11 SUNRISE PHOTOS


Weekend & Long-Term Weather & Bug Report Haliburton Highlands – Southern Ontario (PHOTOS) 5.13.11

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Indian River, Port Carling, ONT, CA - 5.13.11

If you are like many folks in Ontario who get away from home to cottage country on the weekends (and beyond), you may not be waiting for May 24 to begin hauling up your boats to the many lakes and rivers in southeastern Ontario.

The summer season in Ontario though quite beautiful (amazing, breathtaking–take your pick of adjectives) is also quite short. So then, water enthusiasts whether they use watercraft or partake in the myriad other ways of soaking up the ambiance of cottage country, are quite ready to make the short journey there even if the weekend forecast looks like this weekend’s:

Haliburton Highlands weekend weather May 13-14

Not that we should ‘expect’ balmy, rain-free days so early in the season but one can’t help but hope that at least one day of the weather shall be nice for recreational activities outdoors. Probably not happening this week as the rest of the week for the most part, is not looking super-duper, either.

I can see from the webcam shots that I just took that it is probably no exaggeration that in the next 24 hours you can expect upwards of an inch of rainfall. Fortunately, the temperature will remain mild overnight  Friday at a low of 57°F.

You’ll wake up on Saturday to light rain with the temperature remaining steady at 57°F, before dropping to 54°F Saturday evening with more light rain and a low of 50°F.

Haliburton Highlands Long Term Weather 5.14-5.19

Sunday, as promised, will be cloudy with showers and a high of just 54°F.  The low overnight will be 43°F and the rain accumulation will be 0.1 inch.

Monday, expect light rain and a chilly high of 48°F. The nighttime low will be 39° and the rain accumulation will again be 0.1 inch.

Tuesday, expect isolated showers, a high of 57 °F and an overnight low–again– of 39°. The rain accumulation will again be 0.1 inch.

Wednesday expect (what else?) light rain with high temperatures reaching 61° and overnight lows about 45°F.  There may be a half-inch or more rain accumulation.

Thursday, May 19, brings more scattered showers, a high of 61°F and an overnight low of 46°F.  The rain accumulation will again be 0.1 inch.

EDIT/ Also, there are the bugs:

Bug report




Have a week full of happy trails!



Southern Ontario Webcam Photos NEW Locations!!! 10.01.10

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Turkey Point, Ontario

I’m so excited. After a disappointing spring and summer where I leaned heavily on the ever-gorgeous Reach Harbour, Lakefield and Chapleau River webcams to bring beautiful scenes to the Maple Lake Ontario blog, I found today that several new locations–with functioning webcams(!) have been added! I can’t tell you how welcome this is and despite the shots not being perfect–on all of them I’ve fixed the angle and brought up the contrast, etc., they are beautiful to me because a) they are photos of scenic Ontario, Canada a/k/a “The Motherland” and b) the webcams function when I click for example, “Magnetawan River in Britt” (the name of the river means “swiftly flowing waters” in the Ojibwa language) and Turkey Point (on the north shore of Lake Erie in southwestern Ontario). I have noted, complained actually(on the blog and in emails), that in the case of sponsored webcams–and some so you know, are private–regular folks covering the cost of hosting and the webcam themselves, in the case of sponsored webcams like Halcom Communications in Haliburton they continue to get free advertising and they should give back at least a webcam shot, right? I have not seen a shot of Haliburton, which is among the closest areas to Maple Lake Ontario since last spring. Same goes for Indian River, Port Carling. It used to be one of my favourite scenes year-round and Muskoka Realty Corp is still taking credit–yet no webcam shots–ever since last winter, in their case. So welcome, welcome, welcome to some fresh Ontario webcam locations! I’ll get to the rest and have the weather up later tonight but for today, the first day of October 2010, please enjoy the beauty of autumn in Ontario Canada.



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