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What could possibly be worse than June not spent at Maple Lake?

Roger works on the cottage. CR:

Roger works on the cottage CR:

I’m feeling a bit envious of peeps that can simply jump in their cars and pilot to the the Highlands of Ontario. That’s on the one hand. On, or in the other, metaphorically speaking, is a paint brush or a sander or …well a photo does speak pretty well. I get a bit melancholy about lack of lake time in certain moments but “lake time” has always been a luxury.

I remember when my dad only had two precious weeks per year to be at the cottage. I’ve never had a memory of simply driving up there for the weekend and relaxing–and to flip this little meander down memory lane on it’s head, perhaps that’s best!

I take going to the Lake very seriously–because I’ve never taken it for granted. So, when I finally get there it’s because we worked hard to do it.

My favorite Maple Lake rock:

Maple Lake Ontario shore and steps gif. CR:

Maple Lake Ontario shore and steps gif. CR:

Never take anything or anyone you value for granted. They (or it) could be gone tomorrow.

Groin - Maple Lake photo:

Groin – Maple Lake photo:



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