Maple Lake: One-Minute View From Under and Atop The Swim Raft (VIDEOS) #myhaliburtonhighlands

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Pretty Beach Day on Maple Lake – August 2014

The sunlight is playing with the sand, the shadows and the many bits of flotsam floating by in this 20-second clip, on the lake shot from atop the raft, through the gaps in the wood. There’s no skill involved to get your shot other than to hold the phone steady. The winds were picking up and the water was getting pretty rough–and I was very close to shore! You can hear the bumping of the raft. (From the album Maple Lake Videos)

Stormy Weather - Late summer 2014 - Maple Lake

Stormy Weather – Late summer 2014 – Maple Lake

The waters are getting very active in this shot, with the winds picking up and an eventual storm coming in, crossing over and moving on– all in the space of maybe 2-hours. The weather this summer was mixed. If you had long enough to be able to deal with a “bad weather” week followed by a nice one then you were OK. About half of the 5 weeks I was at the cottage were good or better days weather-wise. We have so many projects going I’m almost thankful when the weather isn’t great. Otherwise, we get less done! (From the album Maple Lake Videos)


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