Maple Lake – When You Don’t Want To Be There – Part 2 #myhaliburtonlife #maplelake

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So there was normal, planned maintenance of the Maple Lake cottage and there was the seal in the ceiling keeping the rain out of the bathroom leaking, a different category entirely.  

CameraZOOM-20140910242859950 (1)

That was an unpleasant surprise but since the leak was just above the shower, unless it gets very bad, the rest of the ceiling and bathroom should be OK.

It rained for the 2.5 days before we left Maple Lake. The night before we left a ceiling drip hit my shoulder.I knew it was from the semi-sealed chimney flue for the wood-burning stove. Stove is long-ago removed (which is too bad). Hole in the roof stills exists to cause trouble.


That is going to take a proper looking at and fixing. Roger doesn’t fancy doing so as it used to be how the bats got into the cottage. Plus roofing is really far from being a PCB designer. He fears bat’s nests and little bat corpses too, I suppose?

I fear a leak. It has to dealt with properly. For now, fingers crossed that that bucket does its job!


I think this may be among my favourite lake pics for 2014. It’s really more of a cottage-view picture. I love being able to see the lake while I have my coffee in the a.m.!


RIP Raven, who died this year at the Lake at age 18, with 3 days left of a three-week stay. This is among the last shots of her.


It got stormy this summer but unbeknownst to (anyone? or just me?), cold winds blew, as far back as summer 2013.


Pretty peacefulness – Maple Lake 2014


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