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 I did something in honour of this trip to Maple Lake that I’d not done before: I forgot my laptop charging/power cord. And, it is a Samsung computer, deliberately made for the short time they were making computers, to not be compatible with anything but a Samsung cord!

Sept 6 2014 Maple Lake Ontario

Misty early dawn Sept 5 2014 Maple Lake Ontario

Now, I didn’t come up here to be on the computer–we had work-in-progress jobs that needed doing, I wanted to shoot more photos and of course, we need to seal this place up tight for the winter.

After I get back from Minden today, I’ll be working on closing up our Maple Lake cottage. Going to try to get as much done as humanly possible (slight exaggeration) tonight before heading back to our winter home, south of the border.

In the meantime, I’ll share this. I’ve taken a couple of leisurely strolls and gotten some great shots of some beautiful work done by my cousin’s spouse on the back field. It’s never looked as groomed and ready for walking about–or running–than it ever has. There are a number of healthy birch trees there as well that I’d not taken notice of. They are, as I explained to my spouse, my favourite tree here on Maple Lake, besides of course, the maples. 😉

Obi enjoying Maple Lake Sept 2014

Obi enjoying Maple Lake Sept 2014

My step stones :)

My step stones :)

Early Dawn Maple Lake Sept 5

Early Dawn Maple Lake Sept 5 (no filter)




Front window refurbishment - Roger Sept 2014 - Maple Lake Ontario

Front window refurbishment – Roger Sept 2014 – Maple Lake Ontario

Ermahgawd, this took forever!

Ermahgawd, this took forever!

It was, as anticipated, impossible to get the window out. Therefore all the stripping, all the sanding, and finally, the painting had to be done on a ladder–both inside and out. And, as is typical when you get started on a job like this, we’ve found much more to do regarding trim-painting outside. We’ve done all we can do for now. Fingers crossed for drier weather next cottage season!

Yes, there's been wind.

Yes, there’s been wind.

I care not! It's MAPLE muthafrackin' LAKE!

I care not! It’s MAPLE muthafrackin’ LAKE!

P.S. Many  more shots of flora and fauna to come… in the weeks and months to come!

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