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Summer at Maple Lake: Closing Chapter

Got some beach, finally! (Photo by me--effects auto-generated by Google+.)

Got some beach, finally!
(Photo by me–effects auto-generated by Google+.)

As I mentioned, Roger has been in a protracted job-hire scenario. Wednesday is the uber-big meeting with, as the HR lady describes, a “high-mucky-muck” in this international company. The fellow just happens to be in the country visiting from across the pond. Normally, there may have been a teleconference, but I think face-to-face is good. We are feeling pretty darn positive. But, depending on how the interview actually works out, it could further delay our leaving (it already has). Only about 36 hours before we know, so packing will commence tomorrow.

Our plans for the cottage include the final coat of paint for the completely stripped and repainted porch window and then a climb up to one of two windows that were wisely strategically placed to allow good airflow straight through the cottage. Since this is our second go at this type of work, we are prepared to have to replace the panes of glass as well as strip, repaint and re-caulk.

Roger got a “great deal” on a hand-held paint stripper at Canadian Tire–just $35 is probably cutting the stripping time to about one-third of what it would be otherwise. All-told, just a single window took 10-hours in total.

I’m kinda warming more to the idea of refurbish rather than replace whenever possible. We will remain on a a shoe-string budget so we need to be creative. The first window came out beautifully and as long as we don’t run out of time, window #2 should as well.

Time just flies when we are at the cottage–it always seems to run out pretty darn quickly, so we need to start to really focus on what the cottage needs most versus what I’d like to do next. And so, getting the trim around the windows looking new again, it is.

Of course, we’ll be closing the cottage for the season too, which makes me a bit sad. Though with this trip I’ll have spent portions of May, June, July, August and September on Maple Lake, September is one of my favourite times of the year and I would gladly spend the whole month there. It’s just not feasible this year.

We decided to change up our closing scenario so we can get on the road a bit earlier (we hope!) A big time-c0nsumer is waiting for the hot-water tank to drain so we decided to do it the day before and just sort of rough it the next day when we leave. Roger is also going to drain the second toilet the night before…details that cannot be overlooked.

Anyway, I wonder if the bears are still populating the Maple Lake dump due to the dump expansion’s need to take down the electric fencing? These (below) were among the last bears Roger saw before we left but he has seen them every time he’s gone, as have I. It does make for a hasty toss and jump back into the car!

Bearz at Maple Lake Dump August 4 2014 (R. Corrao)

Bearz at Maple Lake Dump August 4 2014 (R. Corrao)

Bear at Maple Lake Dump August 4 2014 (R. Corrao)

Bear at Maple Lake Dump August 4 2014 (R. Corrao)

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