The Last Time – Raven Spends 3 Weeks at Maple Lake, Then Dies #deaddog #myhaliburtonlife

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Do All Dogs Go The Heaven? Never a Doubt for Raven.

August 11 2014 - the day Raven died.

August 11 2014 – the day Raven died.


I posted here just over a week ago as life got quite intense in our last few days at the Lake. And, a week later, it is just beginning to settle.

As I mentioned, our 18-y.o. Schipperke dog Raven, died while we were at the Lake. She had been aging rapidly in the past few years so, since I know the breed (they don’t really age until old, old, age and Raven was roughly 17-18 years old (found her in 2000 at about age 2-4), I realized she could die in the three weeks we were at the lake. Three days before we left to come home, she got sick. By just after midnight the next day, she’d died.

I’ve never watched any mammal die in my home before and the two excruciating hours it took at the END, before I went and woke up Roger, were gruesome.

Poor Roger. He cared for Raven for the last 10 minutes. She had already stroked out so many times, I asked him to hold her so she wouldn’t knock her head. It all happened so quickly. If it hadn’t, I would have asked him to stun her with a whack to the head. (Later, he said he doubted he could have done that.)

I called my Dad after we got home to tell him. It’s a pretty straight line with the men in the family tree line that I’m attached to. What would Frank have done, what would my Dad have done, what would Roger do? Take care of it in a responsible way is  the one and only answer.

It rained on and off all day. It wasn’t cold or windy–just bleak.

Raven, summer 2014 - age about 17-18.

Raven, summer 2014 – age about 17-18.

Now we are home it is more obvious what her absence means.

No more Kleenex being picked from the small garbage bins. (Like my mom, I keep Kleenex in every room of the house for my “allergies”. In truth, they are reactions to my meds., which include multiple vasodilators.)

No more need to keep bathroom doors shut all the time (see above).

No one lagging behind sniffing stuff on our nightly walks. Guessing it is the same on the early a.m. walk, too.

No one to demand baby carrots.

No one needing to be carefully watched for accidents.

No more need for baby gates to prevent falls downs the stairs.

A chance to see Obi be himself instead of the invader on Raven’s turf (she was well into her teens when Obi showed up, an unannounced refugee from a neglectful home).

Raven and Obi at the back door .Obi had been with us about three weeks.

Raven and Obi at the back door. Obi had been with us about three weeks.

No more Raven. What a concept.


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