The Last Time – Part Deux – Maple Lake Ontario – Late Summer 2014 #myhaliburtonlife

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Late Summer on Maple Lake Ontario (cont.)

So…The Civic Holiday is over and “everyone” has gone home…except us. We are trying to get as much done as we can under the circumstances, before we need to be home for multiple you cannot miss appointments/occasions.

The dog has died and been properly “disposed of.” But, the task which come hell or high water was to be addressed, hasn’t.  It’s an outside job but the weather has only sporadically cooperated. Not coincidentally of course, the conditions we are working with are not optimal. Specifically, we need to fix this:

The glass panes shattered--there was no removing the old caulking paint and god-knows-what without replacing the glass.

The glass panes shattered–there was no removing the old caulking, paint and god-knows-what without replacing the glass.

Putting up new trim on our cottage on Maple Lake in the Haliburton Highlands would be a big job no matter what, but it is made even more impressive by two facts. The bottom layer of 15 or so layers of paint was original (lead-enhanced). The cottage, with its at least 15 coats of white paint, hadn’t been painted in at least 25 years (maybe more) and never, to our knowledge, been stripped of old paint before new was put on. Also, 3. We are starting with the areas of worst peeling and unfinished wood-exposure–the side of the cottage that faces the lake, about 20 feet from it.

Some positives:

The window latch works again!

The window latch works again!

Glass windows panes don’t have to be fearfully expensive!

Dude is a perfectionist. Which is why this cottage is in excellent hands.

Dude is a perfectionist.
Which is why this cottage is in excellent hands.

It is not actually done-done. Needs another coat of paint, which Roger will put on during Labour Day/closing week.

And this isn’t even the window that was “supposed” to get done (a bunch need doing–all the trim, actually).

The window with a cracked pane and many years of paint must be accessed by a long ladder and…my man has a fear of heights. I don’t, so in this lovely little window of time (pun not intended) I’m gonna learn how to do it or at least the worst of it, then let Roger do the parts that are important ascetically (later).

As some of you know, Roger’s life situation took a turn and just as I was content to spend more and more time at the Lake since it has what I need to work when I want, the man put the kibosh on Roger’s just-earned month-long breaks. It’s ultimately a waste of energy to try to do the crystal ball-thing but if I had to guess, I’d say it will be me and hired help getting stuff done on the Maple Lake cottage for the next few years. The paltry two-weeks vacation that he will be juggling just won’t do it.


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