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 Making Plans For Maple Lake!

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Gorgeous Puppy!
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We don’t have to have bone-shaking, brutally cold winter weather  here in the Midwestern United States to start longing for time spent in the Haliburton Highlands area–but it has certainly helped drive the conversations that my spouse and I have each year about when we want to go (NOW), how long we wish to stay (FOREVER), and the things we wish to do during the precious time we have at Maple Lake/in Southern Ontario (EVERYTHING) as well as the things we must do to maintain our little spot on Maple Lake.

The practical way to view things when planning our vacation time in the highlands of Ontario happens during our first trip to our cottage on Maple Lake–the assessment period. We check to see how the property and the cottage itself has fared in our absence. The type of winter and spring that has passed has everything to do with what we discover.

Weather Forecast Haliburton Highlands January 28-29  2014

Weather Forecast Haliburton Highlands January -  2014

Weather Forecast Haliburton Highlands January  28-29 2014

Last year, the repeated melting and refreezing of the ice on the lake made a mess of the beachfront and the hill above it. There is a natural amount of weathering–then there is what is above and beyond “normal.” We did pretty well overall in ’13 as Roger put energy into “repurposing” the existing boulders and stones that my grandfather put in long ago as steps down the 20 ft hills from cottage to beach and the bigger rocks that function as support for the hill. He has built in some new bushes and hardy foliage not only directly in front of our cottage but adjacent as well. This is a process that is ongoing and one that I love as he does the hard work and then I stick around to make sure everything stays watered and exposed to the right amount of sunlight. Sometimes, certain flowers just won’t take even when Roger enhances the soil so I’ll dig ’em up, move them, and try to salvage them.

This year, I think he’ll stay up for a solid month. I’d like to go for 2 months, minimum. We may try to see if we can squeeze out another week from his schedule. There is that pesky “work thing” that he has to consider. Since all my work–other than tending to our abode stateside, is done on the computer, how long I stay is really up to me. It was 5-6 weeks last year–my best summer ever at Maple Lake. I’ve got to be honest tho, I get torn leaving our college-age son behind here in the States, though he is quite capable. It’s the mother thing. Never really goes away.

So anyway. There were some unanticipated repairs/work that happened towards the end of our stay last year and the planned repair of the bathroom ceiling (water damage) has now taken on the proportion of a ceiling replacement as the original tile thickness cannot be duplicated. Lots of investigating went into determining this last year before the poop (almost literally) hit the fan.

Not wanting to turn his vacation into a working vacation, besides the yearly outside maintenance, I think we’ll stick to the ceiling replacement and then try to work in lots of time for exploring the Highlands, perhaps at some point taking a weekend down in the city (my first hometown, Toronto). We are still very much in the tossing ideas around stage.

Cheers! Cyn

Haliburton Highlands:

Haliburton Highlands:


Haliburton Highlands:

Updated Long-Range and Snow Forecast Maps

Today the “real feel” at Maple Lake Ontario is warmer than here, 25 miles Northwest of Chicago, Illinois!

Warmer at Maple Lake Ontario on  January 28 2014 than near Chicago Illinois! Credit: Accuweather

Warmer at Maple Lake Ontario on January 28 2014 than near Chicago Illinois!
Credit: Accuweather



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