Maple Lake Ontario Nostalgia (PHOTOS) Beautiful Maple Lake Weekend Weather! #maplelake #ontario

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Days Gone Bye and Starting Anew on Maple Lake

The dock my grandfather built. (Photo:1985)

The dock my grandfather built. (Photo: 1985)


Me and my bro on Maple Lake

Me and my bro on Maple Lake

Checked the forecast today and saw it was a pretty day at Maple Lake. The weather for the rest of September looks gorgeous, too. September seems like a “best shot month” in all the places I’ve lived when it comes to weather.

Here’s how nice it will be for the rest of September at Maple Lake:

Maple Lake Weather Forecast - September 27 through Sept 30 (Cr:

Maple Lake Weather Forecast – September 27 through Sept 30 (Cr:


When Roger and I retire we can easily do end of May through end of  September at Maple Lake each year with day or weekend trips to Toronto every now and then. That’s a third of the year, now to find someplace nice for the other 2/3’s. Both of us like to be outside, to putz around in the gardens or with the dogs. Nice, brisk walks are…nice.  That becomes an impossibility in Toronto or here, in the Chicago area in the dead of winter.  At one time, I would have said I wouldn’t leave my kids but kids themselves leave, that’s a fact, and I can’t go chasing after them. Letting go is part of life–as much as embracing  it–which is what I think of when I’m missing Maple Lake.

The photo at top is my dad and my oldest son. My son is jumping off the dock that my grandfather put in. I loved that dock. I remember lying on my stomach at the deep end, watching the minnows swimming under it. The way the shafts of sun seeped through –it was just super-cool. When I saw my Dad last month, I asked him how would Roger and I go about recreating that dock. He replied with a sigh, “You don’t want to do that.” Now I was under the impression that the dock was removed at the end of the summer season and put back come early summer, but I was way wrong. It stayed there throughout each winter and come spring it would be a jumbled mess after the winter ice had it’s way with it. What kept it in place was rocks beneath the top of the “T” section. The ice shifted them out and  it was quite a chore to get it all back in place each year. My dad suggested buying an aluminum dock which of course, I know about as they are everywhere, but I wanted to recreate some of what has disappeared  at the lake. It goes to prove though, sometimes when something is gone it stays gone and one must start anew.



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