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Leaving Maple Lake is always a bitter-sweet endeavor (PHOTOS)

Early morning August 3 2013 Photo by Roger Corrao

Early morning August 3 2013 Photo by Roger Corrao


Early morning August 3 2013 Photo by Roger Corrao


Early morning August 3 2013 Photo by Roger Corrao


Early morning August 3 2013 Photo by Roger Corrao


Early morning August 3 2013 Photo by Roger Corrao


The new garden on the lake-side of the cottage. Early morning August 3 2013. Photo by Roger Corrao

Having spent part of June, all of July and a wee bit of August living on Maple Lake, it really came to feel like ‘home.’ And it is home–our summer home–so we will keep on making the improvements that both need to be done (they come first) and that we wish to make (that may take some time). In my opinion, every little improvement is big in that it is yet another transformation–sometimes to a state of being that hadn’t been a reality for a decade or more.

The little garden at the bottom of the photo set was in place around fifty years ago. Those stones are the ones that my grandfather put in place. There’s nothing special about them other than that. But, to me, that is quite a bit and that my husband dug them out of the ground where they were nearly buried means even more. You can’t simply plant a garden at Maple Lake. You must treat the soil as the only flowers that will grow otherwise are wildflowers. Roger sort of did this on the fly. After the septic system setback we essentially lost four days of getting stuff done, so we were a bit rushed. Anyway, he mixed in soil enhancers and mulched and we shall see next year what becomes of it. While we have stewardship over it, it shall remain a garden, tho.

It has begun to inspire me to return as many of the aspects of being at the Lake, both physical and social to their former glory. The last time the Lake was the paradise of my childhood memory was when my grandmother was the matriarch of the McCrackan family. She loved having family around as much as possible. And I recall many gatherings of family and friends. It wasn’t fancy but it was friendly. Friendliness was something I encountered a lot when I was out and about this summer.

My mom became the McCrackan family matriarch after my grandmother passed but living in the States our family only made comparatively brief, though regular visits. I hated being referred to as the American because well, I’m not. I’m proud to be a Canadian and so I’m also proud to now be the McCrackan matriarch (I kept my maiden name).

If I do nothing else, I’d like to take a page from my grandmother’s book in making people feel welcome when they are anywhere on the property that is shared by the descendants of  Frank and Alice. My spouse seems to have gotten a jump on the ‘building of good cheer’- thing. Because I work until the wee hours while at the Lake and thus sleep in, I’m not outside as much as he is, but give me some good swimming weather and just try to keep me out of the lake. 🙂


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