Goodbye To Maple Lake For Now #maplelake #ontario (PHOTOS)

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Heading Home To Chicago Tomorrow

Maple Lake Ontario - August 1 2013

Maple Lake Ontario – August 1 2013

I cannot believe that I just spent the longest consecutive stretch of time at Maple Lake since I was 12-and-a-half years old(!)

The time went really fast.

As usual, I was not really keen on leaving the Lake for much other than groceries and gas, going to the laundromat (as infrequently as possible) and fetching drinking water from Stanhope Airport (though I confess, I only make my coffee and rinse my hair with it).

Maple Lake Ontario July 31 2013

Maple Lake Ontario July 31 2013

For one, when alone, I had all the chores that are unique to cottage life to do–plus taking care of Obi (I think we may be the only people on the Lake that actually walk our dog here). My dad and his friend were here for 8 days which kept me occupied, I spent last weekend in the city of my birth–Toronto–meeting up with some old and new friends.  Took loads of photos–wish I could have gotten the battery on the boat up and running sooner because it is a blast rolling around silently on the lake. I am not a motorboat fan–if I wanna feel the wind in my hair and get randomly splashed I can go on a flume ride at Disneyland. You cannot even hear the electric motor when it is running–there’s no lake or noise pollution. I hope friends/family who visit will get a lot of enjoyment out of it. The rowboat we attach it to is at least 35 years old, based on the fact that my grandfather painted the family name on it and he couldn’t have done so much past 1985–plus it was the boat that came with this cottage–what we then called the rental cottage. That’s a longer story. Anyway, it suits our needs just fine and should have quite a few years left in it.

Obi in the little red rowboat on Maple Lake Ontario

Obi in the little red rowboat on Maple Lake Ontario

Speaking of ‘just fine,’ the water was warm the entire time I was here. Even today, with a strong wind and thundershowers passing through, it was warm enough not  to feel chilly–so that was a big bonus as I love to swim. That’s another oddity to me, beside one other older adult (like myself) and some of the the kids (anyone under say, 25) no around here one swims anymore! I don’t get it as this lovely north shore of the lake was made for swimming. There’s a clean, sandy (not muddy) bottom, it stays shallow until way out–that is why this place was picked for us to settle on. Nothing against the kayak-users and sailors (I’m lousy at both) or the canoeists (I’m sort of klutzy so though we own a canoe, it’s more for visitors) but you should know how to swim if you do any of those things, right? I just don’t get not enjoying swimming. I would totally snorkel if there was anything to look at and we have the gear, but alas this is a lake, not a reef. I love to pull the swim dock out (see above photo) and goof around underneath it. Again, I’m not terribly graceful in terms of diving off something but I love to swim, especially underwater where I can actually be graceful, or at least feel so.

Roger, standing atop the septic

Roger, standing atop the septic

The septic system failed but it was way overdue to be pumped out (like, 10-15 years) so it was unsurprising. The city boy I’m married to did his damnedest to get the toilets unclogged but there was nowhere for the clog to go so while I was having fun in the city he was knee -deep in ick. I knew it was the septic as soon as got back from TO and I realized both toilets and the shower were backed up. Anyway, good help from a couple of local men has gotten us back up and (literally) running.

I need to pack now as it is a long way home. We’ll be back the first week in September to close.



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