Maple Lake Ontario (PHOTOS) Haliburton Highlands Holiday Weekend Weather #algonquinhighlands

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Maple Lake Ontario - Dawn Breaking June 24 2013

Maple Lake Ontario – Dawn Breaking June 24 2013

Hey there!

It’s been a busy few days getting the cottage set up for Summer 2013.

There’s been no one here but us for the past few days so it was very, very quiet–which I must admit was nice. One doesn’t notice how noisy the suburbs are until you are in such a remote area as we now are.  A random watercraft buzzes by every now and again and the ubiquitous sound of a small aircraft heading to Stanhope  Airport cruises by once or twice a day, but by-and-large we are much more likely to hear flocks of ducks swimming by or a lonely-sounding loon on the lake.


Maple Lake Ontario - Dawn Breaking June 24 2013

Maple Lake Ontario – Dawn Breaking June 24 2013

We arrived very early Monday morning and while coming round a huge bend on St. Peters Road, came face-to-face with a half-dozen deer. You can’t take that bend going more than 15-20 mph tops, so no one was in any danger and it was sort of cool to be ‘greeted’ that way.

Wednesday was the best weather day yet on Maple Lake. Perfectly warm, a few clouds–a sunburn day if you weren’t protected. We got the swim dock in the water and did a preliminary clean-up of the beach. It was no exaggeration that this past winter was a tough one. The repeated ups and downs, freezing, melting, refreezing took a toll on many people’s shorelines. We actually were pretty lucky that a few steps down to the water came loose and there was a leak in the bathroom ceiling but it was above the shower(!) Very lucky on that count because as soon as the rain came, it was like a faucet had been turned on inside the bathroom ceiling.

Maple Lake Ontario - June 26 2013

Maple Lake Ontario – June 26 2013

Roger went up on the roof and found that caulking was missing, allowing not only leakage but ants to stream in. It’s all fixed now. Did I mention that my husband is awesome? He mowed the grass and at my request, left as many wildflowers growing as possible. I  just can’t get into the ‘suburban perfect’ grass look in such a rural area. We are expected to keep the grass cut but I’m more inclined to prefer the ever-more-popular notion of letting, whenever possible, nature look like nature here in cottage country. We’ve planted a lilac bush to help keep the bank from eroding as well as other perennials, some of which did not survive the severe weather over the winter to reappear this spring/summer. Still, the plan is to preserve and protect as much and whenever possible.

Spouse had his birthday here for the first time and we made an excellent choice going to That Place in Carnarvon. We got there early and got a seat right in front of the window overlooking Mirror Lake. Food was good, service excellent and the price right for a birthday meal. Happy birthday, indeed.

Maple Lake Ontario - June 26 2013

Maple Lake Ontario – June 26 2013

We headed out to Haliburton today to pick up some supplies and take in more of the local atmosphere. As much as it is said that the US and Canada are alike, once you get out and about it becomes very apparent that these are two separate countries. Just a small example is that Canada no longer makes pennies, nor do merchants take them. Yup. The smallest denomination is a nickel. Transactions are rounded up or down. Also, buttertarts.

Found a (not) cheap little phone for the times I want/need to text the US or situations where I have no idea what I’m doing and will be phoning spouse to help guide the way. He, because he has a commute to work, has the car much of the time so by default stops and picks up this and that in our daily lives (I’m the Internet shopping queen– so that part evens out). Where I have fallen hopelessly out of practice is with cooking. Because I’m staying here for a total of 6 weeks I know I’m not going to live on salads and sandwiches so am going to have to phone home to get advice on a lot of grocery-related choices. Anyway, the new phone is charging and I’m going to set it up tomorrow and then be able to have my ‘security blanket’ wherever I may wander while I’m up here.

Maple Lake Ontario - June 26 2013

Maple Lake Ontario – June 26 2013

It stormed today most of the day with quite a bit of thunder–enough to scare our Corgi-Pug mix, ‘Obi’, tho he usually is not at all bothered by thunderstorms but the cottage has a metal roof and it is LOUD. I’d had a rough night sleeping the night before so had the luxury of a 2-hour nap. Roger–not so much in that when he tried to nap, whenever a loud thunder clap struck, Obi would leap upon him in fear. Poor guy(s).

Speaking of weather, there is not too much to get excited about as we begin this holiday weekend, unfortunately. There will be more of what we had today–but with lower temperatures and it will continue they say through both Friday and Saturday with Sunday looking like a nice shift with no rain and temperatures more conducive to outdoor celebrations. Check out the  latest forecast for Canada Day and the Fourth of July below.

Haliburton Highlands Holiday Weekend Weather - Extended Canada Day - Fourth of July week

Haliburton Highlands Holiday Weekend Weather – Extended Canada Day – Fourth of July week


Heading to Maple Lake Ontario Soon! (PHOTO) #maplelake #ontario #algonquinhiglands

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Maple Lake Morning (Cr: C. McCrackan)

Maple Lake Morning (Cr: C. McCrackan)


In a matter of days, ‘we’ (spouse and me and our younger dog Obi, a male Corgi-Pug mix) will set out on a 700-mile journey to Maple Lake, Ontario, Canada.

As I’ve recounted before, I’ve been going to ‘the lake’ since I was about 7 months old. That is over a half-century. Much has changed. Though not crowded, there are many more cottages and homes on the lake. The road ‘in’ is no longer gravel, but asphalt. Most noticeable though is the loss of beloved friends and family members who were once fixtures, part of the the landscape of Maple Lake.

Back in the old days, when we’d needed to make a phone call (as in REALLY needed) we’d hike up  the gravel road which then bore no name, to the home of Ted and Gerri Carr, wonderful neighbours, who lived at Maple Lake year-round. I remember Gerri offering us kids cookies when we visited and Ted showing off his small collection of farm animals. They are all gone now, though there is a surplus of telephones.

There is missing of course, my grandmother Alice, who I’ve mentioned many times and later, at age 101, the architect of our cottage compound, my grandfather, Frank. My dad’s best friend, who was my uncle as well, passed on far too early as did our long-time neighbour.

It’s true that there has been a great deal of loss, the most recent, the death of my mother who loved the lake as much as anyone could.

Still, there is a serenity, a peacefulness that  you can only truly appreciate after your arrival. Generally, because I’m a night worker when not on vacation, we leave ‘late’ and arrive early. Dawn is usually just breaking by the time we get to Maple Lake and oh! what a beautiful sight it is! My tradition upon arrival is to first make a quick trip down the dozen or so rock steps that my grandfather put in with his own hands, to the lake to ‘say hello.’

The break of day is among the most satisfying times to experience Maple Lake. Usually, the water is a still as glass with everything above and around it reflected, amplifying their beauty as well as the beauty of the lake itself. It’s also very quiet, a perfect time to sit down for a few minutes and unwind from the trip. Each time I do this, I feel my heart expand with joy and I feel the contentment of being one with my surroundings.



Haliburton Highlands June Happenings – Weekend Weather – Fundraising Events #haliburtonhighlands #algonquinhighlands

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Summer is in full swing in the Algonquin and Haliburton Highlands! 

Looking south-west along the chain of lakes that's known as the Chapleau River  (Cr: Weather Network)

Looking south-west along the chain of lakes that’s known as the Chapleau River (Cr: Weather Network)

If you are planning on enjoying outdoor activities this weekend, Saturday is your bet bet, with moderate temperatures and a partly sunny/cloudy day:

Weekend Weather - Haliburton Highlands

Weekend Weather – Haliburton Highlands

By Sunday, there will be a chance of thundershowers, though temperatures will feel seasonably warm. (Personally, I don’t mind getting wet if it’s a summer rain shower–and there is a fluffy towel at the end of my journey.):

Haliburton Highlands weather Sat. June 15 - Thurs.June 20

Haliburton Highlands weather Sat. June 15 – Thurs. June 20

There will be isolated showers on Monday but the temperature will again feel much warmer than your thermostat might  indicate.

There will be cloudy periods on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but temperatures should feel more seasonably inline with what they usually are.

Kawagama Lake, Dorset (Cr: Weather Network)

Kawagama Lake, Dorset
(Cr: Weather Network)

There are an abundant number of fun, charitable, and fun charitable events going on this weekend like joining NHL stars Matt Duchene of the Colorado Avalanche, Cody Hodgson of the Buffalo Sabres and their friends for an unforgettable Charity Golf Tournament to benefit flood-ravaged Minden Hills.

Or, if you are a cyclist with leanings towards natural and cultural attractions why not check in to a fully-guided 65km bicycle tour taking you on a breathtaking adventure along the scenic and hilly Harburn Road to visit a variety of art studios and natural and cultural attractions?

And, make sure not to miss the kick-off event of the summer, Rails End Treasures N Trash!
This is Haliburton’s Summer Starter – the biggest and best community yard sale ever! Antiques, collectables, vintage stuff, jewelry, gourmet preserves and other great stuff!

Scroll below and click the thumbnails to get full-size viewing about events this weekend and through June in both the Haliburton Highlands and Algonquin Highlands!


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