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Haliburton July 14.2012


I’ve been searching for a way to get an accurate weather report for the Maple Lake area and then share it here (for the longest time!). Let me tell you, there are precious few no actual weather forecasts done for Maple Lake, nor Minden Hills, Minden or Carnarvon–at least none I can find being shared on the Internet. Just Haliburton. And from what I’m finally concluding, Haliburton’s weather forecast is much different than Maple Lake, pop. 200’s daily weather (heck, when I’m at the cottage the weather forecast for Haliburton is almost never right!). For one thing, Haliburton is a town, it is asphalt and concrete and buildings spread about a smallish area with a river/lake in the middle. Maple Lake is a good-sized lake, surrounding by other lakes and there is little asphalt and few buildings, relatively speaking. No matter what, the Haliburton forecast and the Maple Lake one is not the same.

So I just set out on a search for a town or provincial park even, that’s weather report was more inline with what comes out of Maple Lake. The best I can do is Muskoka and Muskoka isn’t really near Maple Lake at all.

I’m going to use it anyway because it does seem to reflect the difference in daily temperatures between Haliburton, which gets much warmer than Maple Lake and Muskoka which seems at least slightly closer to being accurate. So, here goes with a mix this week.

No matter where you reside–Muskoka,  Haliburton or somewhere in the vicinity we will be continuing the trend of drought-like conditions and record-setting heat so conserve when you can and otherwise– that is why you are in cottage country, right?–get in the lake to cool off!

Here is the 14-day forecast, which I’ll adjust each week in an attempt to make it more precise (all the stuff I just wrote above, not withstanding).

Haliburton Highlands 14 -day weather outlook


Bugs in the Highlands:

Haliburton Highlands Bug report–all moderate!


Mountain Trout House webcam Dorset


Fun things to do in the Haliburton & Algonquin Highlands throughout July:



Muskoka Weather

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