My Scorched Chicagoland CONDO SUMMER GARDEN (PHOTOS) #chicagoland #condo #garden #heatwave

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Japanese Maple at sunset seems to be OK –for now.

Morning Glories — they should be getting red flowers that will bloom in the mornings


Pansies – I’ve had to rescue these from the sun many times, but they’re surprisingly resilient.

Burnt Hosta – Sadly, a common sight–gardens everywhere are singed beyond rescue.


Good night! (looking west from our front steps)

After several days with temperatures in the triple digits (F), today we had a respite with the day beginning at about 95°F but then plummeting down to about 80°F with a lovely breeze. To say it was a welcome relief would be a huge understatement.  Though people can seek out air conditioning, there’s been no break for our poor gardens. It gets to a point where even diligent watering won’t save them. Hoping that the ones that have suffered badly will ‘resurrect’ since summer is barely underway.



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  1. on May 18th, 2013 at 12:49 am

    […] closer—and it will continue well beyond that, too. I find it fascinating to watch and enjoy and snap shots of all this activity. I’m probably really going to miss it for the six weeks I am in Canada this summer…hope to see […]

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