Haliburton Highlands Happenings This Week – Highlands Weather Mar. 30 – Apr. 5 #haliburtonhighlands

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Miner's Bay Melt, Minden Ontario - March 25, 2012 'Exactly 88 days after it froze, Gull Lake is now ice-free, open water. ' Posted by: Larry Epp // March 27, 2012 CREDIT: theweathernetwork.com


OfΒ  the many cool things that are happening this week in Haliburton Highlands, there is something that is happening the world over– Earth Hour on March 31 from 8:30 – 9:30 p.m. Eastern. Earth Hour is a global event with a billion people participating in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and support solutions on climate change. During this hour the citizens of our beleaguered planet Earth are asked to switch off all electric equipment including lights. Please scroll down to read more about it and please consider participating.

Haliburton Highlands Weekend and Long Term Weather March 30 – April 5, 2012:

Haliburton Highlands Weekend Weather


Haliburton Highlands Long Term Weather March 31 - April 5

In re: this week’s Haliburton Highland’s weather:Β  April showers bring May flowers!


Update! HALIBURTON HIGHLANDS – March 23-29 Weekend & Long Term Weather – What’s Happening! – Ontario Spring PHOTOS #haliburtonhighlands

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Queen St., Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Canada - March 23, 2012 (Credit: theweathernetwork.com)

Happy Friday!

I’ve managed to snag some lovely webcam snaps from throughout southern Ontario today. I’m delighted to say the the quality of the webcam shots available has increased quite a bit of late (Thank you, theweathernetwork.com). Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for this week’s weather though some folks might greet it with relief that it is a return, with just an exception or two, to seasonal temperatures (precipitation looks normal as well). Be sure to check out ‘What’s Happening in the Haliburton Highlands This Week!’ courtesy of Haliburton Tourism by scrolling below. Just click on the thumbnails to read all about it!


March 23 - March 24 Haliburton Highlands Weather


Haliburton Highlands Long-term Weather Forecast March 24 - 29


Haliburton Ontario, Canada (PHOTO) - March 23 2012 (Credit: theweathernetwork.com)



HALIBURTON HIGHLANDS – What’s Happening March 16 – 21! Weekend & Long Term Weather – Ontario PHOTOS #haliburtonhighlands

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Haliburton March 16, 2012

Though in skimming through the webcam shots that I snapped earlier today (Friday) one can see some snow cover, if you look closely you can see that it is quickly disappearing (compare to last week). For all intents, it is spring in the Haliburton Highlands which should make the question of what to expect when we get into ‘true’ spring really interesting, never mind pondering what will be in store for summer 2012 in the Haliburton Highlands! Regardless of what’s coming weather-wise I am truly looking forward to my time spent in the Highlands. Hope to see YOU there!

CLICK through the slideshow to read about What’s Happening in the Haliburton Highlands this weekend through next weekend, plus lots more gorgeous Ontario scenes!


HALIBURTON HIGHLANDS – Weekend & Long Term Weather – Beautiful Ontario PHOTOS – What’s Happening in the Highlands in March! #haliburtonhighlands

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Ice melt - Gilmore, Ontario - March 9, 2012 (via theweathernetwork.com)

Haliburton Highlands Detailed Saturday March 10 2012 Weather Report


CLICK through the slideshow to read about What’s Happening in the Haliburton Highlands this weekend through next weekend, plus lots more gorgeous early Friday morning shots of Ontario snow spots and lake areas!

Reach Harbour, Lakefield early morning March 9 2012


Haliburton Highlands Long Term Weather Forecast March 11 thru March 16, 2012

Haliburton Highlands’ long term weather for Sunday March 11 through Friday March 16 is an interesting, though ultimately sloppy, mix of near normal temperatures and mid-springlike highs for this time of year. Be sure to click on the weathercast two times to make it full-size and easier to read. Get more weather details at SOURCE: theweathernetwork.com.


HALIBURTON HIGHLANDS Weekend SNOW Report – Long Term Weather – Beautiful Ontario PHOTOS #haliburtonhighlands #snowreport

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Blue Mtn.- Collingwood, ONT CA (March 2, 2012)

If you are looking just for the current ski conditions for the Haliburton Highlands, please scroll down and click the slideshow thumbnails to enlarge them and read all about the great snow conditions on the trails and slopes in the Haliburton Highlands this weekend, March 2 -4, 2012!

ABOVE: WEEKEND SNOW REPORT for The Haliburton Highlands – Webcam Shots of Ontario SkiΒ  and Lake Areas taken today, March 2, 2012 (CLICK on photo to enlarge to full size):

Just a quick word about the weather. Even in a typical Ontario winter-to-spring weather transition things can get messy. This year, after an unusually warm winter, the change is still happening–high winds, 3 and four kinds of precipitation simultaneously; it seems even more extreme perhaps because of the mildness we’ve had over the past months. So here’s the latest WEATHER warning–updated this Friday, March 2, 2012, afternoon. Stay safe!



Haliburton Highlands Weather conditions March 2 thru March 3 (Saturday evening)


Highlands Nordic Ski conditions for March 2- 4 (SCROLL DOWN)


LONG TERM Weather Haliburton Highlands March 3 thru March 8 2012.

As you can see, the Haliburton Highlands weather in the upcoming week is a roller coaster ride of temperatures that range fromΒ a bone-chilling high of 12F degrees on Monday to almost-balmy high of 48F degrees on Wednesday.Β  In two words: expected anything (and be prepared!)


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