My Guys at Maple Lake Ontario Canada PHOTOS (07. 27. 2011) #haliburtonhighlands #photos

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The winter gave the stone shore wall a good bashing

My spouse and son are at Maple Lake–without me (!) ( It is a bit of a long story involving too much ‘stuff’ including the dogs,and work being switched up for both my spouse and me this year).

Anyway, the guys made the long trek in great time!– 12 hours or less and they went easy on account of taking the old Malibu. They sent these shots and as you can see it Maple Lake, Ontario, CANADA looks awesome!

Personal note:  However, I would love to put siding on the rest of the cottage! Will be happy to do it but need Dad to supply the material! (We’ll see if he reads this.)

We have special folks/lifelong friends coming up for my mother’s remembrance service at the end of August. Roger and I could get the siding done the week prior.


Click to enlarge the pics!

Maple Lake Ontario - beachfront July 27, 2011 That tall fellow is my son.

How the cottage looked on Day 1 ( July 25, 2011)

Spouse in fornt of our cottage, looking darn good for an 'old guy' LOL :kisses:


Weather Forecast & PHOTOS – Beautiful Southern Ontario CA 7.22.11 Haliburton Highlands #haliburtonhighlands Bug Report

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Chapleau River, Ontario, Canada - 7.22.11 (evening)



Reach Harbour, Lakefield, Ontario, Canada 7.22.11, Dorset, Ontario, Canada 7.22.11, Toronto Islands, Ontario, Chapleau River  – 7.22.11  PHOTOS:

Forecast & PHOTOS – Beautiful Southern Ontario CA 7.22.11 Haliburton Highlands Bug Report:


Haliburton Highlands: What’s Happening This Week! July 13 – 20, 2011 #haliburtonhighlands #entertainment

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Hey Everyone!

Long time between posts, I know. Hopefully, the jam-packed menu of Haliburton Highlands good times coming up in the next couple of weeks will make up for it.
I’m going to highlight a few favourites, then follow with all the information you need on the rest of the activities (and there are many!!)

Minden Hills Bluegrass Festival

Want to hear some of the finest bluegrass music anywhere? This may sound a bit naive but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard Canadian Bluegrass music–so if it were possible for me to warp speed myself out of the American Midwest to Minden Hills, Ontario I’d see you there. This event, which takes place over two days, July 16-17 is a must see.

Living History Days - Day with a Black Smith

Living History Days! Again, this sounds fascinating because I’ve not ever encountered a ‘black smith’ shop. And costumed characters seal the deal for me!

9th Annual Stanhope Heritage Day

In it’s 9th year, Stanhope Heritage Day is teeming with some of my favourite activities like a BBQ lunch and the Stanhope Museum‘s famous ‘Citron Marmalade.’ But there’s much more than food being offered. there is music all day and uniquely skilled local residents demonstrating and in some cases inviting you to try rush weaving, tatting, carving, bookbinding, tinsmithing and much more!

Where Are the Whip-poor-Wills?

On a more informative and serious note is this informative presentation about the decline of the Whip-poor-will population by a staggering 50% in the last several decades. When an iconic species such as this is disappearing at this rate it is time to get informed and hopefully, join together to discuss possible solutions.

Highlands Summer Festival Presents - 'Looking'

I’m just realizing that there are over 20 separate events, some taking place over days or months to browse through. I’m ‘thumbnailing’ them all here–just  click to enlarge them and read all about them. I’m ever-impressed by the creativity, strong love and commitment to community and commitment to the arts, be they culinary, artsy-crafty, or fine arts like the play ‘Looking,’ by Norm Foster (see above).

I strongly encourage you to indulge yourself. There is so much to relish in the Haliburton Highlands!

After the jump: The entire list! What’s Happening This Week! July 13 – 20, 2011–AND BEYOND



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