Happy Canada Day!!! Where to Have Fun in Haliburton Highlands #haliburtonhighlands

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I Love Canada!!!!


Happy Canada Day!

Credit and thanks to the Haliburton Highlands Visitors Centre!!


I was born in Canada and despite moving to the United States as a kid, I will always be a Canadian (have the passport  to prove it). Part of the reason, probably a big part, is that I was raised by Canadians. My mother especially, was pretty hardcore Canadian. I’ll offer an example. I’d come home from elementary school after being taught American History. Mother would always remind me that there were two sides to the ‘history’ I was learning and I was being taught the ‘wrong’ side! Example phrasing: “It’s all lies.” A bit confusing, pretty much a guarantee that I wouldn’t exactly excel  in my history classes but her intent was pure–to help me stay true to my Canadian roots. I have to state that 1. It worked and two, in a slightly less adamant way (having struggled with American History, I wanted them to at least pass it!) I told both my kids the same thing– to at least to remember you should make up your own mind about what is true and what is not.

Second thing that kept me true to Canada was Maple Lake, Ontario. Spending  years, over time, on Maple Lake immersed in cottage country beauty, I knew that a little piece of heaven exsisted north of the border–one that I continue to savour to this day and plan to savour to my last.

Happy Canada Day!

Free clip Art


Haliburton Sculpture Forest Free Guided Tours July & August in the Haliburton Highlands #haliburtonsculptureforest

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“Kennisis” by Bill Lishman

Free Guided Tours through the Amazing Haliburton Sculpture Forest:

My family trekked through the Haliburton Sculpture Forest and it truly was the most beautiful setting for public art that I’ve ever seen. Surrounded by the gorgeousness of the Haliburton Highlands, strolling through you soak in the unique beauty of the outdoor collection of sculptures by Canadian and international artists. Because all the sculpture is situated outdoors just off the trails in the Sculpture Forest, you experience changing perspectives of the forest and the sculptures in each of the seasons. Visit often and enjoy a unique experience each time.

Also, depending on your preference, you can walking and bike ride in the spring, summer and fall and ski during the winter!

Get more info about the delightful permanent public art installation in the Haliburton Sculpture Forest (CLICK!).

Haliburton Highlands This July and August the Haliburton Sculpture Forest will be offering free guided tours! The tours will take place every Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m. Meet at the trail kiosk in the Fleming College parking lot.

Haliburton Sculpture Forest Map


Haliburton Highlands – Southern Ontario Weekend & Long-Term Weather (6.18 – 6.24) & Bug Report [PHOTOS]

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Kincardine Harbour, Ontario, Canada 6.18.11

I’m short on sleep and time but I wanted to mention that this weekend in the Haliburton Highlands looks perfect! You’ve got mild temperatures on both Saturday and Sunday. There’s no precipitation in the forecast and night time tempertures are perfect for sleeping. Enjoy the webcam photos I took just now–proof positive that it is well worth going outside to play!
Make it a great one!

Haliburton Highlands Weekend Weather 6.18 -19, 2011

Haliburton Highlands Long Term Weather June 19- 24, 2011

Haliburton Highlands Bug Report June 18 - 23



Couple Make Out in Street During Riot in Vancouver (6.16.11) [PHOTOS] #vancouver #canucks #riot

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Canucks lost, street’s afire, let’s make out:

Streets afire, Canucks lost, let's make out...

‘Best photo from last night’s riot in Vancouver.’

(Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)

Via and thanks to: Eject

Life magazine photo of sailor and nurse celebrating V-J Day in the streets of New York.

All time best ‘erotic’ photo taken in the midst of chaotic celebration of a big event:

World War II sailor Carl Muscarello and nurse Edith Shain  kiss on a New York City street on V-J Day, a joyful moment captured by Life magazine photojournalist Alfred Eisenstaedt.


Haliburton Highlands – Southern Ontario Weekend & Long-Term Weather (6.11 – 6.17) & Bug Report [PHOTOS]

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Niagara Falls, Ontario - 6.10.11

Welcome to the  second weekend of June, 2011. It is amazing how quickly time is passing by as we move into the summer months. The very active weather has been a distinct reminder that we are not quite into summertime yet, rather as we transition we  are getting, as Ontario knows only too well, some very strong reminders of when warm fronts meet cold.

So what kind of weather is in store for this week? In a word I’d say ‘calm.’  Though not exactly beach weather, for most of the week temperatures should be about 20-21°C with almost no precipitation at all. A bit of a break to give everything (and one) time to dry out.

Haliburton Highlands Weekend Weather June 10 - 11

If you happen to look up into the sky right now you’ll notice variable clouds. The temperature is chilly at 52°F. The 24-hour precipitation outlook is for 0.8 inches from Friday overnight through Saturday overnight.

Saturday morning should be mainly cloudy with temperatures rising to 55°F, though by Saturday afternoon rain moves in with a high of 61°F. Saturday evening you should expect scattered showers and a high of 57°F. Overnight on Saturday look for cloudiness with clear breaks and a temperature of 50°F.

Haliburton Highlands Long-Term Forecast

Sunday’s forecast calls for variable cloudiness with a high temperature of 61°F, and a low of 50°F overnight. There is no rain in the forecast.

Monday will be sunny with a high of 64°F and an overnight low of 48°F. There is again, no rain in the forecast.

Tuesday will be sunny with a very pleasant high of 72°F. Nighttime temperatures fall to 50°F and there is no rain in the forecast.

Wednesday, expect cloudy periods, a high temperature of 73°F and a low overnight of 54°F. You should not expect rain.

The forecast for Thursday is for sunny skies, a high temperature of 66°F and a warm-ish temperature overnight of 59°F.

The week closes out on Friday with isolated showers, a high of 68°F and a low overnight of 57°F. There may be up to 0.1 inches of precipitation accumulation on Friday.

So, What About the Bugs?:

Haliburton Highlands Bug Report through June 15

The bugs in cottage country right now are as we say, ‘thick.” What that means specifically is that the Black Flies will eat you up and the the Deer Flies will finish what’s left–UNLESS you wear long sleeved shirts, full-length pants and douse yourself in DEET. To state the obvious, the heavy rains have not helped the bug situation.

So all-in-all a good week for hiking, camping, biking, boating–whatever your pleasure. Just dress accordingly and you’ll have a grand time.

Kawagama Lake, Dorset


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