Weekend & Long-Term Weather & Bug Report Haliburton Highlands – Southern Ontario (PHOTOS) 5.28.11

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Kincardine Harbour Boats, ONT, CA - May 28.11

The weather for the final weekend of May 2011 in southeastern Ontario is starting off wet–but will it stay that way?:


Weekend Weather Haliburton Highlands 5.28 - 5.29

Judging from the photos it itsrainy in many area of southern Ontario Saturday, early afternoon. By Saturday evening however it should become mainly cloudy. There is expected to be 0.1 inch of rain from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. The high temperature Saturday will be 64°F and the overnight low, 55°F.

Haliburton Highlands Long Term Weather

Sunday, look for a cloudy day with showers. The high temperature is expected to be 66°F and the overnight low 55°F.  There may be up to 0.1 inch of rain accumulation.

Monday, expect variable clouds, a pleasant high of 75°F and a repeat of Monday’s overnight low of 55°F.  Again, there may be up to 0.1 inch of rain accumulation.

Tuesday, there’ll be a chance of  thundershowers with the high temperature soaring to 81°F, though it should feel like 95°F(!) The overnight low will be 63°F and there is again a chance of up to 0.1 inch of rain accumulation.

Wednesday will be sunny. The high will be a comfortable 73°F and the low overnight, 57°F. There is no rain in the forecast.

Thursday, June 2, expect variable cloudiness and a high of 63°F. The overnight low will drop to 50°F. There is no precipitation in the forecast.

Friday will be a sunny day with a mild temperature of 64°F.  The low overnight will be a chilly 48°F and there is no rain in the forecast.

Have a great week!



My Parents: Maple Lake 1957 – Remember when I said I’d be using this as my personal blog for a while?

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My parents at Maple Lake in 1957 in front of the third cottage, photo probably taken by my grandmother, Alice:

Mom and Dad - Maple Lake 1957

(Notice that my mother has a camera in her hand?)

Remember when I said I’d be using this for a personal blog for a while? And I hadn’t, yet, really?

That time is now.

My mom died on January 12 of this year. We will celebrate Margaret Victoria Adeline Dereham — ‘Peggy’ McCrackan at Maple Lake on Sunday, August 28, 2011. It is the weekend before, not of Labour Day (9.5) so hopefully, it will be sort of quiet on the Lake. The more recent times that I’ve been up that week it is usually quiet–then all hell breaks loose on the official ‘last day of summer.’ It like the U.S. in miniature at that time of the year. Consequently, most Labour Days of the future I plan to be on the U.S. side of the border at home. Who needs the traffic on an ‘iffy’ weather weekend, anyway?*

*Good Lake weather for me is determined by one question: ‘Is it nice enough to swim in the Lake?’

This event should be quite simple and quite lovely. I know there were a ton of people who loved my Mom however when you live to age 83, sadly, the still-living ones constitute a considerably smaller number. Those folks will most likely hear from my Dad however, if you wish to find out more about August 28 at the McCrackan place on Maple Lake please feel free to email me maplelakeontario@gmail.com. If it involves attending, I’ll check with my Dad and get back to you.

My mother, Margaret Victoria Adeline Dereham was quite close to her maternal aunt, Sara Stinson, a Canadian chiropractor–along with  my grandmother, Inez  Dereham (both neé Sheardown) who was also a chiro, both educated in Michigan–graduating in the same class. Isn’t that neat?

Here they are with my mom, who is age 11 in this photo.

(l to r) Inez Dereham, Mom, Sara Stinson

Mom was just 12 years-old when her mother died. Eight year’s previous her father died, too

Her beloved Aunt Sara only lived until ‘Peggy’ was 14–then my Mom was on her own, though for a time she stayed with her best friend, also name Peggy (Many years later, she became my godmother).

Finally, I have no idea how a typical Ontarian family functions nor do I know how a typical American family does. However, since age six I’ve been a resident alien here in the U.S. consequently it’s been impossible for American culture to not rub off on me despite been raised by a couple of Canucks. Long story short, even without the American upbringing I’m probably a little different than from some folks might expect or wish and I’m afraid at this point it is too late to apologize for that–even if I were so inclined.

If I offend anyone it is almost never on purpose, however somehow I’ve managed to do so with I don’t know how many of my relatives. But this event is not about me or them. It is about my mother and it is for those who cared for her–that simple.



(Cynthia McCrackan)




May 24 Weekend & Long-Term Weather & Bug Report Haliburton Highlands – Southern Ontario (PHOTOS) 5.20.11

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Limerick Lake, Gilmour, ONT, CA May 20, 2011

Welcome to the May 24 weekend, the first EDIT/statutory Canadian ‘summer’ holiday except in the eastern maritime provinces of Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island or in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Hopefully, if you are headed to cottage country in southeastern Ontario, you left early on Friday (missed all the bad traffic) and are now there anticipating a lovely Saturday.

The weekend weather looks like this:

Haliburton Highlands Weekend Weather May 21-22

Look for some isolated showers Friday evening with cloudy periods overnight Friday. The low temperature will be a pleasant 54°F.

Saturday morning looks great with the forecast calling for ‘sunny’ weather and 57°F to begin the day. By Saturday afternoon “variable cloudiness” becomes part of the picture with Saturday evening becoming cloudy with sunny breaks. The high temperature for Saturday will reach 75°F and the overnight low, 54°F.  There is forecast 0.1 inches of rain in this 24-hour period.

Haliburton Highlands Long Term Weather May 21 -through May 27

Sunday, May 22, calls for showers and the accompanying clouds. The high should be a comfortable 68°F, the low overnight also a comfortable 55°F; expect 0.1 inches of rain in this 24-hour period.

Monday the 23rd of May, formerly known as ‘Victoria Day,’ there will be a chance of thundershowers. The high will be 68°F and the overnight low 57°F with a chance of up to 0.7 inches of precipitation accumulation.

Tuesday, May 24 brings variable clouds, a high temperature of of 64°F and a low overnight of 52°F. There could be up to 0.3 inches of precipitation accumulation.

Wednesday, May 25 expect light rain, a high of 63°F and a low overnight of 48°F. Like the previous day, there could be up to 0.3 inches of precipitation accumulation.

Thursday May 26, scattered showers are predicted with the high reaching 61°F and an overnight low of 50°F. There may be 0.4 inches-plus of precipitation accumulation.

Have a great holiday weekend!


Bug reoprt May 2011


Maple Lake Ontario: Photographs and New Found Memories 1985 & 1994 #PHOTOS #haliburtonhighlands #1985

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Found photo: Summer 1985 - "jimmy & his mom' Going through recently the thousands of photographs that my mom had amassed, I came across this one, taken by my mom.


Hm, I thought, I’d not ever laid eyes on it or any of it’s companions. Of course Mom took it back in the days of film development vs. downloading and she often wouldn’t get a full 36 photos taken and developed until (as in this case) after vacation, maybe months later.

I remember this day, though. After dinner, with the sun about to begin disappearing, it was time for the little guy to get cleaned up for bedtime. Back then we had no proper shower or tub, so one would take a bar of Ivory soap and scrub up in the Lake. (Now of course, that is an explicit no-no. Not a problem as we’ve long had a shower and pretty cushy sink and vanity, thanks to my Mom and Dad).

Anyway, in this situation, it was not warm out so I got the little guy cleaned up as quickly as I could. He was extremely good–never kicked up a fuss and as you can see, was glad when it was over. This little guy, who ultimately grew up with no Dad, was the perfect kid. Bar none. Ask anyone who knew him then. A perfect child because, I think, he felt he needed to be.

…at least until his step-dad and then, little brother came along.. 😉

Maple Lake -Summer '94(?) - Jim (11) and Chris (2) w/ Roger in distant background -'Brothers.' I don't think we ever thought of these guys as 'half' anything. Just brothers. 'This was about as good as it got. And this was pretty darn good. One more 'found shot'. I have a bunch from this set as I took them but they have not yet been scanned 'cept for this one..


One more Maple Lake photo from ’85:

A chillier point in being 2 y.o., getting washed up on a not-warm evening on Maple Lake, Ontario in 1985. ( I am so glad I did not yet have big hair!)

I was a  25 y.o divorced mom. ‘Jimmy’ was born in 1983 when I was 23. I think I was a pretty good mom (grown-up Jim has said so–without prodding or bribing!)–certainly right in there, sometimes overprotective, but that’s pretty typical with one’s 1st child, never mind one with a dad 100% out of the picture. Plus, I’m ‘ya know, fierce as a mom (and if need be, rarely, other times).


Weekend & Long-Term Weather & Bug Report Haliburton Highlands – Southern Ontario (PHOTOS) 5.13.11

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Indian River, Port Carling, ONT, CA - 5.13.11

If you are like many folks in Ontario who get away from home to cottage country on the weekends (and beyond), you may not be waiting for May 24 to begin hauling up your boats to the many lakes and rivers in southeastern Ontario.

The summer season in Ontario though quite beautiful (amazing, breathtaking–take your pick of adjectives) is also quite short. So then, water enthusiasts whether they use watercraft or partake in the myriad other ways of soaking up the ambiance of cottage country, are quite ready to make the short journey there even if the weekend forecast looks like this weekend’s:

Haliburton Highlands weekend weather May 13-14

Not that we should ‘expect’ balmy, rain-free days so early in the season but one can’t help but hope that at least one day of the weather shall be nice for recreational activities outdoors. Probably not happening this week as the rest of the week for the most part, is not looking super-duper, either.

I can see from the webcam shots that I just took that it is probably no exaggeration that in the next 24 hours you can expect upwards of an inch of rainfall. Fortunately, the temperature will remain mild overnight  Friday at a low of 57°F.

You’ll wake up on Saturday to light rain with the temperature remaining steady at 57°F, before dropping to 54°F Saturday evening with more light rain and a low of 50°F.

Haliburton Highlands Long Term Weather 5.14-5.19

Sunday, as promised, will be cloudy with showers and a high of just 54°F.  The low overnight will be 43°F and the rain accumulation will be 0.1 inch.

Monday, expect light rain and a chilly high of 48°F. The nighttime low will be 39° and the rain accumulation will again be 0.1 inch.

Tuesday, expect isolated showers, a high of 57 °F and an overnight low–again– of 39°. The rain accumulation will again be 0.1 inch.

Wednesday expect (what else?) light rain with high temperatures reaching 61° and overnight lows about 45°F.  There may be a half-inch or more rain accumulation.

Thursday, May 19, brings more scattered showers, a high of 61°F and an overnight low of 46°F.  The rain accumulation will again be 0.1 inch.

EDIT/ Also, there are the bugs:

Bug report




Have a week full of happy trails!



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