Happy Halloween Haliburton County! – Fun Things to Do Tonight! #Haliburton #Halloween

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Happy Halloween From Our House of Horrors to Yours!

Carnival Halloween night 10.31.10 until 9 p.m.


Weekend Weather Long Term Forecast – Haliburton Highlands 10.29 –11.05.10 – NEW Southern Ontario Webcam Shots 10.29.10

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From Haliburton Highlands – Southern Ontario Webcam Shots 10.29.10

I found many very pretty Ontario webcam shots today of locations that are new to me on the  webcam at the Weather Network online. I was really surprised at how beautiful Gilmour is because this is the 1st time I’m ever seeing it–and there’s 3 shots–nicely done, too! But still no functional webcams for Haliburton. <sigh> not that I’m all that excited about the too distant/wasted space shot that was up there for so long—but anythings better than nothing. I do not want an picture of half-nothing again though. The whole left side of the former Haliburton webcam shot was of a uniform mass of evergreens–not too visually exciting.

I really wish a webcam /photo/ techie-type Ontario winter outdoor beauty-enthusiast would ask the Moose to take up a collection for the city of Haliburton to have a decent webcam shot of (maybe 2?) locations in the area  for display year-’round. It’d be a good thing for folks that are interested in a view of the area and certainly wouldn’t hurt tourism, right? Southern & So. Central Ontario is a hugely picturesque area.

From Haliburton Highlands – Southern Ontario Webcam Shots 10.29.10
Calm and cool in southern Ontario

This week’s howling winds are thanks to the weather bomb that has been spinning over the central part of the country since early this week.

…”Although the system has loosened its grip on the province, temperatures have cooled down significantly.

…Earlier this week, temperatures were sitting around 20°C, but as the winds changed from westerly to northwesterly, it helped to cool temperatures quite a bit,” says Michelle Cassar, a meteorologist here at The Weather Network. “Now a weak disturbance is moving into southern Ontario on Saturday and could bring some showery conditions. And while Hallowe’en Sunday will be dry, it will certainly be cool,” says Cassar.

Temperatures will remain in the single digits, so be sure to dress for the weather…

The system began to move into Ontario on Tuesday, bringing a mix of conditions to different areas. Environment Canada issued a tornado watch for Windsor, Essex and Chatham-Kent around the noon hour. No twisters developed, but the gusty winds were strong enough push a transport truck over in Chatham Tuesday afternoon. In northern Ontario, a gust of 113 km/h was recorded in Welcome Island, not far from Thunder Bay. About 10,000 Thunder Bay Hydro customers were without power for at least part of Tuesday.”

So. Ontario Halloween Weather - "Peak wind gusts reached in Ontario Thursday"


Gorgeous Southern Ontario Canada Sunsets 10.28.10

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Gorgeous Southern Ontario Canada Sunsets


Ah, I’m a sucker for a sunset. I have a particular soft spot for sunsets over the water–doesn’t matter if said water is a lake, river, the ocean. Water seems to amplify the already beautiful setting of the sun. I just now grabbed these webcam shots. As always, the Chapleau River shot is awesome–every single day throughout the year. They have a good webcam, that’s for sure, but a vista such as this is simply beautiful all the time. Another favourite of mine is Reach Harbour in Lakefield, Ontario. They too have a really sharp web camera (sense a pattern starting to form?) so the shot is always stunning. The positioning of the webcams in both places is on the money, too. All I do is click over to them at the right time and voila! Be sure that you click on the photos to enlarge them and get the full effect of  not only Reach Harbour and the Chapleau River but  the 3 other pretty Southern Ontario sunsets I’ve included.


Weekend Weather Long Term Forecast Haliburton Highlands 10.22–10.28.10 – NEW Southern Ontario Webcam Shots

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Silver Lake Cottage Resort 10.22.10

Oct 23 & 24 2010 Haliburton Highlands Short Term Weather Forecast

A belated welcome to your weekend. Apologies that activities both enjoyable (a trip to the pumpkin patch) and those not-so-much ( disconnection of Internet for three days–waiting on new install–using my Blackberry as a modem!) have resulted in a slight delay.


Overall, the weather in Southern Ontario this week looks pretty damp. Let’s look at some details:

Tonight, Saturday, expect the weather to be cloudy with showers with a temperature of 45°F. Overnight, light rain continues with a low temperature of 43°F. There should be 0.6 inches of rain in the period between Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

The light rain continues on Sunday morning with a temperature of 43°F climbing to 54°F, as the rain continues into Sunday afternoon.

By Sunday evening and overnight there will be a mix of variable cloudiness, scattered showers, and a low temperature of 52°F.

Haliburton Highlands Long Term Weather Forecast Oct 25 - 30 2010

The light rain continues on Monday with warmer temperatures. The high on Monday will be 59°F and the overnight low 50°F.  Up to 0.3 inches of rain may accumulate.

Tuesday’s forecast is a familiar one: cloudy with showers. The temperatures climb a bit more–to 63°F so all in all, not too bad. Temperatures overnight will reach a low of 54°F. There may be up to 0.6 inches of accumulated precipitation.

Wednesday, expect light rain with a high temperature of 59°F. The low overnight will be 46°F and there could be up to 0.3 inches of rain accumulation.

Thursday again calls for light rain. Temperatures begin to drop with a daytime high of only 48°F, an overnight low of 43°F, and up to 0.3 inches ran accumulation.

Friday, October 29 calls for rain with showers and a high of 46°F. The overnight low will be 37°F and there may be a trace of rain.

Saturday will bring a bit of sun mixed with scattered showers. The daytime high will be a brisk 45°F, the overnight low will be 34°F and there is 0.4-plus inches of rain forecasted.

Maybe it’s a good week to finish putting away your early fall clothes and make sure you’ve got your early, early winter stuff at the ready?

Have a great week!


Haliburton Highlands – Maple Lake Ontario – Fall 1969: Don’t Peel The Birch Bark!

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Maple Lake "Back Field" 1969

Where were you in the fall of 1969? Just a couple of months past ” the summer of love”, at Maple Lake in the Haliburton Highlands pictorial evidence suggests that “everything  (was) beautiful.”

As I’ve talked about before, my mom was not the best photographer in the world (nor am I) but she often had her camera at the really and I’m so very thankful to her that she did. Again Mom, sorry I complained so much about having to stop playing for a few minutes so you could snap a shot that I now realize preserved moments that are ever-increasingly from long ago. I’m so glad that we can savour these photos in the here and now.

I am one of nine first cousins that spent our summers when growing up living on Maple Lake.  However in the mid-1960’s my father’s work compelled us to move to the eastern United States, 500 miles from our former home in Toronto. In the early years we traveled home many times a year– summertime of course, but Easter, Canadian Thanksgiving, and Christmas, too.

The photo here  is of 7 of 9  of the cousins in what was called the “back field.” What is striking to me now is just how few birch trees remain. I don’t know if they simply aged or if a blight took them or a combination or neither. I love the pretty white birches but I’ll never forget my grandfather admonishing us to never peel bark from their trunks. Funny thing is I don’t recall anyone EVER doing so that we’d need to be warned but to this day my thought process goes like this: Oh, pretty birches –>image of my grandfather –> don’t peel the bark off them!


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