Weekend & Long Term Weather Forecast Haliburton Highlands 9.25 -10.1.10 – Southern Ontario Webcam Shots 9.24.10

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Don’t forget to click on the photos. Several have some pretty fall foliage to enjoy.

Hey folks!

Welcome to the last weekend of September!

In looking at the current temperature at Maple Lake/the Haliburton area, I can see you’ve had a rather mild overnight. Now to find what weather you can expect over the weekend of September 25 and 26, 2010 and the week to come.

Weekend Weather Haliburton Highlands - September 25. 2010

Expect to awaken to light rain Saturday morning with rain continuing through the afternoon (sorry). Temperatures shall struggle up to about 52°F for a high on Saturday. By Saturday evening expect showers with cloudy skies and a temperature of 46°F. Rain continues overnight on Saturday with the temperature holding steady at 46°F. Precipitation accumulation should be in the neighbourhood of about a half inch.

Weekend Weather and Long Term Weather Forecast Haliburton Highlands September 26. 2010

Sunday should be a slight improvement on Saturday though it will only be about 54°F. Expect variable cloudiness, especially in the afternoon.There is no rain in the forecast for Sunday and the low overnight will be a nippy, though fairly normal, 41°F.

Monday will bring isolated showers but a more moderate high temperature of 61°F. The low overnight will mirror Sunday at 41°F and the total rain accumulation should be about 0.3 inches.

Tuesday will also bring isolated showers but the moderate high temperature of 61°F repeats, which is nice. The low overnight will be 48°F and the total rain accumulation should be about 0.1 inches.

Wednesday looks to  have cloudy periods and a high of 63°F. The low overnight will be 46°F and there could be a trace of precipitation.

September closes out on Thursday the 30th with cloudiness and showers, a high of 61°F, a low overnight of 52°F and possibly 0.1 inches of precipitation accumulation.

October commences with isolated showers, a high of 55°F, an overnight low temperature of 45°F and 0.1 inches of precipitation accumulation.

In a word it is going to be a soggy (but not soaked) week. Make it a good one!


Hike Haliburton Festival September 24, 25 & 26 2010 – NOTE: NEW Date! All Hikes Guided & #FREE!

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Photo :Janet Gosselin - North Bay, Ontario Canada

One of the things to treasure most about the Haliburton Highlands is the abundance of natural beauty year-round. Until recently I’d stuck pretty close to our place on Maple Lake with the occasional trek to Haliburton or Minden, great places both but hardly off the beaten path. Enter Hike Haliburton and the plethora of hiking opportunities for all ages and even a doggy hike! There is so much going on you’d best just click over and read all about it and/or click here:

View the “Hike Haliburton” Event Map (841Kb)

These are FREE community-sponsored events which I urge you to partake of. I’m seriously considering altering my vacation plans next summer to including a third-week-in-September visit so we can enjoy the changing foliage and brisk, refreshing fall air.

Don’t forget to Preregister for Hikes. Enjoy!

Hike Haliburton: September 24. 25. & 26. 2010
All hikes are guided and FREE.
(Donations are appreciated.)

Email or call in your registration for your preferred hike to 1-800-461-7677; 705-286-1777.

Join us for a Pre-registration Event
Friday, September 24, 2010
Time: 4:00pm – 9:00pm
Haliburton Highlands Tourism Office
12340 Hwy 35, Minden

Pick up a detailed brochure, find out more about hikes, enjoy refreshments and meet other hikers!
Thursday, September 23 2010
(Pre Hike Haliburton Events!)

Healthy Active Communities Forum

Special Guest Speaker: Gil Penalosa; Executive Director, 8-80 Cities

Internationally renowned liveable city advisor and social marketing strategist, Gil Penalosa is passionate about vibrant and healthy communities. As the Executive Director of Canadian non-profit organization 8-80 Cities and former Commissioner of Parks, Sports and Recreation in Bogota, Columbia, Gil promotes walking and cycling, as well as the creation and use of parks and trails, in hopes to improve the quality of life for all residents.A speaker in high demand, Gil has presented at over 150 workshops and seminars in North America and has been keynote speaker and provided consultation throughout the Americas, Europe and new Zealand.

All Community Forum participants are welcome to meet Gil and members of the Communities in Action Committee at the Town Docks in Minden for a stroll along the Riverwalk prior to the forum.

Presented by Communities in Action Committee
**Refreshments will be served**
Hosts: Communities in Action Committee
Leader: Gil Penalosa
Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Location: Minden Hills Community Centre.


#Haliburton Highlands Weekend & Long Range #Weather Forecast 9.19 – 9.25 #Photos Southern #Ontario

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In two words it’s going to be a “mixed bag”  in the weather department this week. Summer ends this week –on September 22–but unofficially, when you have some of the “flirting with freezing” kind of night time low temperatures you may as well keep the big fuzzy socks at the ready. At least, I do.

It’s a very beautiful time of the year—it’s just different than summertime–and there’s a season for everyone to enjoy so I’m sure there’s plenty of folks waiting for it to get a bit colder and then enjoy the near-inevitable great snow season.

Here is what today looks like mid-late Sunday afternoon:


The forecast:

Sept 19. 2010

Abundant sun makes almost any day a good weather day, IMO. with temperatures dropping to 41°F overnight obviously we are flirting with a freeze. My spouse would like to mention again that he is really hoping that the day lilies he put in near our cottage last week “took.”

What the upcoming week look like?

Haliburton Highlands Weather 9.20 - 9.25

First off, expect a near-repeat of Sunday’s weather on Monday meaning it will be SUNNY, there is no rain in the 24-hour forecast, the high temperature will be 61°F and the low overnight will be 39°F.

Tuesday, expect afternoon isolated showers with a high of 72°. The low overnight will be 39°F and the total precipitation accumulation will be 0.3 inches.

Wednesday will be mainly sunny with a comfortable high of 68°F. The overnight low will be 50°F and there is no precipitation in the forecast.

Thursday, expect isolated showers, a high of 57° and an overnight low of 48°F. Precipitation accumulation should be about 0.4 inches, total.

Friday expect a rainy day. The high will inch up to 63°F, the low overnight will be 48°F and there could be more than 0.4 inches of total precipitation accumulation.

For next Saturday, September 25, variable cloudiness is called for with a high only of 54°F, the low overnight will be about 45°F and there may be a trace of precipitation accumulation.

Make it a great week!


Maple Lake Ontario – 9.10.2010 – Closing Up The Cottage

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Apologies for neither posting the weather forecast nor dropping a note that I wouldn’t beforehand. I went to Maple Lake, Ontario over a 5-day period and got really behind on posting to all four of my blogs.

We had fun closing the cottage. The weather was not great but we had one really nice meal out while there. Plus there was an early (as in middle of the night) stop on the way up at Tim Horton’s for a maple cream donut and then for me later in the week eating a six pack of buttertarts in two days as I knew my stay would be short. I’m paying for it now but it’s worth it to indulge for a couple days once a year as during our long stay buttertarts are banished from the cottage.

In the album are pictures of around the property at Maple Lake and in front of our cottage down by the Lake. Also, we found that despite it being the week after Labour Day we happened to have a nice couple with a very nice Schnauzer dog “Oscar,” in the cottage nearest to us who we chatted with (when I should have been packing–I’m easily swayed).

Because spouse gets his 15-year “atta-boy,” a 5th week of vacation/personal days from his employer in 2011, (plus holidays! he’ll remind you) we have a big project planned for the cottage which now has some exposed wood–so a paint job is on the agenda. Spouse fretted that it would have a spackled look if painted and I reminded him that that is exactly how it’s been for a very long time (minus the last 15 or so years). Until we can putting siding on the front of the cottage, painting it will be. We are also playing with, in the future making the large room above the garage sleepable again, huge task to be sure. For later.

Meanwhile, I almost have the porch sleepable for someone who doesn’t mind  bunking there for a short while (I’m thinking my teenage son. (We have folding twin beds–very handy.) It would get old fast but I think the “sleeper-sofa” in the gorgeous, high-ceiling-ed living room is not a good choice in the privacy and quiet department. It’s the main room in the house right now. Even more reason to keep the porch livable.

To the pictures:

Rarely was a motor heard on Maple Lake for the about 4 days we were there between Labour Day and September 10th.. I found 2 loons and heard of a total of 3 others. The one I kept seeing in our little bay-like portion of the Lake was a singleton. Makes me wonder if he (or she)– how do you tell? lost it’s mate earlier this season. Sad. Love their haunting calls, especially when there’s two and they sort of have a stereo thing going using their spooky/soothing call.


Maple Lake Ontario Video – “That Place In Carnarvon” Restaurant

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First, let me apologize that my video shooting skillz are not so “mad.” It’s been windy and rainy here and yesterday was the only day nice enough to be in the water. As you can see it is pretty churned up. Still beautiful, though.

This is the day of our arriving at 3:30 a.m. so despite my spouse’s working to get the huge rock ( a/k/a”my favourite rock”) that is the final step to the water in place, we took it pretty easy.

No one felt like grocery shopping and the store-shelves would have been pretty bare post- Labour Day weekend so we went to “That Place In Carnarvon” or simply, “That Place”  for dinner. We were so glad we did. The service was outstanding, the waitstaff lovely and the food–just perfect. We were seated straight away at a table right at the wide windows which face Mirror Lake. Very pretty. We both had the Pork Schnitzel with Hunter sauce which came with one trip to the small in size but high in quality salad bar. I’ve missed Canadian-style potato salad and boy, what a treat to enjoy it again. Almost as good as mom’s. Dinner also came with garlic mashed potatoes or choice of three other selections as well as the veggie of the day.  I left the veggies and most of my garlic mashed potato only because after the salad bar and the very generous, juicy pork schitzel I was stuffed.

“That Place” is “relaxed casual” as far as dress which was good because I dressed for grocery shopping, LOL!
There is a really nice selection whether you prefer meat, chicken or fish–plus the lunch menu which also looks quite tempting.

Keeping in mind that this was the day after the official end of summer season I must mention that though we arrived early (first dinner patrons) by the time we left the restaurant (which has a nice cottage/eclectic comfy decor and is quite roomy) was near capacity. Obviously local folks like the place not only because of the number that showed op on a Tuesday night but because it has a Cheers-like atmosphere with the server knowing various patrons by name and by drink choice. The small bar seemed a good place to meet friends too as there was the hum of familiar/ friendly banter in the background.

Just a note: “That Place,” which is near the corner of Hwy 35 and 118, has gluten-free pizza for take out which can be really nice if you arrive and are starving but want to wait ’till the next day to grocery shop. The main menu also refers to trying to accommodate various dietary needs. “That Place” has moved to the top spot on my list of restaurants in the Maple Lake Area.

"That Place" in Carnarvon Ontario (CLICK to enlarge)


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