Haliburton Highlands Weekend Weather & Long Term Forecast & Bug Report – Ontario Webcam Pics 5.29.10

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Canada Geese chillin' in Minden on May 28

Scroll down for webcam photos taken in Southern Ontario on May 29, 2010!

Weekend Weather May 29 - 30. 2010

Welcome to your weekend! Apologies *again* for being tardy. We really need to get past this May /June insanity phase with its graduations, birthdays, greeting card holidays, a national holiday… ’nuff said.

Your weekend in the Haliburton Highlands looks perfectly gorgeous with this evening — Saturday being sunny with a temperature of 70°F. Overnight will be comfortable with a low of 54°F.

Sunday morning, you’ll be greeted with sun and a temperature of 64°F with temperatures steadily climbing until by afternoon it should be 79°F. Simply a beautiful day on Sunday with a high of 79°F. It will stay clear throughout Sunday evening with some cloudy periods overnight and a comfortable low temp of 59°F.

There is no precipitation expected from Saturday evening through Monday morning.

Weather May 31 -June 5

There is a chance of thundershowers on Monday, May 31. The high temperature will be 26°C but it will feel like 30°C (!) Overnight, expect temperatures to drop to a seasonal 15°C. There could be 2-4mm of rain accumulation.

Tuesday, you should look for isolated showers, a high temperature of 24°C and a low overnight once again of 15°C. There should be less than 1mm of rain accumulated.

Wednesday, the Haliburton area will have have cloudy periods and a cooler high of 22°C. Overnight gets a bit nippy with a low of 11°C. No rain, though.

Thursday, June 3 expect variable cloudiness and a high of 21°C. The overnight low dips way down to 9°C. Expect 2-4mm of precipitation.

Friday will be a day of isolated showers especially in the afternoon, with a high of 22°C. Overnight temperatures drop to 13°C and there may be up to 1-3mm rain accumulation.

Light rain is expected on Saturday, June 5. The high during the daylight hours is expected to be 22°C.  The overnight low should be about 13°C.

Close to 10mm rain accumulation is expected.

The Bug Report –

Bug Report Haliburton Highlands May 29-June 3


Haliburton Highlands: Feeling Charitable? Check Out These Opportunities to GIVE & Receive!

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For four years now the Beer Store and its employees have done an annual bottle drive in aid of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

You probably have known a friend, colleague or loved one who has experienced a battle with cancer–perhaps you’ve fought it yourself.  Despite great progress in helping people live with cancer certain types of cancer can be more persistent and deadly and so efforts  to fight this battle must also persist. The Beer Store wishes to help and you can help, too–it is super-easy!

On May 29 & 30 donate your empty beer, wine and spirit containers at your local Beer Store to help find a cure for leukemia and other blood cancers. For more information or to volunteer, please go to www.bottledrive.ca or call 1-866-600-0567.
Volunteers are needed at Beer Store retail locations across Ontario to assist in greeting customers and collecting their empties on:

Saturday, May 29 between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. and Sunday, May 30 between noon and 5 p.m.
You do NOT need to be employed by The Beer Store
Anyone interested in helping this great cause is welcome to come out and volunteer! If you are interested in helping out, please contact the Beer Store, indicating what days and times you’d be available, your community, and the location of The Beer Store nearest you.
All Beer Stores over Ontario
Tel: (866)-600-0567

Fundraising Book Sale
May 29 2010

The Gooderham Fire & Rescue Auxiliary is holding a large Fundraising Book Sale on Saturday, May 29 from 10am -2 pm. All proceeds from this event go to support the Gooderham Volunteer Fire Department.

There will be a a large selection of books from many genres:, romance, fiction, children’s books, cookbooks and more–like records/CD’s, puzzles and knick knacks! There will also be a hot luncheon available. This fundraiser is in support the Gooderham Volunteer Fire Department. You can give to this worthy cause while enjoying a relaxing book-browsing experience as you are “bound” to find some great reading and great bargains.

If you have any books you would like to donate for the sale, please contact Jennifer at 447-2556

Gooderham Community Center Off County Road 507 entrance to Hunter Lumber
Contact: Jennifer Horner
Tel: 705-447-2556
Email: goodhorner@bell.net


Haliburton Highlands – What To Do Over the Holiday Weekend 5.22.10 And Beyond!

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Have a great weekend!

Happy Victoria Day and official first weekend for cottaging!

If you had a chance to see a weather forecast or read my post  about  the Haliburton Highlands Holiday Weekend & Long Range Weather Forecast for 5.21 – 5.28 you already do know that the weather this entire week is going to be near-perfect for year-rounders, cottagers and visitors alike.

Today (Saturday) will be nicer than yesterday and tomorrow nicer than today and it keeps going in that pattern for about 5 days straight!

I so wish I could be there!

Regardless, I’ve copied many goings-on in the Haliburton Highlands this weekend and beyond into the album below. There are some fantastically fun things going on all the time. Plus, there is community information from when and where to sign up for swimming lessons to the homeowners association. There are some charitable and community causes that need support. All you need to do is grab the family, show up and be thoroughly entertained. There is plenty more, including talent up from Toronto as well as well-known area entertainment. I encourage you to thumb through and simply click to full size if a page looks interesting. Enjoy!



Haliburton Highlands Holiday Weekend & Long Range Weather UPDATE Bug Report! 5.21/5.28 – Photos Southern Ontario

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Chapleau River, Ontario ( see below for larger photo)

Welcome to the Victoria Day weekend!
First off a big thanks to Mother Nature for the rain not really affecting the long weekend in cottage country!

Update/ The Bug Report is being published now so I’ve added it in with the photographs (below).

Still, the wet weather isn’t affecting cottagers. By the noon hour on Friday, traffic was almost at a dead stop on the 400. Sergeant Dave Woodford is with the Ontario Provincial Police and he said he saw traffic building even earlier than that. “Early this morning we’ve just seen trailer after trailer. A lot of boat trailers and drivers hauling the ATV’s behind their vehicles.”

Woodford warns that for those planning on getting in their boat, the water is still cold despite the recent hot weather. “Make sure that you have extra clothing on if you’re in your boat. Take extra caution out there because if anything happens and you go overboard or something like that, you don’t want to have hypothermia.”

Let’s get to the weather forecast shall we?

Short Term Weather Haliburton Highlands

Tonight– Friday look for cloudy skies with clear breaks. The low temperature will be an unseasonably warm  63°F.

Waking up Saturday morning expect it to be cloudy with sunny breaks with a temperature of 66°F. By Saturday afternoon temperatures climb to 77°F and there may be an isolated shower or two. Saturday evening brings variable cloudiness and a low of 73°F.

Only a trace of precipitation is expected in this 24-hour period.

Victoria Day & Long Term Weather Forecast

Sunday May 23, looks lovely with some cloudy periods and a comfortable temperature of 23°C.* Sunday night’s low will be 12°C.

On Monday, the 24th of May look for a mainly sunny day and more great temperatures for cottagers with a high of 26°C.  The low overnight is to be 13° C. The lakes should warm up quickly this year if this trend continues (which I hope it does!)

Tuesday will be a bright and sunny day, a precursor to some really warm weather coming up on Wednesday. The high temperature on Tuesday will be 27°F (!) and the low overnight 13°F.

Wednesday will be a sunny day and the temperature will be  28°C.  The overnight low will be 15°C. Love those cool cottage nights after a hot day!

Thursday will be mainly sunny with a high of 26°C and a low of 15°C overnight.

On Friday the mild trend continues with a high temperature of 24°C and an overnight low of 14°C.

There is no rain in the Sunday- Friday forecast!

Have a great week! Enjoy the webcam photos of Southern Ontario which I took in the early afternoon today. I love the sight of all those boats  docked in the water. 🙂

*Thought it was time to start using Celsius–at least throughout summer–as I’ve experienced and know how these temps feel (I’m not at Maple Lake, otherwise).


Bug Report - Haliburton Highlands Victoria Day Week


Send Your Classroom On A Field Trip They Won’t Forget – Nominate Now!

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Lunchables. All opinions are 100% mine.

My best memories of my son’s grammar school years are  when we went on field trips with the school together. Whether it was a local symphony or the Chicago Symphony, an architectural boat cruise down the Chicago River or a biology field trip to preserved prairie-land, these trips held great meaning for me personally as a shared scholastic experience with my children.

More importantly though was what the kids gained from the experiences.  A field trip is a unique, beyond-the-classroom immersion into real-life situations that would otherwise not be experienced. The depth of meaning, the level of comprehension, the enjoyments of “these up close and personal” activities all serve to pull the children into the experience like no textbook can. Further, an immersive group experience can sometimes be the light that flips the switch of true comprehension about a particular idea, place or thing(s).

To my great disappointment, with my younger son, field trip activities began to appear less and less until they simply were non-existent. The reason cited was a simple one: not enough money in the school budget for anything “extra.” As a mother this really broke my heart, not only for my son but for all children who might never otherwise experience some of the wonders beyond the classroom.

I’m very happy to be able to talk today about Field Trips For All which is the first effort from the folks at Lunchables as part of their new initiative called “Project Potential.”

Project Potential is an effort to literally help kids reach their life enrichment potential that otherwise they might not ever get a chance to do.

This is enormously important because field trip elimination is affecting scores of school districts across the spectrum. Huge numbers of school districts which are grappling with tight school funds/budgets that just don’t stretch far enough for anything “extra” are cutting out fieled trips all together.

There is some hope on the horizon with the very good news that Lunchables is aware of this dilemma and is taking action to address it by encouraging, as I am doing as well right now, anyone over the age of 6 to nominate a deserving classroom by clicking over to http://www.lunchables.com/potential/ and submitting a nomination for that classroom to receive a worthwhile, outside-of-the-classroom enrichment experience.

I’m sure without too much thinking you yourself can think of a deserving classroom to be nominated to be one of 50 lucky classrooms who will be selected to go on an inspiring, educational field trip and quite possibly have an experience that will be cherished for years to come.

Why not talk this contest up?  There’s only gain to be had and speaking for myself it is very easy to think of some great classrooms with fantastic teachers and kids who deserve the nomination.

The more that word of this contest gets around the more classrooms will have a chance to be one of the 50 winners–so go ahead and drop a comment here about who you nominated and a bit about why you nominated them! Who do you think this educational prize should go to? I’m picking Mrs. Parr’s class at Hunting Ridge school in Palatine, Illinois because they are the greatest bunch of kids ever and because she is the most dedicated, motivated, committed teacher I may ever have met.
Click Here

Visit my sponsor: Field Trips For All


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