Haliburton, Ontario: Are You Epicurious? – Extending Garden Season Workshop – Haliburton Concert Series

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Whether you are a ‘foodie’ or simply someone that enjoys good company and the enjoyment of food from around the world check out the Epicurious Club get-together this month.

Enjoy gardening but you’d love to extend the gardening season a bit and learn about cost effective and environment-friendly ‘low-tech greenhouses’? Read below about the Extending Garden Season workshop.

Finally, world renown pianist Lucille Chung is the featured performer on May 1st in the Haliburton Concert Series. Get more details below about the Concert Series and check out the music video of Ms. Chung in performance live at the Santander Festival, in Spain!

These are just a few of the exciting, entertaining, fun happenings in the Haliburtons Highlands so be sure to click through to the What’s Happening This Week website to find out what else is happening and what is up next!

The Epicurious Club
April 29 2010

Here are the details:

April celebrates Cajun cuisine of the Acadians – Join us at the home of Epicurious Club Member Joan Barton for Cajun favorites that are sure to inspire. For the Epicurious, come and enjoy food from around the world each month without leaving Highlands East! We meet the last Thursday of each month for a Pot Luck dinner. You bring a food or beverage item of the country or cuisine selected! It’s that easy, it’s free and we dine at members homes. This club is open to all ages, all genders and all foodies! Cheers to good food!

Extending Garden Season workshop
May 1 2010

View and learn about hoop-houses, tunnels, and cold frames…cost effective and environment-friendly ‘low-tech greenhouses’. 10:00 to 3:00 $5 Registration includes lunch. Sponsored by Environment Haliburton! Haliburton Highlands Local Food Coalition, and other local food advocates. To register call:

Melanie at HKPR Health Unit (705 457 1391 x245)
Home of David Bathe near Gelert Francis Road Minden
Contact: David Bathe Tel: 705-286-2950

1220 South Wilberforce Road
Contact: Joan Barton
Tel: (705) 448-3074
Email: highlandscultural@gmail.com

Haliburton Concert Series
May 1 2010

Lucille Chung

May 1st is the first concert for the year, and features pianist Lucille Chung. Lucille was born in Montreal and is now based in New York. She has performed all over the world with more than 50 orchestras. The concert is at 7:30p.m. The three-concert classical music series is sold only as a subscription. The total cost for three concerts is $50 for adults and $25 for students. The other concerts feature Quartetto Gelato on September 11th, and Made in Canada Ensemble (string and piano) on November 13th. To order your subscription, contact Brenda Robinson at 457-2695.

Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion
County Road 21 and Gelert Road
Contact: Brenda Robinson
Tel: 457-2695
Email: brobinson@interhop.net

bibianorucolina — June 18, 2008 — Lucille Chung, piano, plays 3 Scriabin Preludes. Live at the Santander Festival, Spain

Thanks to What’s Happening This Week! April 26 to May 2, 2010 for the great information!

This is an unsponsored post in support of the many activities and services in the Haliburton County (Ontario) area.


Kincardine Harbour – Ontario Scenic Transition: What a difference four days makes!

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Kincardine Harbour Lake Huron - Ontario - April 27 2010

Kincardine Harbour - Lake Huron - Ontario 4.23.10

One of the reasons I like to check back via webcam on areas in southern/ south central Ontario is the seasonal changes that are most apparent by gazing upon the same vistas week after week. In the hard, cold midst of winter, very little changes. The water is frozen and if more snow falls upon the snow already on the ground—well, to my eyes it just looks like more snow.

But. This change–the one above is the one that signals to me that winter is officially over. Just four days ago there was but one boat anchored in the water of Kincardine harbour. However today at sunset when I pulled up the harbour on Lake Huron next to the Penetangore River, the harbour was nearly half full with boats in the water. Cool beans!

Since it was the time the Ontario sun was setting I was lucky enough to get some lovely photos including one that is wallpaper-pretty (you need to photoshop a bit of glare out–but otherwise it is luscious).



First Black Bears Sighted! Weather Forecast – 4.23.10 – 4.30.10 – Haliburton Highlands, Ontario Webcam Photos April 23, 2010

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Bears In Carnarvon Ontario - April. 18. 2010

Weekend Weather - Maple Lake, Haliburton Highlands

Welcome to the weekend! It is set to be a nice one overall so lets look at the details.

Tonight-Friday will be clear with a low temperature of 34°F.

Saturday morning will be bright and sunny and as the day goes on it will remain so with temperatures in the afternoon climbing to a very comfortable 63°F. Evening will remain clear and overnight, the temperatures drop to 39°F.

Long-term Weather Haliburton Highlands - April 25 - 30

On Sunday, look for some sun in the morning but by afternoon expect isolated showers and a high temperature of 57°F. The low Sunday night is to be 39°F. Precipitation accumulation is to be about 0.1 inch.

Isolated showers are again expected on Monday, April 26, with a high temperature of 59°F and a low overnight of 43°F. Only a trace of precipitation is expected.

Tuesday will be a mainly sunny day. Expect a high temperature of 57°F  and a low overnight of 39°F. There is no precipitation in the forecast from Tuesday through Thursday.

Wednesday expect cloudy periods with a high of 57°F and a low overnight of 37°F.

Thursday’s forecast nearly mirrors Wednesday with cloudy periods, a  high temperature of 57°F, and an overnight low of 39°F.

On Friday, look for isolated showers, a high of 61°F and an overnight low of 41°F. Precipitation accumulation is expected to be about 0.1 inch.

Have a great week!

Enjoy the webcam photos (below) I took in the late afternoon today from areas in Central and Southern Ontario.



Haliburton Creative Business Incubator – Haliburton County – A Year-round Destination

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Haliburton County - A year-round destination

I’ve blogged about some of the many resources and activities on this blog throughout what some people might think of as the Haliburton “off-season” but there really is no off season in Haliburton County any longer.

Since the area was settled, there has of course been “year-rounders”–those folks that took up permanent residence while the rest of us returned to our city or suburban lives. No so anymore.

There is a plethora of activities indoor and out throughout the year in Haliburton County–just skim back through my winter months posts to get an idea (though I documented but a small portion due to time constraints).  The car racing on ice was an activity that really tickled my fancy having never seen such a thing but the creative and crafty goings on at the Rails End Gallery and The Art Hive are two destinations that I could and would appreciate year-round.

But the fact is there is plenty of room for more business in Haliburton–and Haliburton has the resources to help businesses, especially smaller or start -up businesses take root. Both the year-rounders and the permanent residents can benefit by taking part in new and exciting endeavors or become patrons of new businesses that have found their way to Haliburton County. Here’s a short, informative, nicely-written article from the Haliburton County Echo on just how crucial efforts like this and others can be to the livelihood of Haliburton County.

Now for the details of the Haliburton Creative Business Incubator–a great opportunity for the many types of businesses in the creative business arena.

An announcement forwarded by the County of Haliburton, Department of Economic Development, Tourism & Marketing:

Four spaces will soon be available to emerging entrepreneurial businesses in the Haliburton Creative Business Incubator, located in one of Ontario’s most beautiful and vibrant locations. Renovations to the former Haliburton Public Library building are now underway and we anticipate that we will be ready for clients to move in by mid June.

Our application package provides

* Information on our program
* Details of work spaces available and costs
* Steps for selection and the selection process
* Minimum qualifications for eligibility
* Evaluation criteria
* Application form

Get your applications in as soon as possible. Applications received by April 30th, 2010, will receive priority consideration. Successful Candidates will be contacted in early May and invited to come to Haliburton for a personal interview.

This is a wonderful opportunity for young businesses looking to establish in a location that offers a beautiful natural environment, a vibrant community and a “relaxed” business style.
Our low monthly costs include a dedicated space for each business, broadband services, access to training seminars and a mentoring program which will provide experienced business people to our clients as advisors. We will also assist clients in their search for suitable living space.

We invite you to do business with the world while enjoying the wonders of the Haliburton Highlands. Contact us right away for your ticket to a “business life with lifestyle”.
If you’re not a candidate for the Creative Business Incubator but know of a creative business that might be the right fit, please pass this news to them. It just might be one of the best recommendations you make.

Important Dates:

April 30th, 2010 for applications to receive priority consideration
Early May contact for successful candidates
Personal interviews in May
Facility availability mid to late June

Examples of Creative Businesses:

* Arts administration and education – development and curation, visual art appraisal.
* Architecture design and planning – commercial, residential, landscape architecture and landscape planning, environmental planner, land use planner, community and urban planner.
* Business service consultant – human resources, business management, research, marketing.
* Communications – advertising, public relations, media relations, publicist, promotions, fundraising, consultant, photo journalist.
* Craft – artisans working in: clay, fibre, glass, leather, metal, paper, wood, decorative painting, mixed media
* Culinary – work in the styling and presentation of food
* Cultural Heritage – restoration, conservation, preservation, research, presentation of artifacts, information and buildings of cultural and/or historical significance, archiving, archeology
* Dance – choreography design
* Design Arts – interior and kitchen design, landscape, graphic design, furniture design, fabric design, fashion design, jewelry design, pattern design.
* Illustration – commercial or medical illustrator.
* Information Technology – IT consultant, computer/informatics consultant, management information systems, geomatics.
* Writing, Editing and Publishing for the Performing Arts, Literature & Business – in any medium, including advertising, and technical writing.
* Media Arts – video, film, web, and multi-media development including animation, and illustration – Web and application programmer, computer game developer, computer programmer, e-business software, developer, interactive media developer, software developer/programmer
* Music – composing, performing, recording
* Photography – commercial, industrial, portrait or as a fine art, also framing and restoration.
* Research – in any area including, but not limited to business, the arts, culture and heritage
* Theatre – teaching, directing, producing, coaching
* Visual Art – those involved with painting, sculpture, drawing, or creation of visual art in any medium.
* Defies Description – is a combination of any disciplines above.

Mail Your Application To:
Haliburton Creative Business Incubator
P.O. Box 210
c/o Haliburton County Development Corporation
49 Maple Ave, Unit 4
Haliburton, ON. K0M 1S0

Or Contact: Mike Jaycock, Project Consultant
Email: hcbi@bell.net
Phone: (705) 754-9996
Blog: http://hcbi.wordpress.com


Weekend & Long Term Weather Forecast – 4.16.10 – 4.23.10 – Haliburton Highlands, Ontario Webcam Photos April 16, 2010

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Kincardine Harbour - Lake Huron - Ontario

Weekend Weather - Haliburton/Maple Lake area

Though  this evening is mainly clear with temps about 46°F, prepare yourself for a soggy, brisk Saturday. It begins with mixed precipitation overnight Friday and continues into Saturday with scattered flurries in the morning moving into mixed precipitation by Saturday afternoon. The daytime high temperature should be about 39°F. Expect mixed precipitation with flurries and wet snow throughout Saturday, possibly until midnight. Temperatures overnight will hold pretty steady at about 36°F.

Long-term Weather Haliburton & Maple Lake area 4.18.10 - 4.23.10

Sunday is a bit of an improvement over Saturday as it ushers in seasonal, pleasant weather for most of the week. The high on Sunday will be 46°F and the cloudiness will be variable. By Monday expect cloudy periods with a high of 50°F and a low of 37°F. Tuesday, expect cloudy periods with a pleasant high of 55°F and an overnight low of 39°F. Neither Monday nor Tuesday have any precipitation in their forecast.

Wednesday is a near mirror-image forecast of Tuesday–that’s not at all bad. Look for cloudy periods, a high of 55°F and an overnight low of 39°F. There could be be up to 0.1 inch of precipitation accumulation.

Thursday brings showers and clouds with a high of 52°F and a low of 37°F. There may be a trace of precipitation accumulation.

As the work-week winds down on Friday look  for cloudy periods, a high of 52°F and a low of 39°F. There is no precipitation in Friday’s forecast.

Overall, a very respectable week weather-wise though perhaps a bit short on rain for this time of year. Have a great week!

Enjoy the webcam photos taken from various areas on Ontario. Some were taken in the afternoon and a couple were at sunset.



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