Fall Foliage in Southern Ontario – 9.28-29.09 – Webcam Photos

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Healey Lake, Hawkesbury, Ontario 9.28.09

Healey Lake, Hawkesbury, Ontario 9.28.09

As promised, here are a number of fall photos taken by webcam of the Southern Ontario area. I’ve adjusted a few for brightness and the very first one of  Healey Lake to amplify it a no-so-natural but I think, pretty way.

It was my plan to have a webcam trained on the trees and lake of Maple Lake but security issues presented themselves and I had to rig things that the cameras keep an eye on the most mundane areas surrounding the cottage. May as well make best use of the 2-year contract for high speed Internet, right?

These scenes are lovely however and they give you a good sampling of various regions in the rather large southern Ontario area.

Thanks to the Weather Network’s Weather cams.



Haliburton County – Maple Lake, Ontario – Weekend and Long-Range Weather – September 25 – Oct 1

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Indian River, Port Carling, Ontario - 9.24.09

Indian River, Port Carling, Ontario - 9.24.09

Weather Forecast - Friday - September 25, 2009

Weather Forecast - Friday - September 25, 2009

The weather forecast for West Guilford/Haliburton Highlands on Friday is no surprise to anyone that’s kept track of  many Fridays over the summer. It with be clear and beautiful with sunny skies. Expect a comfortable high of 57° F. Lows Friday night will be in the mid 40’sF°.


Looking ahead to the coming weekend, Saturday starts off partly sunny with a high temperature of about 61° F. In the afternoon you may see some isolated showers. Expect a low overnight of about 41°F.

The weekend closes as a cloudy day with showers on Sunday and a high of 63°F.  Evening temperatures will be mild with a low about 55°F.

The traditional workweek on Monday starts with light rain and a high of 57°F. Overnight lows should be about 48°F.

Tuesday will be yet another day of light rain with a chilly daytime high of only 48°F.  Overnight temperatures are expected to dip down into the low 30’s°F.

Wednesday, expect a reprieve from the rain. Variable cloudiness is predicted with the high a brisk 46°F. Overnight temperatures are expected to about 37°F.

Thursday, the sunshine returns! Expect a sunny day with the high about 55°F. Overnight lows however, will dip down to freezing at 32°F.

Have a great week!

*Sorry that there was no forecast here on Maple Lake Ontario this past week.  I had my first major computer meltdown and ended up wiping the hard drive. With help from both my sons I am back up and running along with my photo program which I realize is totally priceless. From here on in I should be able to stay current on the weather, the webcam shots and with any luck some nice change of colours fall photos.

Dorset, Ontario 9.24.09

Dorset, Ontario 9.24.09

Kincardine Channel, Lake Erie, Ontario 9.24.09

Kincardine Channel, Lake Erie, Ontario 9.24.09

Kincardine Harbour, Lake Erie, Ontario 9.24.09

Kincardine Harbour, Lake Erie, Ontario 9.24.09


Ontario Fall Colour Routes & Great Links to Color Reports – For A Limited Time Only!

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Photo :Janet Gosselin - North Bay, Ontario Canada // Shot: September 12, 2009

Photo: Janet Gosselin - North Bay, Ontario Canada // Shot: September 12, 2009

More than a dozen overnight “Fall Colour” Routes & suggested fall colour foliage road trips are within 1-7 hours from the junction of Highways 400 & 11 in Barrie, Ontario. With the routes mapped out so nicely, the hardest part is deciding which one(s) to take. The guides that follow can help you plan the timing of your fall foliage trips so that you can enjoy them when fall colours in each region are at their peak!

Additional fall colour road trips are available by geographical locations east of Toronto, and west of Toronto to Northern Ontario. Unsurprisingly, leaf colour changes occur earlier the further north in Ontario one travels.

The diversity of the Algonquin area resorts destination is unmatched in North America.  Below are three  spectacular suggested fall colour routes which could form part of an Algonquin Park circle tour drive or road trip.

The fall colour road trips include the Southern Algonquin Route, Algonquin East Side and the Northern Algonquin Route as recommended touring routes with helpful identification of attractions, accommodations, and driving directions.

More links to Fab Fall Colours!

Ontario Fall Colour Routes & Links to Color Reports

Fancy Fall  Colours
Algonquin Area Getaways Fall Colours (Fall

Check for Fall Fairs on your fall colours  road trip

This information  is offered in an effort to promote Ontario tourism and because I really miss experiencing firsthand the beautiful fall colour change that can only be found in this part of North America.


BUY Canadian: Will the U.S. Notice?

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(WSJ Illustration)

(WSJ Illustration)

Very of-the-times/ same as it ever was article from the Wall Street Journal (below is a snippet) about the ongoing US-Canada trade feud. When I listened to Obama essentially not listen to Harper’s worries at the 3-way meet-up (U.S. Mexico, Canada) this past summer, I knew that the U.S.’s $787 billion economic-stimulus package was going to be yet another boil growing everyone’s backside. It must suck sometimes to be Canada when attempting to deal with the Americans, especially when you are trying to converse about trade between the two countries. The truth is all you are to them is sort of a really big state. They don’t confer “country” status on you. I’d advise Canada to be as radical as you can afford to be. “Buy Canadian” at least sounds like you are rather annoyed with your friends to the South.

WASHINGTON — On paper, Tom Pokorsky would seem to be a clear beneficiary of the government’s $787 billion economic-stimulus package.

Mr. Pokorsky runs Aquarius Technologies Inc., a company in Port Washington, Wis., that makes equipment to treat sewage. The stimulus plan earmarks some $6 billion for municipal wastewater projects that are right in his company’s sweet spot.

[Don Skidmore photo] Reuters

Don Skidmore shows his ‘Buy American Buy Union’ tattoo in Michigan in June.

“If that sticks, well, there goes 25% of my business,” said Mr. Pokorsky. “To me, Ontario may as well be Indiana.”

But the bill’s Buy American provisions — meant to give U.S. companies a leg up on foreign competition — are causing Aquarius and other U.S. companies a lot of grief with both suppliers and clients in Canada.

Now that grief has boiled over into a major diplomatic row with the largest U.S. trading partner. Canadian communities angered by perceived American chauvinism have started a Buy Canadian campaign to exclude U.S. bidders from municipal contracts.

Buy American rules are gumming up the plans of Frederick County, Md., to get $6 million of stimulus money for a $100 million wastewater-treatment plant. Long after the project bids and contracts had been signed, the county found itself on the wrong side of the Buy American provisions because their system uses certain membranes made by a GE subsidiary in Canada.

Kevin Demosky, a county utility official, is applying to the EPA for a waiver to use the GE parts. “The [Buy American] rules affect a small part of the project but are like a virus infecting the whole thing,” he said. “It’s like they want us to go back in time.”

(I chose this as an example of how this affects someone I know personally–my folks. This is their county.)

The Buy American rules sounded good in theory but  did anyone look into just how closely Canada and the U.S. are intertwined? If Congress had anything to do with it I’m reasonably sure the answer is either “no” or “just barely.”

(I have such a strong sense of deja vu here of how this mirrors a personal situation but alas I cannot speak of  anything that is not sunshine and puppy dogs in re: my own relationship with “Canada.”)


Haliburton County Maple Lake Ontario – Weekend and Long-Range Weather – September 12-19

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Weather Cameras- Haliburton - The Weather Network_1252786269330

Above is proof that Haliburton County is enjoying a gorgeous day. Next year, if I go up to the Lake* (explanation after jump) and the weather is a nice as this, I’m staying through September!

EDIT/So tonight Saturday–a lovely clear overnight with temperatures only going down to 54°F.

The Weekend Weather - Sept 12 -13, 2009

The Weekend Weather - Sept 12 -13, 2009

Sunday looks like another pretty day with temperatures Sunday afternoon about 70°F.

The work week gets off to a very nice start.  It’ll be mainly sunny and about 73°F for a high. Nighttime low is to be about 48°F.

Weather Forecast- West Guilford, Ontario

Weather Forecast- West Guilford, Ontario

Tuesday though sunny, will bring a drop in temperatures–down to 63°F for the daytime high, 50°F overnight. Wednesday, expect another sunny day with temperatures very much like Tuesday. 64°F will be the daytime high. Overnight temps on Wednesday will drop to 45°F.  Thursday, expect variable cloudiness and a high of 66°F. Nighttime lows are getting lower. Overnight Thursday, expect it to be about 43°F.

Friday bring showers and a daytime high of 64°F. Overnight the temperature drop continues down to 41°F.  The sun returns on Saturday with a high temperature expected to be about 63°F with an overnight low of 39°F.

Have a great week!



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