Weekend and Long Term Weather – Haliburton Highlands – Maple Lake – 8.28.09 – 09.03.09

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Inuksuk, Fleming College, Haliburton Campus, August 2009

Inuksuk, Fleming College, Haliburton Campus, August 2009

The weather people are categorizing this summer’s weather as “unusual” which somehow strikes me the same way as when one comments upon something as being “interesting.”

The weather guys offered up several scenarios including the jet stream in the wrong place and ice on Hudson Bay but ultimately concede that there’s really no explaining the weather definitively.

So, what to expect this week?

Tonight (Friday) as today has been, rather mild with light rain.

Weather Forecast- West Guilford, Ontario - The Weather Network_1251504833431

Saturday, expect light rain or “cloudy with showers” conditions throughout the day into evening. The daytime high will be about 59°F. Sunday showers will be isolated. The high will be 60°F and low 51°F.

Monday will be as many Mondays this summer have been–sunny. On this last day of August fall begins to creep into the air with Monday high of 60°F and an overnight low of 48°F. September starts off promisingly. Expect sunny skies and a comfortable high of 68°F. Nighttime temperatures will dip down to 46°F.

Wednesday expect another bright sunny day. Temperatures again will be quite lovely at 71°F. Expect another 48°F nighttime low.

There will be a change in the weather on Thursday. Expect a cloudy day with showers throughout and a high of 68°F.  The low Thursday night will be a chilly 44°F.  Finishing out the week and beginning the Labour Day weekend, expect mainly sunny skies with a nighttime low of 53°F.

I’ll be sure to have the Labour Day weekend weather report up Thursday or early Friday as I’m just as curious as you are what to expect.  I’m looking forward to our return to Maple Lake to close up the cottage and I’m hoping for one nice day to get in some Lake time.

Have a great week!

Weather Forecast- West Guilford, Ontario - The Weather Network_1251501689027

More photos taken by my spouse, Roger Corrao, with the first Panasonic point and shoot we’ve ever owned. We were both getting familiar with it at this point  though I daresay he caught on much more quickly than did I. 🙂


Maple Lake, Ontario – Tornadoes Strike in the Area – Burnished Orange Sky – Next Days’ Clearing

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Fierce rain, wind and thunder and an weird, orange sky - Maple Lake August 2009

Fierce rain, wind and thunder and a weird, orange sky - Maple Lake August, 2009

Click thumbnails to embiggen

We had some notable weather whilst at Maple Lake plus I had some really intense storms go over when alone  in the cottage for an additional week. My battery was charging on the new Panasonic Lumix point and shoot I bought specifically for this trip when the tornadoes hit the area and spouse had taken the other camera home with him so I was late to the picture-taking party of the crazy-orange skies. At least I’d finally gotten the hang of taking clear pictures. I’d been doing the stupidest thing or more correctly, not doing the most basic thing you do before taking a digital photograph.

Anyway I ran out of good weather and out of time prior to me getting very many shots off but spouse did ‘cos he gets up in the a.m. so I have many to post that he took and technically, he’s a better shooter than I am—not that I’m all that. :p

*These are all mine, tho’.



Maple Lake between storms - August, 2009

Maple Lake between storms - August, 2009


Maple Lake, Ontario, Canada – August 19, 2009 – Video

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Maple Lake, Ontario, Canada – August 19, 2009 from Cynthia McCrackan on Vimeo.

One of the worst summers weather-wise in many years, the sun finally came out and we all rejoiced.

Tubing on Maple Lake at Sunset - 8.19.09

Tubing on Maple Lake at Sunset - 8.19.09

As I noted previously, we had a really miserable 2 weeks of vacation weather with just a few tiny breaks which needed to be timed correctly to enjoy and since one never knew exactly when these itty bitty breaks would occur it was a bit frustrating, to say the least. It was a replay of last summer, which at the time could be dismissed as one wistfully recalled the summers past with reams of sunshine and blue skies, lovely daytime temperatures, approaching hot by the Lake–then cool overnights happily bundled under the quilt. Funny how we mostly remember the good stuff as the past grows ever more distant.
The charm sort of wore off this time ’round and perhaps I speak only for myself, though my relatives seemed a bit peeved by crummy weather too, and hypothetically they can zip up here at a moment’s notice as they are an easy 2 hours–and less away.
For my little family however, having driven almost 700 miles to get here we couldn’t exactly decide to go home for a few days and return, rinse, repeat.
However as the video shows it was nice yesterday and in fact we’ve had several good days or at least partially good–rain part of the day and then most welcome sunshine later (or I’m told, occasionally visa-versa. I keep semi-vampire hours so I must take the word of anyone who reports what it’s like outside between 5 a.m. and 1 p.m).
I’ve been alone in the cottage since spouse shuttled son home Saturday and really alone after my cousins and neighbours left, except a very, very quiet one who I did not even know was here until I went outside in my bathrobe to retrieve clothes off the line! Glad I wore that bathrobe. LOL
So I’m alone, I like quiet to write and what happens? The weather turns nice and I want to play hooky!
Now I’m back to work but I indulged in learning to work my fancy-pants point and shoot camera and though my videography skills leave a lot to be desired I will, in the weeks to come share videos and photos of what I still consider to be a little slice of heaven on earth-Maple Lake.


Maple Lake Ontario – 08.16.09 – Hot, Humid, Buggy

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It finally turned warm for the first full weekend this summer. It turned really warm. And humid.

In the early evening, prior to sunset I thought I’d go and snap a few photographs–which I did– but as soon as I got in the  vicinity of  the back field I started getting eaten alive–and I had bug spray on!

Big storms came in tonight. They came up so quickly that the screen blew in at the front of the cottage and quite a bit of water came in too through the upper window which I have to go outside to close. I was too late though. The winds were so strong I could barely open the  front door, never mind play around with a 12 foot window closing stick (I usually love using it–so simple yet effective–a wonderful example of something made by my grandfather, who with my dad, built these cottages that we all enjoy).  Anyway I got some plastic sheeting and *lightbulb,* a large umbrella and after the worst of the first storm passed I went out and closed up.

Right now, I’m alone here as we are driving back to the States in shifts.

Despite the rotten weather the first two weeks here were OK and then I really wanted to be done with it.

Cabin fever, I suppose.

Also, things are so different here now. It’s like party central every weekend. The guy across the way shoots off fireworks well into the late evening (meaning near midnight) every. single. weekend and that crew is incredibly raucous until 2, 3, 4 in the morning.

I work at night as you can see from the posting time and me and a bunch of party animals just don’t mesh well.

You were here and so was I and it’s the same as it ever was, isn’t it?




Weekend and Long Term Weather – Haliburton Highlands – Maple Lake – Bug Report 8.14.25 – 08.19.09

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The weekend weather forecast for the Haliburton Highlands is the best so far this summer!

It’s truly gorgeous–sunny, clear, humidity is tolerable. And it’s going to be nice on Sunday, too! Can you believe it? I need to pinch myself ‘cos it’s been so long since Maple Lake has had an entire weekend that was this nice.

My weekender neighbours are quite fortunate since they just need to pack an overnight bag and in a snap they can be in paradise. Not quite as fortunate are folks like my immediate family who left today to return to the States. 🙁

Turning quite serious, folks, we are all on the same page on global warming now, right? We acknowledge it; it is happening right now. We have used and abused our poor planet and it does not have to be reflected as “warming” in certain spots. Here in the Haliburton Highlands, it’s been really cold and wet until this week. Pay attention to the excessive precipitation, especially.

Maple Lake, to be frank, has given me an eye infection simply by using lake water to wash my face. I know this because I wear goggles in the lake as I am unable to see without my contact lenses. The waters of Maple Lake have spewed up all kinds of garbage this summer–literally all kinds of plastic, coke cans. I’ve not ever seen it like this and it makes me really sad.

I’m sure I’m not the first but I feel that the year-rounders, the permanent residents should move forward to protect the lakes of Haliburton County. Obviously, we cannot change how Mother Nature is behaving right now but we can change human behaviour. Impose restrictions to protect our lakes and all nature that depend on the ecosystem, as people haven’t shown willingness to “reign it in” on their own.

First, I would like to see the obvious pollutants removed from the Lake. I would like to see a ban on motorboats that leak gasoline into the lakes and nearly drown swimmers like me with their huge waves (not kidding– HUGE waves).

Truly, I hate the noise too, but it’s the pollution that is sickening me. The boats are getting more powerful, ridiculously fast, and burning petrol at a time when I thought we were supposed to be practicing conservation. Our lakes are what make this area the paradise that it is. And we are doing our damnedest to destroy paradise.

Please, Haliburton Highland year-rounders, restrict the use of motorboats to the weekend and otherwise allow all the the other nonpolluting boats free and unfettered any time. The beautiful sailboats, the rowboats, canoes, paddleboats—all of them wind/man-powered and not harmful to our dying lakes.

If we don’t start reigning in our excesses and our abuse of the lakes of Cottage Country there is no doubt in my mind that we shall lose them. Nothing would be sadder if our unquenchable need for “things” and need to have the biggest, fastest motorboats and personal motorized vehicles hastened the death of our lakes–leaving nothing left for anyone.

I can only hope that the fine people that live year-round on Maple Lake and in the Maple Lake area take action this winter and next summer to deal with the craziness that breaks out every weekend here with ridiculous amount of polluting watercraft on what was what was once a clean lake. It’s not just here but throughout Cottage Country.

Also, as related to a lesser pollution, what the heck is with the unrestricted use of fireworks on Maple Lake every single weekend? Hey, I LOVE fireworks. They can be really special–but every weekend?! WTH? My poor dog is terrified. She shakes and glues herself to her people.

Ban fireworks on Maple Lake except for Canada Day, period. Stop the insanity, please.

/end preachy rant

Here’s the rest of the weather. If you can, stay up an extra day as Monday will still be beautiful:


As for the bugs, it has warmed up, they like warm, there are lots of them. Stay in the lake and otherwise slather on your insect repellent of choice.


Have a great week!


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