Weekend and Long Term Weather Haliburton Highlands – Maple Lake- Bug Report

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Weather May 30-31

Weather May 30-31

If you are looking to spend some time this weekend at Maple Lake or in the Haliburton Highlands for that matter–bring your fall clothes. It’s still not really warmed up there which is OK seeing as though we are barely heading into June. I have to remind myself that it is in fact still spring. You’ll have a high of 62°F on Saturday with partial clouds and some rain moving in in the evening.

Weather through June 5

Weather through June 5

Sunday’s high will only be 57°F with cloudy periods. By Monday, you’ll have a return of clouds and showers and a high of 60°F. Tuesday brings variable cloudiness and a high of 59°F. On Wednesday, expect cloudy periods with a high of 60°F. Thursday, scattered showers return with a high of 60°F. Friday looks to be the nicest day of the week. Expect sunny skies and a high of 66°F.

The bug report is pretty confusing. Some bugs are not even in season and then the next day they are considered “high,” so I’m not quite sure how one is supposed to interpret that.

Bugs – click to enlarge

Pretty pictures of Southern Ontario on May 29, 2009


Opening our cottage at Maple Lake Ontario

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Above – Maple Lake Ontario, Canada – May 2009

Spouse did the opening this year as things on the home front are a bit busy. We have a son who is a high school junior and things are already heating up for the year following graduation (pick a university, etc.) And the end of the year projects all coming due. An adult needed to be here and so I was — but I missed out!

We still have that family of bats in the wood-burning stove (which was taken out) chimney but spouse has them sealed out of the cottage, which is good.

Except for the rocks on the bank, things seemed to have stood up well over the winter and the Internet is working great–but still there’s “stuff” to be taken care of here. I’ll make sure I spend weeks on the lake this summer–at a minimum.
My spirit needs it to recharge. 😀


Weekend and Long Term Weather Weather Haliburton Highlands – Maple Lake

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This would be a very nice spring weekend to be in the Haliburton Highlands and in my case specifically, at Maple Lake. My spouse arrived there this evening and from what I hear there may even be some extended family at the Lake but alas,  I am firmly planted this holiday weekend here at home in the Chicago area with my youngest son who is still in high school, as well as our little dog, Raven.

This is what the American Memorial Day weekend looks  like:

Weekend Weather May 22-23, 2009

Weekend Weather May 22-23, 2009

Tonight, temperatures were forecast to go down to 48°F but I can see that they are already down to 41°F so a bit colder than thought. On Saturday as the day progresses the sun becomes progressively more noticeable. The high will be a comfortable 68°F with variable cloudiness.

Sunday should be bright and sunny with 64°F for the high temperature. Memorial Day Monday will be a lot nicer at Maple Lake than here 🙁 but I’m encouraged with the weather outlook not being a carbon copy of last year’s weather.  It will be sunny and 66°F.  Tuesday, temperatures will again be 66°F but some clouds roll in so it will be partly sunny. Expect light rain on Wednesday and a temperature drop to 55°F. Thursday, the sun returns. The forecast calls for a mainly sunny day with a pleasant  temperature of  68°F. Finally, Friday is a near carbon copy of Thursday, expect a mainly sunny day and a high of 68°F.

Have a great week!

Long Term Weather May 23 - 28, 2009

Long Term Weather May 23 - 28, 2009


Welcome To Maple Lake! West Guilford Bug Report Ontario

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Just off off the phone with my spouse who has arrived at Maple Lake. Yay!

He said so far, everything looks OK though he arrived in the dark as (long and convoluted story) he stopped at Costco in Barrie and got something to eat and then walked around and it would have taken him only 11 hours but he blew 90 minutes resting and shopping. It’s funny as it always seems to be a contest about who can make the best time on the 675 mile trip. So without the long pit stop spouse would have made in in eleven hours, which would have been a “personal best” record. I think he’ll have a couple more times before summer’s end to best himself but for every extra person and especially when there’s the dog to tend to the trip is more time-consuming.Upside of travelling alone: it’s fast and you only have to stop when you wish. Downside: it can be kind of lonely.

Now that he’s at the Lake I doubt that he will be lonely, however. He’s got the mosquitoes and black flies of course (report follows) and he’s got bats in what was the chimney opening from back when it was legal to have one of those nifty cast-iron wood-burning stoves.

So on to the bug report.


With the blackflies being rated as “high” and mosquitoes “medium,” it sounds like lots of repellent and long sleeves and pants will be the order of the day(s).


There’s been a change in the weather – for the better! Haliburton Highlands – Maple Lake Long Term Weather Revised

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Wow, just WOW! It’s a sunny 80°F at Maple Lake right now! Is this the first time the temps have broken 80°F this year? I think it may be!
Tomorrow is supposed to be much the same, perhaps with a touch less sun. Very exciting!

Prefer a photograph? Here ‘ya go! May 20, 2009, Kawagama Lake, Dorset


This is Kawagama Lake in Dorset and if you look past the smudgy lens you can see how beautiful it is there today. Here’s one more from cottage country before I show the revised weather forecast for May 22-27.


Silver Lake Cottages-Pretty day!

Here is your revised forecast for May 22-27:


Though not shown on here, tomorrow is to be much like today, perhaps with a few more clouds–but temperatures in the upper 70’s°F!

Weather remains moderate including the nighttime temperatures never going anywhere near the freezing mark. (Yay!–Let those lakes warm up!) I’m sure cottagers have  plenty of post-winter chores that need doing that may not have gotten done last weekend–like say, airing out stored away bedding and such? This weekend will be perfect for that or any other outside activity. Expect temperatures in the high 60’sF on both Saturday May 23 and Sunday May 24. There’ s to be anywhere from variable cloudiness to cloudy periods but no rain!

If you are looking for an activity perfectly suited to this weekend’s weather and you like biking, art or hopefully both please check into the Pedal Your Arts: Gears for Guilford event (more info below)!

Pedal Your Arts: Gears for Guilford
May 23 2009
Visit the studios of Haliburton County artists while enjoying the Visit the studios of Haliburton County artists while enjoying the beauty of the Highlands from your bike. This fully supported 40km cycling tour will take you on a breathtaking adventure along the scenic back roads of the West Guilford area. We’ll stop regularly to visit art studios to talk to the artist, watch demonstrations, and explore natural and cultural features. Original works of art will be on display for show and sale. A tasty lunch is provided. Tours are available with or without accommodation. Visit our Website for more details.

Haliburton Village Haliburton
Contact: Barrie Martin Tel: 1-705-754-3436
Email: info@yoursoutdoors.ca


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