Between Seasons – Lake Michigan, Chicago, IL – Lake Muscoka, Gravenhurst, Ontario

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In some ways right now–past the mid-point in March is the hardest time of year here in the Midwest in regard to the weather. We hope that the worst of winter is over with yet still we’ll be unsurprised if we get hit again with winter weather and the plows and the salting commence. On the flip side, there’s no snow left on the ground, the grass is showing hints of green, the birds are chirping like crazy, bunnies are hopping about–you get the idea. It feels like spring is almost here yet it remains elusive–quite far away still. Our seasons are very odd in that the transition time is short. It’s not months–it’s only weeks that we experience both a traditional spring or fall. The rest of the time it’s either summer or winter. For now, no matter what the calendar says–it’s winter.

Navy Pier, Chicago, Lake Michigan IL, USA

Navy Pier, Chicago, Lake Michigan, IL, USA -March 22, 2009

Lake Muscoka, Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada - March 22, 2009

Lake Muscoka, Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada - March 22, 2009


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