No Worries, USA, Canada Has Your Back

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Canadian Air Force Fighter Jet

Canadian Air Force Fighter Jet

Canadian fighters scrambled to turn back a Russian Bear intercontinental bomber over the Arctic within 24 hours of  US President Barack Obama’s visit to Ottawa last week.

The Tu-95 turboprop was approaching over the Northwest Passage but never crossed into Canadian airspace after two the interception by two Canadian CF-18 fighter jets, Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay said today.

The Canadian pilots told the Russian aircraft “to turn around, turn tail and head back to its own air space, which it did,” MacKay said.

“I’m not going to stand here and accuse the Russians of having deliberately done this during the presidential visit” on Feb. 16, MacKay said, “but it was a strong coincidence.”

Russian Bearcat Fighter Jet

Russian Bearcat Fighter Jet

Russian bombers have stepped up patrols approaching U.S. and Canadian airspace to press Moscow’s jurisdictional rights and access to the potential mineral wealth on the Arctic frontier.

On Jan. 27, two Tu-95s were intercepted and turned away from the Alaska coast.


Weekend Weather Southern Ontario, Haliburton Highlands, Maple Lake

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Pretty day on Lake Muscoka in Gravenhurst -02.27.09


More to come later tonight…

Behind the low pressure system is a ridge of high pressure that will bring cooler than seasonal temperatures to Ontario and Quebec.

No precipitation is expected for either Saturday or Sunday. Temperatures are expected to stay cool.

Looking Ahead
Cold and dry conditions are expected to stay in place until the middle of next week.


I Miss Maple Lake

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About February I start to really need  it to not be winter. My spouse started talk of Maple Lake when we had to put in  for his 2009 vacation time and he keeps mentioning little things with the latest being that he found a great motion -activated light that would help prevent our neighbours and relatives people from falling down the hill into the lake when they pass between the cottage and the hill at night. Personally, I sort of gleefully anticipate hearing a *splash* one day and the motion-activated light would probably quash any hope of that but spouse is right– it’s a safety issue and would be nice for us as well coming home after dark.


Long Term Weather Forecast and 14-Day Trend for Haliburton Highlands/Southern Ontario

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Feb 23-Feb 28 Weather Forecast Haliburton Hihglands

Feb 23-Feb 28 Weather Forecast Haliburton Highlands

Overall with the exception of Monday’s high of only 17 F, the upcoming week is pretty mild. There is about another inch of snow in the forecast for tomorrow, Sunday, then through mid week there is a bit of warming with Wednesday’s high a balmy 35 F. I know that is not welcome due to yet another snow and ice melt but hang on for  this:


Keeping in mind that the bar graph’s yellow line is reflective of where the the temperatures are above, below, or at normal, it’s looking like out of two weeks you’ll have about three days with normal or slightly above-normal temperatures and the rest of the time is going to be COLD. The temps above wouldn’t be so bad if they were in Celsius but they are Fahrenheit!Daytime highs of – 8 F? Yikes. As I tell my spouse, Canadians are a hardy lot.  Some consolation is that 12 of the 14 days there will be at worst, some sun, and nine days (give or take) will be mostly sunny. I’m not fond of the cold but a nice, bright sunny day does cheer my spirits as I hope it does yours.


Barack Obama: Pretty Cool Guy/Short Term Weekend Weather for Haliburton Highlands/Maple Lake

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I was quite tickled by a number of photos taken in Ottawa yesterday.

In re: the maple cookies which Obama tried to buy for his daughters, Sasha and Malia: He must be freaking the Secret Service right out.

Take a look at the looks on their faces  when Obama wanders into a shop  to buy a souvenir–they are intensely staring at the arms/hands of every person that is near Obama.
CLICK to enlarge!

Several Canadain News Reports:

Why are they not scanning the room? Because there’s more guys just
steps away. 🙂 The Secret Service hardly make a secret of their Now the weather.  image13🙂


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