Haliburton County, Maple Lake Area Short and Long Term Weather Forecast January 31- Feb 7, 2009

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This is a beautiful shot of Reach Harbour, Ontario on the last day of January, 2009.. Click to enlarge.


(Click on graphic to enlarge)

Heading into Saturday evening the last day of January, expect isolated flurries and brisk temperatures in the 10C to feels like –16C-range. Isolated flurries continue into Sunday as the month of February  kicks off with a seasonally mild day. With warming winds coming up from the southwest expect some sun by Sunday afternoon and a high of – 2C.

Long Term Forecast


The Haliburton County Long Term weather forecast includes no snow for most of the work-week and brisk temperatures. Expect a high of – 6C on Monday and a nighttime low of – 18C with variable cloudiness during the daylight hours. Tuesday, expect a bit more sun and high temperatures of about  – 15 C. Wednesday will again bring cloudy periods with a daytime high of – 16C and a chilly nighttime low of – 22C. Winds are out of the north on both Tuesday and Wednesday at about 10km/h.

Thursday, Feb. 5 continues the pattern of cloudy periods/no snow with a daytime high of – 12C and the coldest night of the week. Overnight on Thursday temperatures are expected to dip to – 28C. Be sure to bundle.

Friday February 6, will provide somewhat of a respite with temperatures warming slightly to – 6C during the day and just a small drop at night to –10 C. Expect isolated flurries on Friday with only minor snow accumulation.

Saturday, February 7 ushers in a 60% chance of snow flurries and a seasonable high of – 8C during the day and – 18C overnight. The temperatures continue to rise over the weekend of February 7-8 to well above average and will remain above average for the entire week of Feb 8.

slope.bolermtn.nonprofitBoler Mtn. Non-Profit ski Area on Jan 31

Click to enlarge photos above and below.


Georgian Peaks on Jan 31, 2009


Almost no snow forecasted for southern Ontario this week!

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The angle of the sun on this webcam lens produces a shimmery allmost etheral effect, which was was kind of neat. The skier is a nice compliment seeming more real as do the outer edges of the photo.

Blue Mountain, Ontario, CA  01.24.09

Sunday, January 25  will be pretty straightforward. Just use Fahrenheit and remember “five.” A high of 5F and and low of minus 5F.

Almost no snow forecasted for southern Ontario this week!

We don’t need any more snow  here in the Chicago area now we have a sealed ,packed 6 inches or so left, higher in a lot of places–usually the places my 12 lb. dog feels compelled to navigate through).

I do have some nice webshots from around southern Ontario, including ski slopes/spots and up-to-this-minute long-term weather forecast for Southern Ontario. It was more mid-day when I took these instead of nearer to sunset. And we are now significantly into regaining hours of light. I believe since Solstice we’ve gained about 30 minutes. Yay and lots more to come, too. <happy dance> Long term weather cast after the short-term and some pics.



Thornebury, Georgian Peaks, Ontario, CA  01.24.09


Boler Mtn. Nonprofit Ski Club had lots of business as the weekend got started.

Have you ever heard of a non-profit ski club in the US? Me neither.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Mine was a bit rough but hey there’s time for it to improve!



The Long-Term Weather Forecast for Southern Ontario, CA, January 26 thru January 31.


The weather forecast for Southern Ontario for Sunday, January 26 through Saturday January 31: A bit of light snow on Thursday and Friday, temperatures normal for the region at this time of year. See weatherchart above for details.


How quickly will Obama repair the damage done to Canadian-American relations?

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Barack Obama, joined by his wife Michelle and daughters Sasha and Malia, takes the oath of office from Chief Justice John Roberts to become the 44th president of the United States at the U.S. Capitol. (Jae C. Hong/Associated Press)

Source: CBC.ca

The Canadian government anticipates an announced visit from U.S. President Barack Obama will come “sooner rather than later,” Canada’s foreign affairs minister told CBC News on Tuesday.

A crowd gathers on the University of Calgary campus on Tuesday to watch U.S. President Barack Obama's inauguration on a large TV in the food court of the students' centre.

A crowd gathers on the University of Calgary campus on Tuesday to watch U.S. President Barack Obama’s inauguration on a large TV in the food court of the students’ centre. (Tom Spears/CBC)

Lawrence Cannon said despite the choice of George W. Bush to visit Mexico in his first official state visit, a historical precedent from John F. Kennedy onward suggests presidential visits to Canada have “always been quite close” to the inauguration date.

“The visits to Canada have been very closely aligned with the beginning of the mandate of the new president, so I think that the presumption that it will be sooner rather than later is bang on,” Cannon said in an interview from Ottawa.

Obama has already pledged his first official trip abroad will be to Ottawa. Cannon said he did not have a confirmed date for the new president’s visit, but officials from both sides of the border have been in touch.

“We expect that over the course of the next couple of days …we’ll get a better sense of how this is going to work out,” he said. “But we’re pleased that he’s coming to Canada first and foremost.”

PM, Ignatieff congratulate new president

In a statement Tuesday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper offered his heartfelt congratulations on behalf of all Canadians to Obama and Americans as they celebrate a “historic day with their friends around the world.”

The prime minister said he is “delighted” that the president has accepted Canada’s invitation to make this country the destination of his first international visit.

“The United States remains Canada’s most important ally, closest friend and largest trading partner and I look forward to working with President Obama and his administration as we build on this special relationship,” Harper said.

I am truly hopeful that the damage done to Canadian-American relations can be repaired in the most expeditious and mutually beneficial way.

Never in my lifetime, most of it spent as a Canadian citizen living in the United States as a legal resident, have I been aware of such frosty relations for such an extended period. Sure there have been dust ups over acid rain and free trade and these and many others should concern both the US and Canada. In the past disagreements generally were hammered out–a meet-halfway position was struck.

But from Bush’s first blunderous inaugural first visit into Mexico, effectively snubbing both Canada and  long-standing protocol–and remember we are all about tradition and protocol– to the back-breaking straw–the Iraq war and Canada’s right choice in not supporting it, Canada and the United States have seen their sibling-like relationship deteriorate. Both countries know of course, each one being the other’s biggest trading partner that we couldn’t stop being allies but the Bush Administration gave Canada the cold shoulder–there was absolutely no question about that.

There is every reason to believe that Barack Obama will do what he can to repair what’s broken and to reestablish and maintain family ties.

Among many other great expectations that are presumed of President Obama, this one is most personal to me.


Long and Short Term Weather Forecast Haliburton County, Maple Lake Area: January 17- 25, Webcam photos

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Sorry to be getting this up late again folks. Haliburton County has been having nicer weather than here in the Chicago area. Ours reached fever pitch and something had to give. In our case it was Internet for about eight hours yesterday. Was glad to still have heat, however. 🙂

OK. First what is in store for tonight, Saturday, through tomorrow, Sunday, January 18:


Light snow is predicted for overnight tonight with accumulations of up to one inch.

Light snow shall continue throughout the day Sunday, turning to flurries by evening.

Temperatures are forecasted to reach a high of 12°F. Total snow accumulation for the rest of the weekend appears to be about 2-3 inches.

Look at  the  Long-range forecast:longtermforecast

Temperatures through next week bounce back and forth between average, 15-20F down to moderately below average with highs on Tuesday and Thursday of 8 F and 12 F respectively. Six inches of snow is forecast for Friday with another 2 inches on Saturday, January 24.

Now for some webshots from around Southern Ontario from yesterday, Friday the 16, 2009.


Boler Mountain Nonprofit Ski club


Blue Mountain


Lake Muscoka, Gravenhurst


Indian River, Port Carling


Chapleau River at sunset


Haliburton Highlands Short and Long-Range Weather Forecast Maple Lake Area *Severe Weather*

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My first reaction when I took a look at Southern Ontario’s 2-week weather forecast was, “Oh my.”

Though I realize there is quite a bit of variation in weather throughout Southern Ontario, none of it looks good and the hard cold is coming–soon!

Let’s get the bad stuff up front and center and go into more detail below.


Temperatures are just about normal now–Sunday the 11th. They will remain so tomorrow at around -5°C with partly cloudy skies. Tuesday the 13th begins the serious deep-freeze and light snow. With temperatures starting out about slightly below-normal at -8°C, they drop throughout the day, reaching about -21°C by day’s end. Wednesday the 14th should see the the start of the lowest temperatures of the week with bright, sunny skies the high will only be -25°C, the low is forecasted to be -30°C.

Let’s get more specific as the week progresses and temperatures slowly work their way up to the normal range:


Thursday will have sunny skies and will be a near twin to Wednesday with a high of only -25°C and the low dropping to  -30°C. Friday will be mainly sunny with a high of -24°C and a low of -34°C. The weekend forecast shows temperatures on the rise and that trend continues throughout next week.

Some webcam shots from around southern Ontario taken today, January 11, 2009.


Boler Mountain, 01.11.09


Calabogie Ski Hill, 01.11.09


Lake Muscoka, Gravenhurst, 01.11.09


Penetangore River, Lake Huron


Kincardine Harbour, Lake Huron


Indian River, Port Carling, Ontario 01.11.09


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