Long Range Weather Forecast Haliburton Highlands/Maple Lake Area

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Apologies, I am again late to my own own web page. It is the holidays, after all. Hope you enjoyed Boxing Day.  🙂

Have taken a road trip with my brother to my folk’s who are now in Maryland, USA.

My dad has regaled me with tales of cottage country family but more particularly to this post, he reminded me that the roads are generally kept quite clear in the Haliburton Highlands. I won’t go into his commentary about his feelings about the tax system. Suffice to say that the cottagers are helping take care of their year-round cottage country enthusiasts.

The weather here in Maryland is seasonably warm and wet–just like it was today at Maple Lake.

As expected, Maple Lake and the Haliburton Highlands will see temperatures dropping as of Sunday, December 28 and continuing right through to the first day of the New Year.

Sunday, 12/28  will be partly sunny with a a high of about 22F degrees. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will all have snow–ranging from isolated flurries to lights now.

Espect some some sun on Thursday–New Year’s Day and a high only of about 12F.

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!!!


Weather Winter Solstice/Long Range Weathercast Haliburton County: Stretch Longest, Daylight Hours Shortest of The Year

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XO, Cyn

Above: Click to enlarge- Weathercast below

Happy Winter Solstice!

Long Weathercast and Road Conditions in Southern Ontario, Cottage County December 19-20, 2008.

roadcondtion 12.19.08evening

The current and upcoming weather for the Haliburton Highlands and nearby counties for the next week is not too bad, though earlier tonight roads in the Orillia area are reported as “Partly Covered”  up through Haliburton county where it is reported as “Snow Covered.”

There will be a real mix of weather in terms of light snow days and bright, sunny ones. Tuesday and Wednesday warm up a bit with light snow/flurries and a high of 24F. on Weds. which is the warmest it is forecasted to get this week. The remaining days are quite nippy.

Click graphic for detail.

Weather Saturday 12.19-20.08 Haliburton, others, Click to enlarge.

Weather Saturday 12.19-20.08 Haliburton, others, Click to enlarge.

Weather Southern Ontario 12.20 through Boxing Day

Weather Southern Ontario 12.20 through Boxing Day

Enjoy stimulating the economy by spending as much of the Christmas money you got as you possibly can  shopping on Boxing Day. 🙂


Too aggressive to ignore

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Lake Muscoka- 12.16.08

Normally posts about the weather excepting actual forecasts translated from little charts and graphs to English, are not my topic of the day but the weather here is entirely too…aggressive to ignore.

I didn’t walk the dog last night because of the 40F degree plummet the temps took from the day before and I just was not up for a zero wind chill–and if I know my dog–she wasn’t either. It was almost as if she could sense that it was miserable outside because instead of hounding me and spouse beginning around 9:30 p.m. she just chilled out on the couch until spouse put her on her 16 ft leash which (shush, don’t tell the condo association) is attached to our back deck.

I was wondering if the predicted weather had hit the Central Ontario region and sure enough the web photo (above) does not lie.

Stay warm everyone. Don’t drive anywhere that you don’t absolutely have to.


‘Embarrassing’ to be a Canadian at climate talks

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It’s really hard to read this type of news. I realize that all the choices are tough but I’m disheartened to see that Canada truly has morphed again–back into a 10X smaller (in population) version of the United States.

Last I spoke with my favourite aunt on the topic of the US and Canada she said, “as the United States goes, so goes Canada six months later.” This was just last summer and according to news reports then the Canadian housing market was still strong. Now, it’s in free-fall like here the US. Yesterday, I saw that the Canadian government had voted to bail out their automobile industry with millions of Canadian tax dollars–exactly as is been debated (and all but finalized) by the US federal government.

Now this. Canada actually got worse grades at the United Nations Climate Conference than did the United States. I have to agree that is indeed a mark of shame.

Mark of Shame for Canada

The UN climate conference in Poznan, Poland, was a “mark of shame” for Canada, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said on Saturday.

Delegates from poorer nations were angry at Canada for not meeting its commitments under the Kyoto protocol, as well as all industrialized countries for stalling on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, May told CBC News.

During the conference, which began Dec. 1, Canada won several Fossil of the Day Awards, announced by Climate Action Network International, a group that includes more than 400 non-governmental organizations.

“It was embarrassing being a Canadian at these meetings,” May said.

“Canada, unfortunately, was about the worst performer here, and that’s saying a lot. That means worse than the United States with the lame-duck Bush administration, still doing what it can to obstruct.

“But in the negotiations, Canada, I say, won. It’s really a mark of shame,” she said.


Haliburton County, Maple Lake Area, Long-Term Weather Forecast 12.13-12.20.08

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The weather overnight is quite cold at minus 14 F <gasp> and you’ve got light snow morning, afternoon, and in the evening on Saturday. However, temperatures climb to 26F–way more than I would have guessed for Saturday. light snow is forecasted for Saturday afternoon through evening.  Sunday , expect   another climb in temperatures 33F with light snow.

Monday is the day that is going to really be unusual. The high temperature is forecasted to be 41F with light rain On Monday.

Though the sun returns on Tuesday, temperatures will reach a high of only 15F. If you get any slush because of the warm temperatures on Monday, Tuesday and the rest of the week will serve up more light snow and temperatures generally between 20 and 25F so your slush will ice over from the melt and refreezing.

Be sure to click the weathercast graphics to enlarge them.



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