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Chris at about probably age 9- tubing on Maple Lake

Chris at about probably age 9- tubing on Maple Lake

I’m hoping to not sound like a broken record but I am ready to leave–in my mind.

The reality of a bunch of (paid) work flung my way in the past few days has slowed me down–but I am truly not complaining–just explaining.

It’s going to be late by the time I depart here tomorrow but that’s my schedule for you.

I’m just about to do a complete upgrade to Maple Lake Ontario -did a full backup just now–go me. I’ve got fingers crossed that it go off without a hitch.

I will of course, be blogging from Maple Lake . I have fingers crossed that the satellite internet guys have things ready for me to hook up and log on.

Here goes.




Labour Day Weekend/Long Range Forecast For Haliburton Highlands

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I’m getting pretty excited and a admittedly a bit anxious about our trip  to Maple Lake, Ontario on Friday.

The weather looks fantastic though (!), especially Labour Day–Monday. Finally, the people who really need good weather will have something to enjoy.

I’d like it to be calm enough that we get a last canoe ride in and I’d like the air temperatures to be warm enough so that the quite chilly lake temperature doesn’t  force me to keep my swim-time short.

I guess that’s a rather large list but the biggest wish is that my boys, age 25 and 16 as well as our little dog Raven, do just fine here on their own. I’m sure they will but since I’m a mother worry is hard-wired.

Hope to see anyone reading this pop over for a visit to our cottage over Labour Day. If we don’t see you –enjoy!


Eco Friendly Products: Sun/Moon Jar/ My wish for summer, 2009 at Maple Lake

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Sun Jar, Moon Jar Solar Jars--great at the cottage-sturdy!

Sun Jar, Moon Jar Solar Jars--great at the cottage-sturdy!

I was just mulling over how when we go to Maple Lake, we are much more aware of our environment and how we impact it and visa-versa.
For example, cleaning products. At home I live in a condo in a big suburb and really don’t put much thought into what my cleaning products are made of. At the lake it’s a different story entirely. Any waste water that runs off does so just feet from our lake. Being aware of this, we go out of our way to use products that if somehow they do get into the lake won’t do significant harm.

The product I found myself using a lot at the cottage for older stains on ceramic and tile was baking soda. It was gentle but very efficient–even removing stains that I’d scrubbed with harsh cleansers that I’d previously used in desperation.

Another ecofriendly product I brought up to Maple Lake especially to keep at the lake was my sun jar. The cottage gets plenty of sun so the solar cells quickly powered the rechargeable battery which is then used to power the low-energy LED lamps.
My intent was to have another source of light if we were to lose power to the cottage which is quite common with severe weather. It did happen that the power went out one late afternoon, not returning until 11 p.m. and the sun jar was enjoyed greatly not just as a light source but as a object of beauty.

EDIT: I like it best as a portable nightlight. It kept it’s glow for several hours but it need to put in sunlight to be at it best. It rained almost the whole time we were there. I would like to test it out with a few bright, sunny days each week, maybe mixed with mostly sunny-with rain– when we need it–at night. 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂


Haliburton Highlands Long Range Forecast: Weather Improving!

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Spouse has been following the Haliburton Highlands weather forecast like a hawk as he is concerned about his grass seed getting enough water.

Our gardens here at home look the worse for his being gone three weeks. Spouse says they are at the end of their life cycles but I think they got both too much water and too much heat.

So Maple Lake looks great this week, like much of the Haliburton Highlands!

Hurrah for a stretch of good weather. I’m still undecided about staying up there longer in September. With his dad working 7 days a week, I’m a tad concerned about leaving Chris essentially on his own at the beginning of Junior year.

Current Forecast: Haliburton Highlands

And the Long Range Weather Forecast for the Haliburton Highlands through the first week in September:

That looks really good until just after Labour Day weekend-then ZMOG! Freezing again!


Repurposing: Hand-made Stone Steps Leading To Maple Lake

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My favourite rock has been on this beach a very long time.

Now it is the bottom step.

Cool, no?

Both sets of stairs are wicked awesome. Spouse is very industrious and exacting whenever possible. This is repurposing these rocks back to what they were doing long ago.

Very pretty and through manual labour–lots of it–the steps have been re-built. I think they look great.


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