Weather Forecast, Maple Lake Ontario: July 28- August 4, 2008, Bug Forecast

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This is what it’s looked like a lot here at Maple Lake  this week past~

I wasn’t unhappy to miss the weekend revelry in favour of getting things set up for spouse, son, and dog’s arrival. They got here around 11 p.m. last night. As always  (lol) it took 13 hours out of a start about 25 miles northwest of Chicago. Accidents, construction, the usual–but an easy border crossing which is always appreciated!

The cottage is sinking noticeably this year. I don’t think the rains helped much.:( Filing down the doors just isn’t a long-term or permanent solution. It’s pretty worrying because it needs to be addressed, then the siding!

To the weather and bugs! /EDIT

Black flies are officially out of season here! I wonder if they know that? (See bug report below for the day before.)


Iffy Weather…

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…is what the forecast calls for all the way into next week here in the West Guilford/Maple Lake area. Must be kind of disappointing for anyone who has limited vacation time or has come to the end of their vacation.

My family and I usually hold off coming up to Maple Lake until August because whether it’s a cast iron fact or not a) virtually every time we arrive we are told by the regulars that we brought the good weather with us,  that the weather had been not great for some time prior to our getting here. Always is nice to be perceived as a ray of sunshine. 🙂 b) The weather here is near perfect most every August.

My perspective, having a whole month to chill out here is that I have plenty to do that doesn’t need great weather to be done–so though I’d welcome just a bit more sunshine, I’m willing to wait for the great weather on the way to Maple Lake  on Tuesday and Wednesday and possibly beyond.
Spoke with spouse and both sons tonight–all sounds good on the home front. Spouse did tell me that the flowers that I posted were in fact some wildflowers seeds he just sprinkled on the bank before we left last time.

i have anohter shot of them here, plus daisies.


I started to feel human today

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Meaning after a kamikaze trip like the one I just made, I don’t realize how badly it throws me until the day after the day after. The day after or more accurately later on the day of my trip, I was just in a brain fog. I wandered from room to room making feeble attempts at organizing things but had no idea how badly I felt until today when I felt on top of the world (can’t wait for tomorrow!)

The weather which becomes a primary focus when one is here, has not followed the gloom and doomy forecasts. It hasn’t rained at all that I can tell–unless I was sleeping. I know they’ve had rain because the barbecue cover was on the ground filled with water <censored> and the foliage is a lush green.  The bugs are a large hint, too.

No specifics as per request but this one more time as I get ready to stay here for longer than I have since age 13, I can and will talk about my feelings. I have a right after all, my legal last name is the same as my grandmother’s. Instead of extended family however, my focus is the lake and the surrounding area and that is what brings me great joy. That and having my spouse, son, and dog nearby.

I had an awesome swim tonight as the sun was setting. The clouds looked painted in the sky and the sun was barely visible behind the cloud cluster but enough orange and pink were peeking out that it was breathtaking.

I got a couple of one-off shots but honestly nothing spectacular. There are times when you have to immerse yourself in the moment, also there are times when the bugs are thick as thieves and you do not want to be standing around offering them lunch, so I stayed in the lake and watched the sunset. A person in a canoe was somewhat nearby and he too was just absorbing the exquisitness of it all. Though we did not speak I’m fairly certain that our thoughts were similar in being thankful for the natural beauty everywhere around us.


Procrastination (Thy Name Is Cindy)

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Nirvana a/k/a Maple Lake, Ontario, Canada

Nirvana a/k/a Maple Lake, Ontario, Canada

It’s not simply case of not feeling like getting prepared for “Cindy’s big adventure north.” It’s more a sense of feeling overwhelmed by leaving home ( here) for a month. I want to go–really, really want to go. And I’m quite sure once I get there and get settled in that I’ll be better than fine. It’s just that I’m finding it hard to find a stopping point for my day-to-day responsibilities and to be honest, distractions which are not productive.

I think I need a nudge but there’s no one to tell me to get it in gear because I’m pretty much the boss of me.

OK. That’s it. I’m signing off. I will see you on the other side (of the border), fingers crossed that the newly installed satellite Internet in the cottage is humming along. This girl does not have the luxury of taking a month break. Posting may slack a tad–though be prepared for a barrage of photographs of the beauty that is cottage country. Until then, stay safe and take good care.



Beautiful Ontario Sunsets ~ July 15, 2008

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Torbay Cottage, North Bay, Ontario
Torbay Cottage, North Bay~

Well folks, it’s t-minus about 64 hours and the clock is ticking down to my momentous leave of my entire family for a week at Maple Lake (they’ll join me for three more weeks at the end of week one).

It’s a bit unnerving and I can feel the anxiety starting to creep in–not about a week alone (are you kidding?–nirvana!) but of leaving the guys behind. With the youngest being almost 16 y.o. no one really needs me but I’m a control freak so I’m completely beside myself that they’ll forget to do all the things that I always do–and then what? Probably no big disaster–but tell my itchy brain that!

My main concern is the additional three weeks when spouse and younger son and our dog, Raven will join me at the lake. I’m afraid that eldest son, who does not have the vacation time  and won’t make it up  to the lake at all again this year, will let my plants die. 🙁

I should be getting anxious about the near-700 mile drive there–but I’m not as I’ve done it so often–either alone or with a kid or two.

Moving along.

I stopped by Maple Lake Ontario today to check on the weather and the bugs and before doing so I checked on the the sun setting in Ontario and what a beautiful sunset it was!

I have a number of really pretty sunset web shots to share, then long-range weather, then bug forecast.

*About the webcam shots. It’s quite hard to obtain a good webcam shot due to factors including that most webcams are outside so the lenses get dirty, the webcam gets skewed to a strange angle, and bug juice collects. What I do is grab the shot and most times or in the case of the Dorset and Haliburton webcams, always clean them up and try to bring out as natural a photo image as I can.

Kincardine Harbour from Lighthouse One

Kincardine Harbour~ from Lighthouse One

Kincardine Channel Overlooking the Penetangore River which connects to Lake Huron

Kincardine Channel overlooking the Penetangore River which connects to Lake Huron.

Silver Lake Resort

Silver Lake Resort~


Dorset Sunset, July 15~

Haliburton Sunset (enhanced)

Haliburton Sunset (enhanced)~

Once again the goofy neon car image at the top right area is where the road turns sharply, avoiding a plunge into Head Lake. I used to love going around that as a kid. Still do. 😉

Extended Weather Prediction for West Guilford:

14 day weathercast west guilford

That looks really good to me!

bug report thru 07.20

Hrm. Don’t forget your DEET!


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