West Guilford, Maple Lake Extended Weather and Bug Forecast

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Maple Lake~ Sunrise After Storms

Maple Lake~ Sunrise After Storms

(Above) Maple Lake sunrise after storms~

Also have your bug report here. 🙂

Our spring shall soon yield to summer and from what I can see, this area of Ontario is quite similar to us (Chicago area) in that to be able to enjoy lovely, warm temperatures you have to be willing to “enjoy” the rain as well. And so the long range forecast for the Maple Lake area going through June 13 is a mixed bag of below normal temps, plenty of rainfall, and a few above-average temperature days, two of which we’ll be at the Lake.

I don’t really have a problem with it raining at Maple Lake as long as the temps. are pretty good and as long as it stops periodically to let things dry on the clothesline. However, what I like and what will be is not always quite the same. Read on:

Longe range weathercast through June 13, 2008

And the bugs:

Bug Report West Guilford
One would think after viewing the bug report that there is a good chance of getting eaten alive. I have a few strategies to attempt to avoid that.

1. Stay in the Lake –always. Only come up for air.
2. Stay inside. I don’t employ this one too much but then again, I haven’t been at Maple Lake in early June since I was an infant. Read along and learn with me. 🙂
3. Wear DEET and wear long sleeves and long pants, shoes and socks.


It’s raining on and off here in Illinois today and it appears to be doing so in areas of Ontario as well. I just took two shots of Wawa on Lake Superior.

Without sounding like I’m snarking, I’d like to again note that there really is no point in Cams Across Ontario, a provincial-sponsored entity, approving a webcam feed that employs a lousy and or dirty lens. All one sees _all the time_ is blur. It’s really just shame– a waste of potential and bandwidth. With that said, I commend the various waterside entities that consistently offer clear, beautiful views of their area. They are truly appreciated.

It’s raining. Still pretty, though.

Wawa, Lake Superior


Update: Days Gone Bye ~ Maple Lake

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Above: The companion photo to the one I earlier posted of my dad, this is my mom and her dogs, Pug and Cindy. I believe the year is 1955.


As I was waiting for a very slow printing job to finish for son’s Gifted Expo tomorrow night I went through a few more old Maple Lake Ontario photos.

In some ways it’s rather sad doing so as people that seem so vibrant in their photographs are no longer so. Many are no longer with us. Just as troubling are fractured relationships, justified as they may be. Its still not picture-perfect, no matter how long I work on the photographs.

Ouside Peewee2

Another one I like because it is how I remember the family and especially because I’m in my grandmother’s arms, is this one:


My grandmother and I are all the way in back. My cousin’s head is partially obscuring me. She’s being held by her father, my dad’s best friend.

My other cousin, 5 months my senior, is held by my aunt, who is also her aunt. We are all sitting just outside the cottage at the top of the hill.

Below is the same day, has to be my dad sneaking up on my mom again. I cannot tell you how many times he did that and how much it annoyed her and he never stopped, I think because he enjoyed that look of “Whaa?” 🙂

She’s wearing cute shoes. Oh, and that’s “Tad,” my grandparent’s dog there at her feet. Nice dog.


Outside of PeeWee


One more:

My uncle before he was my uncle and on the right, my dad (circa 1955).

Bob and Dad




Beautiful Day Across Ontario~

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Reach Harbour~ Wakefield

Reach Harbour~ Lakefield

Above~ Reach Harbour, Lakefield

While here in the United States Memorial Day weekend has kicked off, it’s just another beautiful Saturday to be on a lake–any lake in Ontario. Here are some webcam stills that I just finished taking and cleaning up.

Word is that the summer in Ontario is to be drier and warmer than usual. At least the warmer part sounds welcome. Much like our area has experienced an oddly cold May so has Ontario.

The “Eye in the Sky’ webcam which sat high in the hills of Haliburton remains missing. I’m still hoping it’s because they are going to install a new one (that has a clean, focused lens and is not crooked). Haliburton deserves a true representaton of it’s beauty and by using a decent- to- good webcam, it’ll have that! 😉


Toronto Windsurfing Club

Chapleau Bay
Mulligan’s Bay, Chapleau River~

Toronto Windsurfing Club~

Bay: East Barrie

Bay~ East Barrie

Bay~ West Barrie
Bay~ West Barrie

KeeCam~ Bala
Kee Cam ~ Bala

Mountain Trout Cam
Dysart~ (Haliburton Highlands)

Rock Island Lodge
Rock Island Lodge, Lake Superior (Nav Beacon), Michipicoten River


We found the key to the cottage!!!

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Silver Lake Cottages

Silver Lake Cottages

Silver Lake Cottage Resort, Ontario~05.19.08

Actually, spouse found it in the exact place where it “should have” been. The “safe” place. lol. Where I keep it with other important Canadian stuff –border crossing-card, birth certificate. I’m still trying to get a photo for my CDN passport that is acceptable to the Canadian government. <eyeroll>. It’s come to, I’m just going to go to a Canadian prof photographer and if you think about it, that may be the whole point. I just wanted to get it done a while ago. Because from what I read, many folks* got exasperated w/American photographer’s unreliable rendering of Canadian photos that they shrugged and got it done in Canada–where apparently the residents Canadian have very little trouble getting an accurate passport  image of themselves that the Canadian government will not reject. I may as well  have one done of my youngest son as now that we know he’s got dual citizenship. He has the choice either or both. If you had your choice. would you prefer to travel the world as an American or as a Canadian (living in  the US) which would you pick? It’s fun that he gets a choice.

Here’s the bad deal though. Canadian passports are only good for 5 years. And they cost about $30 more for each one. Bah.

American is good for 10.  Supposedly, the Canadians are just a “step ahead” in the process of giving you less for your money (blame the terrorists) and the US will be dropping the years that a US passport is good, to five years as well.

The key was in a dresser “summer” drawer which normally wouldn’t get used much in the winter except that I went swimming quite a bit over the winter. I’ve now surmised that I need to toss a couple of swimsuits that chlorine and usage have wiped out–and maybe clean out some of the greetings cards I have stashed in there, too. Anyway, no worries about the key–I can go on  now <phew> and stress about something else. I just bought a new swimsuit and it’s not a Speedo for the first time in a while. Hopefully it’s as utilitarian as I need it to be but somewhat less “one colour.” It looks good for swimming and it’s black with little pink polka dots. We’ll see how it goes when it gets here. I’m planning on swimming often this summer. In Maple Lake. 🙂

*Canadians not living in Canada–there’s lots of us.


Ontario Webcams~ May 16, 2008 ~Webcam Photography

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I had a lovely week last week with the privilege of being able to sit outside on our mini-deck 2 mornings in the nicest weather this place has. On day three I went straight to work with my cup of coffee inside with the windows open–fresh air is good. Wish we had it (fresh air) lol. Super lucky to work at home sometimes.


Lake Superior (Nav Beacon), Michipicoten_River I want to walk along this shore right now!

On Friday, I realized that I was way overdue in posting Maple Lake Ontario-picked webshot photos of around the Ontario, CA, region. I try to pick at least one somewhat near Maple Lake Ontario or even the Haliburton Highlands, it’s hit or miss. I found some cool new ones this week. Also, one of the local ones is down–I hope it’s for replacement of the Eye in the Sky webcam, oh please, oh please. The picture was one of the worst on the entire network. Anyway, here are some of the nicest ones plus wishes that Haliburton with it’s gorgeous lake in the center of town, should show the world how truly beautiful it is by, getting at least two webcams. Get one for Minden–by the river, too. 🙂 please.

“Around Ontario” May 16, 2008, afternoon via Cams Around Ontario~

Wawa Lake Cam
Hats off to whomever added three Wawa, Ontario webcams with nice images (and labelled, as well–nifty!) this week past. Thank you and please clean the lens periodically.

Kinkardine Marina

Kincardine Harbour–do a search on the left there and watch it go from late winter through now..and beyond…

Mulligans Bay, Chapleau River, Ontario
Mulligans Bay, Chapleau River, Ontario

Ontario Webcams


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