Grand Opening R.D. Lawrence Place, Minden Hills Cultural Centre

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RD Lawrence Place opening

RD Lawrence Place opening

Info courtesy of Amy Brohm
Tourism and Marketing Co-ordinator
County of Haliburton
705-286-1777; 1-800-461-7677

Though my family and I cannot attend, we will absolutely add this to our “things to do/ places to see” list which is growing ever-longer. 🙂

In other “news,” I’m still stressing over getting Internet and thereby altering my (our) entire summer for the better.

It’s hard to get a bead on what exactly is the Internet situation in Haliburton County.

One the one hand, there is W3Connex with it’s display on the Official Haliburton County website. It’s troubling however that there has been no updates on the status of the progress of making high-speed Internet connection available in the area.

More troubling: Though he was extremely nice, the fellow manning the phones (and I suspect doing many other tasks as well) at W3Connex essentially indicated that there could be 800 people with the same request as I have ahead of me in the line for high speed Internet access.

OTOH, Cottage Country Internet is ready to hook me up now. For $700 ($675 plus tax). Granted, this is a one-time install fee but I just don’t have that kind of cashola hanging around. Not to be all whiny but I am on full disability and this online writing I do– more than half is for free–the other part-time income–you know, to pay for “extras.” Seven hundred smackaroos is more than an “extra,” I’m afraid.

I just won’t be able to swing more than a couple of weeks at Maple Lake unless I get hooked up as I don’t have the luxury of taking the summer off.

Son will stay with me if we get hooked up as hid life revolves around school, books and online MMRPG games. Take away the games and interaction with his chums–well he’s a great kid but he’ll burn through any reading material he has. We use the Internet for everything–at least here in the States.

If only the nice people at either W3Connex or cottage Cottage Country Internet would take pity and realize that though my American dollars are not so big anymore 😉 I would still love to spend them in Haliburton County.


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