Moving Into Spring in Haliburton County, Ontario, High Speed Internet A Reality On Maple Lake

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Kawagama Lake ~4.30.08 Haliburton Highlands

Kawagama Lake ~4.30.08 Haliburton Highlands

I caught some lovely still photos as the sun was setting today with the one above taken in Haliburton County on Lake Kawagama on ~ 4.30.08.

I wanted to bring those that have been doing searches for “Internet Haliburton” and “Internet Maple Lake” up to speed on what the most recent developments have been.

Firstly, if you are on Maple Lake or you were depending upon the relay station that would serve it from Carnarvon, according to a recent conversation I had with a W3Connex representative, the news is not good.

Without disclosing too much I’ll just say that there has been as of April, a problem with the location of the relay station in terms of the property it is situated on. The tower must be moved and the W3Connex people do not yet know where they will put it. With this such a question mark, despite the nice man from W3Connex asking me to call back in a month when he could tell me more, I’ve opted to go with something I have a bit more control over, Cottage Country Internet .

Cottage Country Internet will be bringing satellite high speed Internet service to Maple Lake starting with us. I’m very happy about this as I’ll be able to enjoy the pleasure of living on the lake whilst I take care of the necessity of having to work part of the time while I’m there. Other family members will be able to work and play as well so as a longer-term type deal, this should work well for everyone.

By everyone I mean everyone living on Maple Lake because this first installation will allow everyone who wants it to ask for and have service installed.

Chapleau River, Muligans Bay
Chapleau River, Mulligans Bay, Ontario~ 4.30.08

Lake of Bays, Baysville Ontario

Lake of Bays, Baysville Ontario~ 4.30.08…but where’s the Bay?

Haliburton Eye in the Sky Cam

Haliburton~ Eye in the Sky Cam~ 4.30.08


Haliburton Bids for 2010 Ontario Summer Games!

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When I see a headline like the one above I have to read on…you should, too!

After an assessment of county-wide venues for hosting events and accommodating the athletes, coaches, officials and guests in venues and facilities throughout the County of Haliburton,  a formal bid submission to the Sport Alliance of Ontario was made.

“This is an exciting event and we are thrilled to present our bid to Sport Alliance of Ontario.” said the Warden, Eleanor Harrison.  “In addition to promoting sports among the youth of Ontario, we will also be able to showcase our beautiful County to the rest of the Province.”

Haliburton County is located 2 ½ hours northeast of Toronto and 3 ½ hours west of Ottawa.  Its central location and stunning setting make it the perfect location for the Ontario Summer Games.

The Haliburton bid presents an opportunity for a unique games experience for the athletes.  In addition to offering professional, regulation courses for each event, the Haliburton Highlands presents a beautiful backdrop of lakes, forests and rugged terrain.  The athletes will also be treated to distinctive outdoor experiences such as guided hikes and canoe trips, astronomy tours, as well as live entertainment by local musicians.

For more information about the County of Haliburton visit


Happy Earth Day, Ontario! ~ Webcam Shots From Around Ontario

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Happy Earth Day, Ontario and the rest of the world!
As you’ll see by having a look at the webcam stills that I captured today, it was a gorgeous day in many places in Ontario. The place pictured today closest to our cottage on Maple Lake is Lake Kawagama. Despite the fact that it appears that bug juice is smeared on the camera lens (I did some photoshopping in an attempt to minimize it) at least one can see that Lake Kawagama’s ice has melted! I’m sure that water is quite cold–but one step at a time! Enjoy the the cam photos. I know I had a blast looking around the province today, enjoying the sights.

Lake Kawagama~ Earth Day  ‘08
Lake Kawagama, Haliburton County, Ontario~ Earth Day (4.22) 2008

Healey Lake, Georgian Bay~ Earth Day 2008
Healey Lake, Georgian Bay, Ontario~ Earth Day, 2008

Pecks Marina, Landsdowne~Earth Day

Peck’s Marina, Lansdowne, Ontario~ Earth Day, 2008

Kinkardine Harbour Marina

Kincardine Harbour Marina, Ontario~ Earth Day, 2008

The boats are docked!
Silver Lake, Parry Sound ~Earth Day
Silver Lake, Parry Sound~Earth Day 2008
Mulligan’s Bay ~Earth Day, 2008
Mulligans Bay, Chapleau, Ontario ~Earth Day, 2008 ~Northeast view

That ice really seems to be thick! It looks like it’s going to be some time before this bay is very bay-like.
Muskoka Wharf, Gravenhurst ~Earth Day, 2008

Muskoka Wharf, Gravenhurst, Ontario ~Earth Day, 2008

Oh, oh! Looks like the ice melt has caused a bit of a disaster. No joking, this water line looks seriously high. That water is up the sides a good two feet. I hope the owners are aware of this!

Port Carling ~ Indian River  ~Earth Day, 2008

Port Carling ~ Indian River,  Ontario ~Earth Day, 2008

This has become one of my favourite spots to “hang out.”

Fourteen Day Weather Forecast~ West Guilford, Haliburton County

14-Day Weather Forecast West Guilford, Haliburton County


Webcams Around Ontario 04.18.08: Watch As Spring Unfolds

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chapleau river on mulligans.bay.04.18.08. Tried today to grab a quick snapshot–several actually–of various parts of Ontario that are situated on a water body. I found a few new ones! With others I’m just enjoying them as they ease into spring. Woo-hoo!

(above) Chapleau River on Mulligan’s Bay looks very frozen still. Brrr!

Lens Cove, Portland

Len’s Cove, Portland, Ontario

Silver Lake Parry Sound

Silver Lake, Parry Sound.

Well, the ice has receded a bit more. Got a ways to go yet, it seems.

Etobicoke Peregrine

Etobicoke, Peregrine Nest Cam

Nordic Trails: Not for skiing any more this season.

Nordic Trails: A lot of snow has melted in just days.

Net Cam

Montreal River Harbour


NEW* Webcam Photo Images Of Ontario Vacation Destinations, more

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Nordic Trails skiing area

Nordic Trails, Gravenhurst

Hi! Today I went for a look see via about 20-25 active webcams of various vacation destinations and areas of interest in Ontario, Canada.

As you know, Ontario is a large province with potential for quite a diversity of weather conditions. By taking still shots of each location, I’ve tried to give you a snapshot of the province on April 15, 2008. I am a bit heartened to see that the snow and ice is receding quite nicely in some areas. I’m also excited about the weather outlook for the Maple Lake Ontario area for the next 7 days!

West Guilford, Ontario 7-Day Forecast

West Guilford, Ontario 7-Day Forecast

This is Lake Kawagama in Haliburton County. This shot were taken on 04.05.08. It was reported that there was 2 feet of ice on the lake then.

Mountain Trout Aerial Shot of Lake Kawagama 04.05.08
Mountain Trout Aerial Shot of Lake Kawagama

Compare these next 2 shots of the same harbour.

Kinkardine Harbour, LAke Erie 3.08

Kinkardine Harbour, Lake Huron ~03.30.08

Kincardine Harbour, Lake Huron

Kinkardine Harbour, Lake Huron .~04.15.08 Looks like a lovely day on Lake Huron (Can you spot the changes from 2 weeks ago?)

Port Carling (north of Santa’s Village)

Port Carling (north of Santa’s Village) looks delightful!

Rockport, on The St. Lawrence River, Eastern Ontario
Rockport, on The St. Lawrence River, Eastern Ontario

Nordic Trails
Nordic Trails, Gravenhurst

Silver Lake, Parry Sound
Silver Lake, Parry Sound

Lens Marina
Len’s Cove Marina, Big Rideau Lake, Portland. This too looks like a lovely area!

And the snow is melting nicely in Gravenhurst. 🙂

Kawagama Lake, Haliburton County, 2 feet of ice.04.05.08

This is Lake Kawagama in Haliburton County. This shot was taken on 04.05.08.


Port Burwell, Lake Erie

And as much as I love Toronto as my birthplace, it’s the last place I want to be this summer–it, or any city. Toronto:


In my former hometown, Etobicoke’s Peregine Foundation’s Nesting Cam
etobicoke birdcam


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