Long-range Weather Forecast Southern Ontario

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I’ve noticed a number of inquiries for long-range weather in cottage country and though I don’t have forecasts for precise areas, this map indicates what area the forecast is pertinent to. It appears to be “off” for Haliburton County by about 75-100 miles, I would guess.

Though there would likely be some differences, I think especially since this is long-range and therefore not “reliable,” we can go with the generalities here about weather predictions for this summer at Maple Lake.

Southern Ontario Long Range Forecast

April and May temperatures will be above normal, on average, with below-normal precipitation from Sudbury westward and above-normal precipitation elsewhere.

Summer will be cooler and drier than normal. The hottest periods will be in late May, mid- to late June, and mid-July.

September and October will be warmer and drier than normal, with especially warm temperatures in early September.


Cams Across Ontario

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Lake Of Bays

Lake Of Bays

Cams Across Ontario, Haliburton Eye in the Sky Webcam
Is a fantastically comprehensive and easy to use site with a drop-down directory of many webcams throughout Ontario, Canada (hence the name). Be prepared to spend some time there if you visit because some of the images are stunning or fascinating and some are a wee bit strange at the moment. The cool thing about ‘cams though is that what they see is ever-changing so be sure to visit often and at different times of the day or night.

Some Cam stills from today:

Marina Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay Marina

Peregrine Nesting Foundation Cam~ Rexdale

And from the odd-looking but potentially interesting file…The Peregine Foundation’s Nesting Cam

Thunder Bay Nordic Trails

Nordic Trails, Gravenhurst (?)


Contemplating Cottage Country Internet

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Maple Lake Morning Sept 2007

The people at Cottage Country Internet have been very helpful in aiding me in my quest for information about getting high speed Internet access on Maple Lake.

They are partnered with Candlelight Communications, who were the first to provide the service in the Haliburton area.

Here is the good news:

It looks like we can service you today, directly from our tower.

And the not-so-good:

Installation would cost $675. Monthly fee would be $59.95/month.

The monthly fee is good. The install I realize, is a one time thing but for me to swing it alone is not within my current budget.

But here’s more good news:

Your location also qualifies for a relay site, which would drop your monthly fee to $39.95/month.

I need to be able to work at the Lake to be able to be at the Lake and to do so must have high speed Internet access I would really like to see Maple Lake be ushered into the 21st Century. And with me/us being the very first patrons on Maple Lake, we would in fact be bringing the capacity for Internet to the entire lake.

While I puzzle about how to pull this off please enjoy the nice picture that I took on Maple Lake last summer.


Maple Lake: When Will There Be High Speed Internet? Part II

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Mom and Dad dating, 1955

Mom and Dad dating, 1955

 Above: Mom and Dad, dating 1955

About 3 weeks ago I wrote a blog post entitled: Maple Lake: When Will There Be High Speed Internet Access?

Since then I’ve talked to or emailed two Internet Providers. Today it was W3Connex Inc.

A very nice gentleman, though he could not tell me the status of high speed Internet access on Maple Lake, did tell me that he currently had about 800 emails that each took him about 15-20 minutes to sort through each day. Today, he said, he got through about eight. I have no idea where I am in the queue. He says he gets many calls. I already knew through reading the Official Haliburton County Website that installation requests were hot and heavy so to speak, and that there may be a wait to get service.

The only other broadband service in the area charges about 4-5 times more for the service and for the maximum 6-8 weeks total we’d be there (son is taking driver’s ed through mid-July) I cannot justify that expense so it seems it’s narrowing down to three choices: No Internet, dial-up which for my working purposes is about the same as no Internet or go into Haliburton and pay Internet cafe prices and still not have the work access I need. So It’s not looking good at this point. We need a miracle, possibly in the form of a nice man at W3 Connex.

Meanwhile, above is a nice 1955 picture of my folks that got deleted when I moved the Maple Lake Ontario blog to this address.


Dogs Adore Maple Lake

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Teddy, Muffin, Dad

Granted, this is not the best angle shot of any of the subjects but regardless, every picture tells a story.

It’s really hard to place a year on this. I’m certain it’s the 1970’s because the black poodle at left is Muffin #2. Sadly Muffin the 1st, the sister of Teddy, the part-poodle that is misbehaving in this shot, was deceased prior to my mom finding this Muffin wandering the streets of Connecticut. Stay with me, people. My mom seemed to like the name Muffin. Teddy for her part outlived both Muffins. That dog took very good care of Number One.

Teddy was my dog. She was born at our house and we bonded and, well, she was a good dog but as you can see here she wasn’t a very good listener. In this shot, Dad is returning from town–either Minden or Haliburton, hauling in the goods and Teddy, overcome with joy is well, you can see what she’s up to–no good. Muffin tended to hang back and let Teddy do the dirty work which often meant almost tripping people. I doubt though that she ever tripped my dad. He would’ve just kept moving regardless of where the dog was.

Life is not only good for people at Maple Lake–dogs adore the place.


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