Hello Again, Maple Lake Ontario!

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Maple Lake 09.07
This is not actually my first post but on my first try, Maple Lake Ontario I –with  the blogging system that I’d thought I’d rightly chosen, looking towards the future Maple Lake Ontario whilst appreciating the past and all that it still means. so I moved where I’d thought maybe it wouldn’t be too far, by migrating from WordPress.COM to WordPress.ORG (this). I should be ecstatic that I got the Maple Lake Ontario blog back up and that Bluehost was super helpful and…good humoured. Fun times, folks. If you are not doing this you must start.

This “multi-provider” way of blogging is a new challenge for me and I’ve put in some heavy time. Maple Lake Ontario, won’t be so bad to get back though as it is a labour of love.

Right now my brain hurts–I am very tired (if anyone cares) ‘cos I got up too early to scrub floors (!) The weather here is rank and so was our entire entrance-way.

Anyway, I apologize for my blog-transferring ineptitude. I was testing to see how “intuitive” the blogging system interfaces–WordPressORG and WordPress.com, were. LOL. At least one of us didn’t really make it an easy process, then poof! The first version of this blog, at the tender age of 2 months was accidentally snuffed out like a candle.



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